The Terror Cage of Money

It has only been 48 hours since I created this blog to expose and dissect the Forbidden Truths of human existence, but already it is being followed by multiple humans who have absolutely no interest in Truth, and already it has received one spam comment which none of you will ever see because the Wordpress spam filter caught it, and if it had not, My manual screening would have snagged it.
So, who are these rogue followers and comment spammers? government spies? Terrified voyeurs determined to destroy Truth and all who dare express it? No, apparently not. They are victims of the diseased and invalid societal construct known as “money”. These rogue followers have a blog and/or website where they are trying to sell something. They give their website/blog a misleading name, then they follow bloggers, knowing that most bloggers who receive a follow will be notified by their blogging service, and will be curious enough to click on a link given by a follower, wanting to check out the work of someone who is apparently showing appreciation for their blog content.
Those who choose to make rogue spam comments to existing blog posts, are motivated by the same pathetic attempt to extract money from others, counting on the fact that many bloggers do not pre-screen comments, therefore a brilliantly insightful blog post is often infested with one or more perverse comments that have nothing to do with the subject content.
Should these rogue followers and comment-makers be tied to a stake and have their limbs torn from their bodies. No. Or at least not as an organized response to their invasions of sacred space. They must be recognized as victims of society and government, and you who choose to live as members of society and government must accept your direct role in propping up the horrific structure which is motivating their very uncool behavior. This horrific structure is: money.
What is money? Every piece of monetary currency is a created weapon of government, manufactured via the murder of trees and the molding of metal. Money is intrinsically and inherently worthless. Money has no value, and as such the assignment of any value upon it, which is what government does, is impossible to justify and represents theft of actual value, be it time, or artifacts or services which do possess intrinsic value to you.
This is a very important Forbidden Truth to consciously understand: Nothing can “backup” money, nothing can bestow value upon money, because the item itself is intrinsically worthless. The fact that you are forced to use money in order to obtain items and services you desire and need, does not bestow any value upon money. The fact that governments hoard gold and other “precious metals”, which likewise have no inherent or intrinsic value, also fails to bestow any value upon money. Gold itself possesses no legitimate value as a currency or as a device used by government to bestow illusion of value upon paper and metal currency.
Money, very simply, is a terrorist weapon created and used by every government to inflict universal slavery upon the citizens it holds as hostages. Every citizen is in Truth a hostage, and the ability to renounce citizenship to a government is not a way to break free of hostage status, since doing so only serves to render you hostage to a different government.
Seekers of Forbidden Truth must consciously develop an understanding of the enormous impact that the existence of money has upon every facet of their existence, integrated to True understanding of the fact that all monetary currency is worthless, serves no legitimately positive purpose, is an artificial creation of the very structure which enslaves all of humanity, and is specifically deployed as a weapon of terrorism by government, against each and every living thing on earth, most directly to oppress and compel lifelong servitude from every human being on earth.
Nobody is rich, nobody is wealthy, nobody can ever successfully exploit the monetary system, because it enslaves every human being. The monetary system exists as ponzi scheme, and differences in the amount of money possessed by individuals are an intentional part of the ponzi scheme, designed to delude slave laborers into dividing themselves into warring classes and convincing themselves that their class is either acceptable, or not acceptable but offering opportunity to move “up” to an acceptable class.
It makes no difference if you are given a billion dollars at birth as a result of this ponzi scheme. It makes no difference if you never perform any specific act to try to obtain additional money, in your entire lifetime. Simply by using money, simply by spending it and providing it to the state via taxation, you exist as attacked victim of the terrorist weapon of money, with your government being the terrorist and the attacker.
The human obsession with obtaining and distributing money, “buying” things, represents one of the greatest failures of the collective consciousness of the species. The very existence of every human being is terroristically forced to revolve around the obtainment and the distribution of money, an artifact that has no legitimate value.
And so this grand Truth comes full circle, back to the very fact that human slaves are using this blog to try to obtain money for themselves, in order to continue surviving as slaves to government. Let us understand, humans destroy everything they are allowed to touch, always have and always will, because they exist as destroyed victims and creations of a malevolent structure that they themselves are guilty of creating and propping up. This is the heart of the matrix this species is hopelessly trapped within.
In My next blog post, I will dissect the Forbidden Truths of the only legitimate reform that is possible to the human economic system: The eradication of all monetary currency and the establishment of a universal, fully unregulated, Barter and Trade economy.
In the meantime, if you desire to be enlightened to dozens of additional forbidden Truths on the genocidal harm caused by human economic systems, read My essay titled Economic Systems, located on this page of My Manifesto:


  1. Well written! Inferiors can’t come close in comprehending how money is tied to their enslavement and will do any and everything to get it. Don’t they see what money is doing to them? Money causes divisions in terms of poverty, injustices, crime, etc. I know many inferiors think that one has a choice whether to work or not. That’s not true, because if one doesn’t work, they are punished for it Basic necessities are withheld if they fail to engage in slave labor in which their survival may greatly depend on it. It’s not fair at all that some have it and others don’t. So, GET RID OF IT! I just don’t understand why humans aren’t able to dissect this and see that money causes many unnecessary problems. Even their Christian bible says so…”Money is the root of all evil”. They should take this verse more seriously. Money divides humans and creates conflict and unfairness within human society and takes away freedom and autonomy . Interestingly, inferiors always complain about their jobs and that they are tired of working themselves to death: well, Barter & Trade would solve this problem, but the human mind is to restricted and limited in understanding how

    1. Humans exist as Self-hating creatures who embrace suffering and injustice. Suffering and injustice are all they have known in their existence. The vast majority have never, not even for 60 seconds, consciously contemplated the possibility of experiencing a reality where money does not exist.
      Your mind is open to Truth, the minds of humans are not open to Truth. For this reason, you are able to perceive the Forbidden Truths I reveal as obviously valid and correct, even as the unwashed masses cannot even begin to consider the Forbidden Truths in this state of enlightenment.
      Thanks for your insightfully True comment, and welcome to this new realm of Forbidden Truth that I have proudly created. 🙂

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