The Top Ten Most Terrible Things About christmas

Listed in no particular order:

  • Directly promotes belief in the Insane God Myth.
  • Encourages emulating the lifestyle and behaviors of a suicidal, schizophrenic inferior.
  • Informs parents it is appropriate and necessary to lie to their child-slaves.
  • Terrorizes children to obedience and behavioral conformity as demanded by adults.
  • Teaches children to find value in the illusion of object possession, rather than the ownership of Self.
  • Makes a fetish of the past, demanding loyalty and devotion to useless cultural traditions and customs.
  • Promotes christianity, the single most genocidal and destructive religion existing in the 21st century.
  • It is a state-sponsored holiday, thereby directly promoting the perversions of labor slavery and devotion to the nation-state.
  • Directly promotes Sacred Family Unit addiction, toxic enmeshment, and mythology.
  • Promotes selflessness, thereby directly destroying human potential for ego growth and health.

Let us eradicate christmas!
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