The Tears of Blood

I do not cry.
The tear is insufficient.
The tear lacks substance and solidity.
The tear fails to deliver a clear, concise, emphatic, unforgettable message.
Consider the color.
Tears are clear, they lack color. They leave no mark, no indelible stain.
Is it a tear, or am I just sweating a lot? Is it a tear, or did I just get out of the shower? Is it a tear, or did a fat raindrop soak my eyelash, only to roll past my eye socket??
Is it really and Truly a salty eye secretion? If I smile maliciously as I shed My tear, their doubts only grow.
The uncertainty is unacceptable. Tears should leave no doubt as to their origin.
Tears need to have a solid color, a very solid color. Tears need to leave a mark, a stain, an imprint. Not a temporary imprint, a permanent imprint.
Tears need to be very red, deep red. Tears need to ferociously absorb into whatever material they touch. Tears need to defeat the laundromat, and even the dry cleaner, leaving a mark which can never be erased.
All tears need to be shed as blood. And not the insufficient blood of a superficial paper cut. No. The blood of the tear must be as dark and as rich and as thick as the blood which spurts directly out of a dynamically and freshly severed caratoid neck artery.
And speaking of propulsion, the salty human clear tear fails yet again. It hangs in the eye. It reluctantly and slowly rolls down a cheek. It hangs, rolls, falls, and drops. Unacceptable!
Where is the dynamic propulsion?? The clear tear lacks all offensive initiative. The clear tear fails to express the limitless external rage and hate which must be proudly embraced as the sacred right of the sad, the traumatized, the victimized, the abused, all who are harmed, all who are made to suffer.
The tears of blood I seek and demand, must be offensively potent. They must be projectile tears. They must be aimable and they must be propelled forward with great velocity. Every tear must rival a gunshot, it must shoot out of the eye, and hit whatever target the crier deems appropriate, with laser-guided precision.
The projectile tear must cut through whatever living thing it touches, like a hot knife through butter. Or better yet, like concentrated sulfuric acid, molecular formula, H2SO4 98% grade,  for the aspiring chemists.
Every tear should tear through human flesh and bone with dynamic force, leaving only a smoldering, charred hole behind, reflecting the personal destruction suffered by and inherent to all personal victimization and trauma.
Only then, could the human tear be considered sufficient. Only then, I might consider crying. Until tears transform to the richest of bloods, until tears gain the destructive power of concentrated sulfuric acid, and until these tears can be fired out of My eyes with the velocity of a bullet, I will not cry.
I will shed all of My tears internally, honoring the Forbidden Truth that the only thing worthy of crying for, is Yourself. No liquid will escape My eyes. The internal tears I shed will accumulate and swell, to become a majestic river of blood which will define My existence.
A mighty, majestic river of blood will flow, nourishing Me in the light of limitless and unconditional love of Self.
And someday, maybe, a human being in a white coat, possibly protected by a barrier of iron bars, will peer at Me with an inquisitive expression on his face, and ask: “Do you ever cry?”
I will smile at him, or her, (Hopefully a her wearing painful high heeled pumps) with a slightly rueful facial expression, and reply: No, not anymore. Don’t you understand, pathetic human?  Every drop of blood that we shed replaces a tear that was never shed. And I’ve already shed My tears of blood.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved


    1. The Superior knows that he can successfully and brilliantly do just about anything that he wants to do, and that he tries to do. At the same time, he has integrated to core consciousness the Forbidden Truths that life is pointless and meaningless and hopelessly doomed, therefore he should not be motivated to do very many things, external to direct Self-exaltation.
      Expressing your True Reality in a brilliant way, via words, is not complicated. You simply find the words which properly and accurately reflect your True Reality mindset, and you arrange the words in a way which best expresses the mindscape which you have already personally experienced. All texts, fictional or factual, simply express what you have already created and experienced within your own mind, if you are a Superior.
      What irritates Me about writing poems and fiction, is that the humans like them a lot more than any of the profound and direct revelations of Forbidden Truth I provide in my essays. This poem, The Tears of Blood, has received nine “likes”, a record high. How utterly pathetic the cowards are, drawn to poetry and fiction writing because they can pretend that Truth is not being expressed, as they twist the message being delivered to suit their flawed reality perceptions.

      1. I think we like them both. Both the essays and the poem. But it’s maybe because the poem is easier to understand, that it received more likes. You essays are somewhat convoluted, not in terms of Truth revealing, but in terms of actually understanding what is being presented, the sheer language/lexical aspect of it. The poem is easily red, the phrases are short, the meaning of it is not obscured by intellectualism/erudition. The proletarian Truth :).

        1. You are incorrect. Humans prefer poems and fiction writing because they feel free to twist the intended message into whatever warped perspective their Truth-hating and Truth-rejecting minds find comforting. Humans specifically use all writing which does not overtly impose Truth upon them, as an escape from Truth. This is why they prefer My writings that are not in essay form. They can lie to themselves and pretend to be appreciative of Truth, even as they reject it.
          My essays do not allow for this. Their only choice is to either accept the Truths I present, or reject them. Their choice is to reject, therefore they cannot find favor with the texts.

          1. Yes, yes, that’s definitely one interpretation, and true for a lot of people. But you might overestimate how smart most people are, period. Your essays are a bit hard to read and require extreme patience, and most people that visit this page are perhaps, average people, that lack the patience and acumen required. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I like both your essays and the poem too.

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