The Universal Injustice of Equality

All sane thinkers who are following the Baltimore, Maryland riots over the past 24 hours, should understand the game being played by the slave state of amerikkka. It is the exact same game this fascist dictatorship has been playing for hundreds of years: The use of economic and racial classism to position citizenship as a grand struggle to address injustice and achieve equality.
The Forbidden Truth is this: No class of citizen-slaves in amerikkka has achieved or is granted any privilege, freedom, or useful advantage, over any other class. All classes of amerikkkan citizen-slaves are oppressed, enslaved, terrorized, and victimized. The creation of an illusion of valuable class distinction by the amerikkkan government is a deliberately malicious ploy intended to perpetuate the peaceful embrace of universal injustice for all, by all citizen-slaves, under the cloak of a grand quest for equality which is, first, utterly impossible to attain under a regime which sponsors universal inequality, and far more importantly, would be utterly useless and provide absolutely no positive or Truth-based benefit for anyone, even if it were to be achieved, because everyone would continue to exist as terrorized and victimized slaves to the malevolent structure of government.
The problem is law. The problem is punishment. The problem is child abuse as institutionally sponsored by government via the family unit. The problem is the criminality of the state, which nobody, not even the rioters themselves, possess the capacity to understand. What did the rioters seek out last night? Prescription drugs and alcohol, so that they can alter their own brain chemistry and delude themselves into believing things are better. Things will never be better because Truth is dead. The matrix of government and media are out in full force today, convincing you citizen-slaves that peaceful protest must be restored, and that the government protects and respects peaceful protest. But the government is violence, defined. All laws exist as terrorized injustice, enforced via the direct violence of guns, bondage, cage lock, and every other form of state-sponsored terrorism.
The racism and classism of the state is targeted at every citizen-slave, from the dirt poor ghetto hood on food stamps, to the upwardly mobile college kid who knows a million dollars awaits him when dad dies, to the billionaire corporate ceo’s. The rich and middle classes must fear the anger of the poor, this is how the terrorism and universal oppression that is government, is cloaked from all conscious awareness of the middle and upper classes.
The poor must fear each other, so that they embrace the slave shackle of institutionalized poverty, tempered by the insane promise of a better existence upon death via the god myth, and the perverse decrees that if they only agree to suffer and struggle, obey and bow down, they might be allowed to someday, as old men and women, reach middle class status for a few years, before they are eternally unborn via death. They must be kept dependent upon government, mesmerized by the false faces of freedom illusion. Yes, you are free to get high, just don’t break into drug stores. We will give you enough money to drink and poison yourself to death, just obey and serve the slave state!
Yes, you are free to go to school, to be further stripped of all mind autonomy, to recognize the matrix for what it is. You are free to get a job, slave. Yes, of course you are! Think of your future, get a job so that your slavery can be officially cemented. You are free to protest peacefully, to fight for and to demand equality! Make this your noble goal, make this your life purpose, my dear, great idiot!
I demand equality, so chant thousands in baltimore today and tonight. Martin Luther King is our hero, he devoted his life to try to attain equality. You idiots, you pathetic fools! Do you know why Martin Luther King is an amerikkkan hero? Do you know why every major city has named streets in ghetto neighborhoods after him? Do you know why the government has made Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday? Do you know why your media endlessly exhorts all lower class citizen-slaves to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King??
It is because Martin Luther King is the embodiment of submission and slavery. He pioneered the concept of non-violence, in response to violence. And what is violence? Violence is the state, violence is being governed, violence is the application of law itself, not to mention judicial punishment.
Martin Luther King perfected the lie that justice can be attained via the achievement of equality. What a horrific lie! And now his lie will be relentlessly exploited by the amerikkkan government, right now, and in the future, as it has already been relentlessly exploited for the past 50-70 years. A non-violent pursuit of equality!! There is no more perfect ideological delusion! The greatest enemy of freedom and justice, no matter how hard he tried, could never dream up a more effective ideology to ensure the universal enslavement and universal injustice for all, that exists in amerikkka today, that exists under all governments of the world, and that will always exist, until humanity extincts itself.
The problem is not a few terrorists posing as police officers inflicting too much injustice upon a few individuals. The problem is that law enforcement itself, is a foundational structure of governmental terrorism. The police do not protect you from harm, the police sponsor the universal harm of the state. The police allow and cause everyone to be harmed, thus inspiring every reflective act of cathartic, True Reality-based violence and harm, that the government labels as “crime”. You do not need law enforcement to protect you from crime, you need the universal criminality and victimization of governmental rule, to be abolished from planet earth.
The only valid form of protest against any incident of police brutality, is to demand the dissolution of the structure of law enforcement itself, not locally, not nationally, but globally. Protesting for and demanding police reforms and punishment for specific pigs, or for entire police departments or agencies, is both tactically and ideologically insane, and can only be rationalized by the Truth-blind, by Self-haters, and by those unable to define freedom and justice for what they are.
thought police
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  1. So, that explains why humanity continues to suffer and can’t seem to get a grip on why these injustices keep repeating. Humans really have no choice due to their brain and genetic defects, and only a handful of humans, like you, myself, and few others understand what is actually going on and where the problems stem from. SEER, we, are like small fish in a pond. Humanity, as a whole, are mentally ill. It’s downright ridiculous

  2. hi forbidden truth as human beings we are all oppressed by the system here in amerikkka in the last 400 years..

    1. All of the diseased and deranged human systems, from parenthood to schooling to religion to forced slave labor to punishment of created victims to the universal slavery that is the definition of governmental rule, were conceived, endorsed, supported, built, and continue to be consciously, deliberately maintained, by human beings as a collective whole.
      Therefore, it is illogical and a betrayal of Truth to blame any or all specific “systems”. Humanity itself, as a species, is guilty and to blame. Humanity chooses to oppress, victimize, and destroy itself, albeit in a state of conscious denial. All human systems serve the chosen will of humanity as a whole. This Forbidden Truth must be openly acknowledged and fully understood. Blaming any system, or its current most vocal or popular human figurehead leaders, absolves human beings of their absolute guilt and responsibility as creators, facilitators, and direct instruments of their own oppression and destruction.

      1. Humans tend to blame the changes made to the existing slave system as being a problem, but not the entire system or systems. That was worth mentioning

  3. It’s really too bad that blacks don’t see the game that is being played on them. They overlook childabuse, religion, family, god, and the matrix as the root core of these injustices. They miss the mark, and will forever, remain in a cycle of injustices and abuse. These riots and uprisings will do nothing to change things, only keep them as they are. Why not rise up against the family unit, god, and religion? If they were to do that, then, maybe, possibly, that will change things

    1. The human being suffers from a collective inability to formulate rational, logic thoughts, to analyze his situation and predicament from an independent perspective of brain functionality, and to consider his full spectrum of behavioral and ideological options, free from the propaganda, brainwashing, terrorization, and brain function destruction sponsored and carried out by government and society. As I have previously revealed, there is also an absolutely real genetic defect component to this problem. The human brain is firstly compromised on a genetic level, and then this inherent weakness, instead of being mitigated by the social constructs of the species, such as psychological therapy, respect for Truth, enhancement of positive newborn character traits such as Self-love, etc…, is rejected as fact, and is viciously exploited by all existing social constructs and all who achieve positions as individual leaders.
      Humans will never see what they do not wish to see, they will never face up to the Forbidden Truths, they will never recognize themselves as their own greatest enemy. Self-hate, suicidal ideation, and a daily thirst for self-destruction and annihilation consume the human brain, and this is proven each and every day by the choices made by individuals, as a collective whole.

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