The Universal Deception of Altruism, Exposed

Why do humans do good for others?

No human is kind, generous, benevolent, altruistic. No human! Humans sometimes do things which help other humans, but what is the motivation behind such acts? Always it is to take, to extract, to gain favor, to meet personal needs, or to seize an advantage, be it actual or as is more often the case, imaginary and delusional.

Attention humans: You can call the do-gooders vampires, vultures, succubus, malicious feeders. These and many other descriptions validly apply, but do not call them kind or helpful or moral or altruistic. Call them what they are, and consciously recognize Yourself among them, so you can know exactly what you are, so you can stop lying to Yourself, stop pretending, stop making love to the false image you have built of Yourself.
The lie of altruism darkens the world in ways no act of consciously, openly acknowledged malice and hatred ever could.

The lie of altruism renders every action by you humans to be supremely harmful, because even if it helps an individual, or many individuals, it concurrently harms all human beings, by compelling the species as a whole to remain fixed upon its devolutionary death spiral.

Those who pretend to be altruists are motivated by emotional darkness. They are using the victims of their emotional projection, to feed their own psychological dysfunction and pathological denial of Truth and of reality.
What are you covering up? Is it the Truth of your homicidal rage, your genocidal fury, your sadistic desire to hurt others?
Who are you trying to beat down? Maybe yourself, masochist? “I don’t deserve My illusions of good fortune, let Me try to help them, so I can try to feel better about Myself…” Self-hate, dressed up as kindness.
Who are you trying to win favor from? Your imaginary slavemaster, the god creature? Your actual slavemaster, the society/government holding you hostage?

Are you using your good deeds as a subconscious excuse to commit horrific acts, balancing the scale in your diseased minds? “It’s okay to go home and beat my child-slaves tonight, I just wrote a check to the Save The Whales foundation. so I earned Myself a few brownie points of sadistic emotional reflection of My own childhood trauma…”

See what you are humans, as demonstrated by what you do.
Here is a directly personal example of the perversity of all do-gooders. Just a few days ago I came across a letter from a charitable organization of humans, sent out to its targeted victims. This charity provides bicycles to children afflicted with incurable cancer. Putting aside the delicious irony of the hypocrisy of providing such a freedom illusion to children doomed to near-term death by a species of death-worshippers who do not even want to attain technological immortality, the text of the letter itself opens a wormhole to an understanding of how vampiric extraction works.

This letter is written by the founder and director of the charity. It invites the targeted victims, children afflicted with terminal cancer and their slaveowners, to come to a specific location to pick up their free bicycles. The last sentence of the letter reads, exactly, “We sincerely look forward to seeing you Thursday night and are so excited to see the joy in your child’s face when they receive their beautiful new bike.

Yes, they are excited, of course they are. The vampires need to feed. They need to suck the life out of these terminally ill children. They need to see their faces light up in joy, at the false illusion that life is good, the lie that everything will be okay. In deceiving these children, tricking them into false happiness, these vultures are able to continue to successfully deceive themselves. “I made them happy, now I can continue committing universal child abuse and murder of all children, even as My Self-image as a moral altruist is maintained.”

No, humans. You can lie to yourselves, but you cannot lie to Me. You cannot hide from Me, the Truths of what you are. I stand tall and proud, as a narcissistic sadist. I do not pretend to care about others. I do not use the lies of morality and of altruism to feed Myself, or to strengthen the Matrix of Universal Illusion upon which the 21st century social mandate of universal harm for all has been built and is maintained.

Whenever I do something harmful to others, I know exactly what I am doing, and why I am doing it, and I take pride in My superiority of character, in facing Myself, shining the light of courageous Truth upon Myself.
Not trying to do good for others, makes Me good, in ways you inferiors cannot even imagine. This is the victory of mind consciousness, of knowing Yourself within infinite love and unconditional honor, of being the owner of a Self-created, Self-sustaining universe in which you feed upon the Forbidden Truths.

altruism7All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Also, I forgot to mention that when you help someone you are giving away resources that can be used at a later time for yourself. Has that ever occurred to humans that giving to others, it only strips them of what they have by giving it someone else? Usually what follows after humans help other humans– they, in turn, will need someone to help them because they have given their resources away, which could have been an investment for them. It’s the equivalency of a “Domino Effect” where one domino falls, the others fall right behind it. I don’t like helping others because I feel cheated and exploited by them. It’s like giving a part of who I am away to someone who is undeserving. And, “NO”, I don’t feel good when helping; it makes me angry.

