The Toxicity of External Validation

Human beings exist as functional failures on many different levels. In this essay of Forbidden Truth I will address the specific functional failure of lack of independence and autonomy of mind, of reasoning, and of behavioral and ideological choice. Freedom as it is Truthfully defined has never been and can never be experienced by any individual human being, or by any organized human collective, absent the absolute elimination of the brain function pathology of external validation, which I will comprehensively define below.
External validation: A dysfunction of mind and thought process featuring a psychological need to obtain and perceive agreement from other human beings, be it on a singular, group, or species-wide level, in order to affirmatively embrace a specific concept, behavior or ideological/philosophical perspective, as being legitimate, appropriate, valid, accurate, and/or True.
It is important to understand that the root origins of the human need for external validation absolutely relate to the human being existing as a biological birth defect, suffering from genetic brain function abnormality. But it is equally important to understand that genetics cannot be solely blamed, or used to excuse this functional failure. Society and government, with full malice aforethought, ruthlessly and relentlessly exploits this genetic brain weakness and pathology, engaging in a lifelong campaign against every individual human being, to render him a lemming, a sheep, and a drone, addicted to constantly seeking out external validation from other humans.
Let us understand that the differences between an individual seeking external validation from one other human being, or from an entire collective such as a religious group or political party, or even seeking external validation from all of humanity as a whole, are not significant. It is the need for external validation, in and of itself, which must be recognized as a horrific and crippling pathology. The specific source points in which this external validation is sought, do shed light upon the form and function of this pathology, but the enlightened seeker of Truth must analyze and understand that the actual problem is the human need for external validation, and not any specific individuals, groups, or structures which may attract or exploit to a high degree, such validation need/demand.
The newborn baby is trained to seek validation in others, to look for the approval of those who possess power and control over him: His legal slaveowners and other family unit members. The child is trained to seek validation from teachers, coaches, and from other children, expanding the toxicity of the stranglehold of the family unit. The teen-ager and the young adult is trained to seek validation from peers and from organized structures such as governments and religions, further extinguishing any last vestiges of independent brain function capacity.
Let us understand, the vast majority of all humans exist and function as mindless automatons. Nothing can be proactively embraced, no thought, no insight, no behavior, no ideology, before it is pathologically filtered through the toxic sieve of external validation. What do others think, what do others believe, what do others want, what do others do…. It is utterly perverse and pathetic, how you humans are helpless and impotent to carve a unique path through this world, and instead exist as mindless drones, following in the diseased footsteps of your broken and destroyed peers, rationalizing every deranged decision you make by the dysfunction of external validation.
The healthy and sane mind, knows that there are no other healthy and sane human minds out there. Or maybe there are 1 in 10 million, but what are the odds that you have found, isolated, and identified that one, out of the 9,999,999 others, you idiot!? The healthy and sane mind never seeks any external validation of any kind, from any human individual, group, or structure. The healthy and sane mind knows that whatever others embrace and practice and promote, is certain to represent stupidity, inferiority, betrayal of Self, Truth, and all that can ever be pure and noble and worthy of personal embrace.
We are all victims of the biological and institutionalized pathology of needingexternal validation. Only top-level Superiors such as Myself have totally broken free of this shackle, pursuing the condemnation of others, understanding that only in universal condemnation, can the individual discover the path of personal glory that is Forbidden Truth.


  1. SEER, I had to reflect back to this essay surrounding the clinginess and dependency that humans have on others, meeting their emotional and social needs. It is very draining on one’s mental health, and these needy humans will suck you dry until they get what they want, and then they will abandon you until they want to suck you dry again. They are USERS!
    Anyways, I am experiencing this problem with a needy human, whom, some time ago, I listened to him divulge his personal problems, childhood problems, consisting of rape, physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of his father, and other members of his family unit. I should have never, ever, allowed a human to open up to me about their childhood issues, because I am aware, that we are all victims of childhood abuse; and, really, I am in no position to offer any solace to broken humans, who disregard the forbidden truths and want to make this broken system work.
    They are equivalent to “stray cats”–you feed them once, and they keep coming back. Humans should realize that they are annoying and a burden to their fellow humans, and humans get tired of them. This gentleman wants to hold on to society’s mythical and delusional beliefs and continue to complain about the ongoing injustices on this “insane asylum” planet of ours . Humans are nowhere near in understanding the forbidden truths, and how valuable it is in explaining the madness that afflict every single individual on this planet. The truth is dead to humanity, and nothing or no one can convince them otherwise. Case and Point: I don’t want to hear other humans sad stories about being abused as children, until they accept the forbidden truths, which can open a dialogue to engage in a sensible conversation with them

  2. It’s ironic that humans believe that they are independent thinkers and don’t seek acceptance and approval from others. From marriages, friendships, colleagues, family members, etc. are their advisors in making decisions as to how they live their lives. Humans are not independent at all, whether they believe it or not. It’s just an illusion as all other aspects of their lives. They can’t accept and deny that they are very needy and dependent on advice from others as though they are mentally-crippled and can’t take care of their emotional needs. All humans are either therapists or patients, or serve as both. It’s really ridiculous that humans are that broken and can’t live in isolation without feeling hollow. Great Essay!

    1. Correct. The human has been stripped of all Self-confidence in Himself, as it is Truthfully defined. He can only perceive his existence through the eyes of others, and it is important to understand that the “rebel” who seeks affirmation only from other “rebels”, is just as much shackled as the conformist who seeks affirmation by embracing the most popular and socially promoted of behaviors and ideologies. The only valid form of personal independence and autonomy, is the absolute rejection of all external validation, be it from a society of millions or from a singular figure.
      The Superior knows Himself as a singular god. Every thought, every impulse, every decision, every behavior, is filtered through the singular lens of Self. I do this for Myself, by Myself, inspired by Myself, motivated within Myself, justified to Myself. I reflect everything that I am, in everything that I choose to do. My perceptions of the universe are singularly based upon My experience of existence as a singularly sentient brain.
      The praise of others, the encouragement of others, the appreciation of others, must be experienced as nothing more than useless background noise, meaningless distraction at best, and a warning sign that I might be on the wrong path, at worst. We must always remember, as Superiors, as transcenders of our humanity, that if we find agreement from humans, if our reality perceptions are popular, this is a warning sign that our reality perceptions on the issue at hand, may well be wrong and inaccurate. Because, as Superiors, we are one in a million. Let us recognize the support, encouragement, and validation of other humans as not merely useless and unnecessary, but a direct warning sign that we may be straying from the path of Forbidden Truth.
      All philosophical analysis of personal True Reality must be performed in functional isolation, where the opinions of others carry no impositional weight. As owner of My mind, I steer and direct its functionality on a solo level. There is only one driver, one pilot, one navigator, and that is Me.

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