The Three Foundations of all Freedom

As of this date, and throughout the entire history of human existence, the personal experience of freedom, as it is Truthfully defined, for all creatures born human, has been impossible and non-existent. No human being has ever enjoyed or experienced personal freedom, and no human being has ever been allowed to achieve an experience of existence which might have allowed for him to attain personal freedom.
The purpose of this essay is to define with absolute clarity and accuracy the necessary components of personal existence, required to render the attainment of personal freedom, possible. But, before we reach this point, it must be understood by the reader that because the three necessary components of personal existence required to attain personal freedom have not and cannot be achieved at this point in time, and have not existed at any point in the historical past, no human being has ever been free, no human being can ever become free while working within the confines of citizenship and membership within any human society, and all existing, current, and ongoing methodologies to obtain freedom, described, promoted, and decreed valid by any government and society, are in Truth invalid, inaccurate, and overtly malevolent, because they describe and promote personal slavery, the polar opposite of what they claim to describe and promote.
With this understood by all who are sane, the three foundational points upon which all personal experience of freedom must rest, can be revealed. They are:
1: The personal possession of absolute free will and personal autonomy of mind, absent all external imposition of propaganda, brainwashing, and false reality perception.
2: A personal desire to attain a freedom-based existence which rejects all freedom illusions which are promoted by society and government, and are functionally invalid.
3: The personal attainment of an existence which is safe and protected from external termination, meaning, the functional elimination of death from the future that the individual may reasonably expect to experience.
I will dissect all three of these foundational points of personal freedom below, but before I do so it must be perfectly clear that these three foundations of personal freedom must be achieved and must functionally exist concurrent to each other. Isolated from each other, they remain functionally useless in terms of achieving personal freedom. All three must be achieved as functional reality on a personal level, and be experienced together, in order for personal freedom to become personally attainable.
Foundation #1 requires absolute autonomy of mind and a free will which has not been externally compromised by social, cultural, and governmental imposition. No human child is allowed to maintain such an existence, and therefore no adult human being can possess this autonomy of mind or of free will. Rejecting and transcending your humanity, as a mature adult, as I have personally done, can only erase a limited portion of the damage imposed upon the individual mind, therefore the actual foundation remains compromised.
Foundation #2 is functionally linked to foundation #1. You cannot desire to be free, if you are a victim of the hijacking of your own mind, stripped of free will and personal autonomy. And you cannot attain personal freedom, if you do not desire it. As functional reality, it is impossible for any human to attain foundation #2, because no human being can attain foundation #1. You can pretend that you desire freedom, you can delude yourself into believing that you desire freedom, but this has nothing to do with actually wanting to be free, which remains a brain function impossibility, the result of foundation #1 being impossible to attain.
Foundation #3 is inherently dependent upon the first two foundations being fully achieved. Even if you were to attain personal immortality, this could not provide any form of Truth-based freedom, absent the successful attainment of foundations #1 and #2. At the same time, foundation #3 is absolutely required, even if the first two foundations were to be achieved, because no human being who reasonably expects to die in the future, can possess any type of Truth-based freedom in the real-time present.
The Forbidden Truths to draw from the above are as follows: I am not free, and I can never become free, despite being the Seer of Forbidden Truth and successfully transcending My humanity, because foundation #1 cannot be achieved by Me. It cannot be achieved, and there is no compromise to freedom. It is either absolute, or it does not exist. As a Superior, i can mitigate the consequences of not being free. This does not allow Me to obtain freedom, to become free, or to realize any perception of Truth-based freedom.
If I cannot attain freedom, you cannot attain freedom. None of you. Because I am a top-level Superior and My brain functionality exceeds your brain functionality. Therefore, it is ideologically insane for any of you to try to protect or preserve or obtain any form of freedom. What you could legitimately attempt to do, is to mitigate the negative consequences of not being free, and of it being impossible for you to attain freedom. Any such attempt is completely different from seeking to preserve, protect, or obtain freedom. All such efforts would be anti-social, anti-society, anti-government, in conscious recognition of why you can never achieve freedom, of the individuals and structures guilty of destroying your capacity to attain freedom.
All who struggle to obtain freedom, or to maintain freedom, or to increase their level of freedom, are collaborating with their greatest enemy, the enemy guilty of permanently destroying all capacity of all individuals to achieve freedom. As obligation to Self and to Truth, I embrace absolute hatred and condemnation for all individuals and structures which claim to offer Me freedom, to protect My freedom, or to provide any freedom opportunities. This is the only ideologically sane path, to anyone who embraces the Forbidden Truths I have outlined above. To fight for freedom, is to collaborate with the slavemasters and the slave-state which is guilty of rendering personal freedom an impossibility.
As a concluding remark, the question of whether a human being could, in theory, ever obtain personal freedom, is worthy of an answer. The answer is Yes, but only as conditional theory. All three foundational requirements would have to be met. Meaning:  1: From the moment of biological birth, throughout his existence up until the achievement of full mental maturity at age 35+, an individual would have to be fully protected and shielded from all external imposition of brainwashing, propaganda, and false reality perception, which would compromise the development of absolute autonomy of mind and free will.
2: Assuming the above were to occur, the individual would still need to genuinely desire to exist within absolute freedom, absent all external shackles of body and mind. There is no inherent progression from foundation #1 to foundation #2. The achievement of foundation #1 simply makes it functionally possible for foundation #2 to be achieved.
3: Even if both foundations #1 and #2 were to be fully realized, the functional experience of personal freedom would still remain absolutely impossible to achieve, unless and until technological immortality of mind and brain became not merely feasible, but the expected norm, the logically anticipated future reality for the individual who desires freedom and is capable of recognizing what freedom is, absent all invalid external imposition.
So, to all of you idiots who think you are free, or who want to be free, or who try to become free: Stop! You are not free, you will not be free, you cannot become free. You cannot and you will not. By believing you are or can or will, you are destroying all personal capacity to mitigate the negative consequences of having been maliciously stripped of the capacity to exist within the glory of personal freedom.
Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. NO, we are not free, and humans, particularly, those in Western societies are no more free than those living in third world countries. It’s really an illusion to think so. Freedom, by definition, means no restraints, rules or laws to control one’s behavior. That’s what freedom really is

    1. Freedom also requires the absolute absence of external manipulation of reality perception. This is the most primary root of all forms of personal slaveries, their misidentification, and their embrace. Do not lose sight of the Forbidden Truth that all chosen behaviors are reflections of reality perception. Behavioral choices, inspired by reality manipulation, brainwashing, and indoctrination, in no way define or express personal freedom, even if they openly defy societal or governmental laws, rules, or restraints. It must be understood that many such laws and rules are enacted by society for the specific reason of inspiring violation and transgression, and such violations/transgressions are used to maintain illusions of personal freedom which are not based upon or rooted within Forbidden Truth.

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