The True Face of Motherhood

Here you see not a bizarre anomaly, but the True face of motherhood among humans on planet earth, and the True nature by which each and every child on earth in the 21st century is treated:
Motherhood is wrong, it is a failed social experiment, it results in universal child abuse, every child in the world being harmed and destroyed. It is perverse beyond all measure that a single mother harvesting eight child-slaves makes international news headlines, while the Forbidden Truths of the universal destruction of every child via maternal child abuse, are completely denied and rejected by the media, by society, and by law enforcement.
Imagine the media response if a complete stranger had broken into this house and murdered eight children. The suspect would be named by the media, immediately demonized as a terrible criminal who must be punitively punished in the worst possible ways. But because it was Mommy Dearest, and the Sacred Family Unit must be sanctified at all costs, the murderer is not named, the incident is described as a terrible tragedy, and the murderer is not even immediately charged with a crime.
Society and the media will always go to great lengths to describe maternal or paternal massacres of child-slaves as isolated incidents impossible to predict or prevent, the result of mental illness. This is done in order to maintain legitimacy of the bizarre and deranged Sacred Family Unit structure within which every child is automatically decreed from biological conception to be a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property, entitled to no personal autonomy and no attempt to ensure their safety or benevolent care.
The elimination of the family unit and the imposition of universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, as outlined here within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:
is the most obvious and logical and necessary of social reforms. It is the single social reform without which absolutely no other legitimate social reform can ever occur. The hopelessness of humanity, a devolving species doomed to near-term extinction, is proven by the fact that all discussion and contemplation of initiating Mandatory Parental Competency Testing has been decreed taboo, and a complete media, governmental, and societal blackout, all across the world, is in effect regarding this brilliant and vital reform.
Children are decreed, by every society and government on planet earth in the 21st century, to exist as Poison Containers, to suffer the cathartic reflection of rage, hate, and mental illness which is the birthright of every single adult, who was brutally victimized by universal child abuse. Every child must be brutally destroyed, because every adult exists as a brutalized and destroyed ex-child. This is the functional mandate of your societies, of every single society on earth.
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  1. SEER, I read this story earlier this week on yahoo. This is unnecessary and this mother should have been granted support by the govt to relinquish her parental role in sparing these children lives. There should be no stigma from their community;as a matter of fact, all humans should be re-indoctrinated about the dangers surrounding the family unit and support the honorable decisions of parents who are brave enough to detest their parental role for the safety of their children. But, no, society doesn’t care and force traumatized adults to be caregivers of helpless children, knowing that these parents are unfit and will cause harm to these children. Of course, they will harm them because they were harmed as children, and it is pretty standard across the board. There is no way around it, really. Parents simply have no way out: If parents abandon their children, they can be charged with child abuse; if they harm their children and leave visible injuries, they can be charged with abuse, ;if parents leave their children with babysitters more often to loosen the chains of parenthood, they are viewed as not wanting or loving their children; and, or, if they give subtle hints of not wanting their children, they will be condemned and ostracized by society. You understand the game that’s being played here and what parents are faced with? Society does nothing to protect children, and parents are psychologically faced with the dilemmas involving parental roles

    1. Correct, and very well stated. The diseased structures of motherhood and fatherhood have been cemented onto the consciousness of all of humanity at a core level, resulting in the complete inability for any mind enlightenment as to the need to eradicate the entire family unit structure of childrearing. I am beginning to think that even universal Mandatory Parental Competency Testing is not enough, to break this horrific structure. Even if an individual biological creator passes these tests, giving them a child to raise, in private and without comprehensive monitoring, affirms the SAcred Family Unit structure, to a degree.
      Better that all children be raised in a communal environment, of course staffed exclusively by those who have taken and passed the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. The entire concept of a biological creator having any right to specific and exclusive access to their biological creation, is fatally flawed, even if she or he has passed all competency tests. Let such an individual be empowered to care for children, but not in an exclusive, one-on-one, maternal or paternal role. Let us respect the autonomy of all children, their most basic human right to not be imprisoned to a specific individual based upon having been excreted or sperm-created, by that specific individual.

      1. Since you mentioned it, I don’t believe Universal Parental competency exams would stop child abuse, either. And why? humans are too traumatized and broken from generational abuse that competency exams would prove to be ineffective; for the simple fact, the matrix surrounding child abuse is too strong to break the emotional chains of generational child abuse in which it is encoded in the DNA of adults to carry on the traditional cycle. Simply put, humans are too broken for extreme measures to take place and will resist it if there were any attempts. I believe installing cameras in homes would be a start. However, I know humans would balk at this idea and would fight tooth and nail to overthrow it if the govt even suggested it . No cameras would mean no child abuse, and I don’t think humans would take too kindly to this. Child abuse, as you mentioned, is a form of catharsis for adults to disown parts of their own abusive childhoods so that they are better able to function without harming themselves
        I would like to share a story of a gentleman who is in his early sixties that shared his account of being abused as a child: he revealed that his father abused him and his 7 other siblings, and his mother throughout his childhood. His father not only physically abused them, but molested his sisters, and attempted to rape his mother’s sisters (who were underage) when they spent nights at their home. To make matters worse, his mother’s brothers molested him and his brothers in which they never told anyone about it until they were adults. These examples are reflective of how the family unit and blood connectivity abuses children, and family members don’t consider it a problem and continue to uphold this archaic tradition that destroys the souls of children. Anyway, this old man’s life has been tremendously affected by the decisions he has made throughout his adult life, and he spent several years in prison for viewing child pornography online. He agrees with the fallacies and myths surrounding the family unit in which I directed him to read your manifesto. Unfortunately, these truths regarding the fam unit are oblivious to 99% of the human race

        1. Properly implemented, universal Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would end child abuse. My point was that humanity would not be able to properly implement such testing, even if it made an attempt, because the very definitions of what constitutes abusing and harming a child, would need to be altered to a degree which humanity simply is not psychologically capable of doing. It would require a one in a million Superior, such as Myself, defining all of the acceptable parameters of parenting, definitions which the 999,999 inferiors, would not accept. Therefore it is not practically workable. But this failure has nothing to do with the viability and brilliance of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing. It speaks solely to the horrific failure of humanity as a functional species.
          Installing surveillance cameras inside homes with children, would in no way reduce child abuse, unless every standard of what constitutes child abuse were radically redefined to match Forbidden Truth, and every observed transgression of these new definitions resulted in the immediate and forcible removal of every child from the home, with no possibility of the child being returned, no legal or other recourse for slaveowners to seek to regain custody. No, the only valid solution is universal competency testing, not an attempt to monitor what adults do to children. 99.9999% of children are abused by their parents, a camera will not alter this. Humanity has reached the tipping point, the point where only onwe out of thousands of adults is competent or can be rendered competent to rear a child.
          Your human example illustrates the Truth that familial child abuse is the core of humanity’s failure to evolve as a species. Only by eliminating child abuse can humanity regain any possibility of reversing its devolutionary death spiral, yet the functioning, real-time fact of humanity existing within a devolutionary death spiural, renders all necessary steps to eliminate child abuse, absolutely impossible for the human species to undertake. The hamster is trapped on his wheel, inside of the cage, running but never going anywhere.

    1. Far sadder is the Forbidden Truth that billions of other children, all across the world, are hated and harmed by their parents, slowly destroyed via day to day child abuse, stripped of all potential and turned into Self-hating and suicidal adults who are left emotionally compelled to create and then destroy the next generation of children, as they themselves have been destroyed.

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