    1. You are absolutely correct. Selfishness and Self-love must be appreciated and understood as intrinsically linked together, each enhancing and strengthening the other, both vitally important components of sanity and the development/maintenance of a thriving mind universe.
      We are all victims of systemic and deliberate harm. To proactively help others betrays the Truth and the reality of what was done, and what CONTINUES to be done on a daily basis, to each of us.
      Altruism is an illusion feeding upon itself. It is solicited and encouraged by victims of harm who reject the Truth of their own victimization. Any motivation to help others, should be channeled and directed towards helping Self. Via this path, both Truth and Self-love are honored via conscious realization and accurate reflection.

  2. I would also like to mention that when humans help other humans in which I already know that it isn’t altruistic, but for selfish motives. With that being said, aren’t there limits on how much and who humans help, and if they help someone a lot, will they grow to resent them? The reason why I ask these questions is that I know from my personal experience and the experiences of others that they almost always happens because the losses that incur can be debilitating psychologically and emotionally draining on the persons helping others. I guess what I am hinting at is that the human is very unpredictable, and one can’t and shouldn’t rely on them to meet their needs

    1. Society and government, deploying the lie of morality and justice, seeks to dictate to citizen-slaves who deserves to be helped, and who does not. Why deserves to be perceived as a victim of injustice, and who does not. This is of course vital to the concealment of the Forbidden Truth that all societies and governments sponsor and inflict universal injustice and victimization upon all.
      Each of us is a trauma and torture victim. We should be devoting ALL of our available resources, material, psychological, time-based, to helping ourselves. In helping others, we betray our obligation to ourselves, and again, on a subconscious level we may recognize this Forbidden Truth, sparking hatred and resentment towards those you are helping.
      How can THEY deserve your help, while YOU yourself do not deserve your own help?? The Superior is always Self-focused and Self-obsessed. He is genuinely altruistic and loving towards himself, never wasting ANY time or effort or resources of any kind, in providing direct aid to others. This is the sane, mentally healthy, Truth-honoring path.

  3. Also, another gem I would like to mention is that when you help people, are you hindering them from helping themselves, which will make them dependent on others and not take initiative themselves?

    1. Of course. You can inflict great, permanent harm upon others, under the guise of providing them with benevolent aid. And this IS a subconscious motivation of many do-gooders.
      So is the selectivity of aid as it is provided. For example, there are hundreds/thousands of humans who die of starvation every day. If you donate $10 to a charity claiming to use the money to help prevent starvation, you are in Truth validating the social structure under which 21st century societies and governments choose to cause hundreds/thousands of humans to die of starvation every day, as a public policy mandate.
      Even as your monetary donation MIGHT prevent one or two humans, temporarily, from dying of starvation, it legitimizes the mass murder by starvation of 21st century society and government, of all the other hundreds/thousands.

  4. Very well spoken. It’s ironic that some humans are aware of these so-called “do-gooders” and know that they only do kind acts if there is something in it for them. They say “nothing is free and everything comes with a cost”. If they know this to be true deep down, why do they continue to engage in it and not take it as being serious? In my opinion, I believe humans are so broken down emotionally and psychologically that they become desperate in seeking validation from those who are suffering. What is your stance on this?

    1. As you know, the vest majority of all humans are consumed by Self-hate and personal perceptions of worthlessness, and are also actively masochistic. They do not perceive themselves worthy, on a subconscious level, of genuine kindness and altruism. Just as they are unable to dispense genuine altruism and kindness to others, they do not genuinely desire to be treated with value, care, love. They seek the illusion of such treatment, not the factual reality.
      Your point is very True. Even as the human wants to suffer and is suicidally ideated, he also pathologically seeks comfort and validation in the suffering of others. Remember, under human rules, WHATEVER the majority believes, thinks, and feels, is automatically decreed normal, sane, appropriate, natural, moral.
      As long as the human can validate to himself that sadism, suffering, self-harmful selfishness, self-hate, deception, and other manifestations of mental illness are normal and sane, he never needs to face any of the Forbidden Truths of his own life path choices.

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