The Universal Social Crime of Time Segmentation

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades… these are not measurements of time passage, they are the malicious and invalid segmentation of time by human society and government, universally imposed upon all, in the 21st century.
This segmentation of time is a crime committed against Truth, it is a central deception of the Matrix of Universal Illusion.
There are two primary atrocities caused by time segmentation. #1, it is the basis of all organized human slavery and external theft of personal freedom: Labor/money, familial obligation, military service, education, interpersonal relationship, etc… “You must sacrifice ________ amount of time, but it’s okay because you have ____________ amount of other time that you can do OTHER things…” Absolute bullsh*t! The lie only works because of artificial & invalid time segmentation.
Which brings us to #2: Time segmentation conceals the Forbidden Truth nobody ever has any future time, as death renders it so.
Because of death, which is retroactive unbirth, the eternal and absolute erasure of all you have ever been and all you can ever be, time passage is itself an absolute deception. There is no future, and there will be no past for you.. Your death imposes this horrific, Forbidden Truth, upon You.
Therefore there is only the perpetual moment of NOW, offering the opportunity to CREATE a future, instead of imagining and embracing the illusion and delusion of a future.
Seekers of Truth must define and perceive time as uniquely personal to Self, owned by Self, infinitely precious, and existing ONLY in the singular moment of NOW. The sacrifice of all NOW, every nanosecond of now, for the lie of a future, must be rejected and violently repelled, as an external crime and attack upon Self.
As long as you pathetic fools allow the segmentation of time to continue, the foundational matrix genocidal lies of personal freedom and the hope of a future will continue to flourish.
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