The State-Sponsored Terrorism of Law Enforcement

Every police officer all across the world as of today, local, state, and federal, exists as a functioning terrorist, actively terrorizing the general public on behalf of he State. The State is government. government exists as an organized structure of universal terrorism, imposing itself by force upon each and every individual human being that dwells upon this planet.
The state is an ownership structure, and an enslaving structure. Every human being on planet earth is decreed to “belong”, to be possessed and owned, by a state, a government. No human being is allowed to decree Himself free and personally autonomous from directly personal ownership by a state. If any individual violently attacks a state, he is decreed a criminal and subjected to brutally punitive punishment. If any individual peaceably renounces the right of a state to own him, he is told he must remain owned or be subjected to punitive, brutal punishment, or he may, within certain slave states, be allowed to transfer his slavery to a different state, with the end result remaining exactly the same: He continues to exist as an owned piece of property, with only the name of the owner changing.
All who exist as slaves do so under direct terrorization. The fact that every human being in 2014 exists as a slave, proves the fact of universal terrorization as an organized structure of government. How does government terrorize? It does so via threat and punishment and harm. What is the front-line instigator of all individual threat, harm, and punishment carried out at the demand and upon the order of government: The cop, the pig, the member of law enforcement. Each and every member of law enforcement.
So, let us clearly understand that to decree all law enforcement officers to be terrorists is not a radical idea, it is not the hyperbole of any anti-government movement. It is not a flawed perception inspired by any personal suffering or injustice experienced. It is not the scapegoating of a specific group of human individuals who are doing a “job”. It is simply the Forbidden Truth: All governments are terrorist organizations. Every terrorist organization must employ and deploy terrorists in order to inflict terror. Every police officer is such an employee, and is directly deployed to carry out the terrorism of the state.
It is not My intention to demonize police officers as individuals. They are, of course, victims of state-sponsored terrorism themselves. Absolutely, of course they are victims, of child abuse, brainwashing, indoctrination, and all of the most malicious lies of the social matrix. But this does not alter the Truth that they serve as terrorists for government, terrorizing other individuals and helping government to maintain its stranglehold of power as a universal force of oppression, slavery, and terrorism.
Police officers are broken and destroyed victims of society and government, who have chosen to align with their destroyer. They have chosen to declare war against Truth, freedom, personal autonomy, and all who recognize and seek either escape from, or destruction of, the toxic matrix of citizenship and obedience to the terrorist structure that is government.
Some of you reading these words may not perceve yourselves to be actively terrorized by a government. And yet you are being actively terrorized. Your incapacity to consciously recognize and understand this Forbidden Truth, speaks to the brutality and subversive success of the terrorization that you are victims of.
Some victims of the state sponsored terrorism of government choose to become police officers because they consciously desire to terrorize others, in cathartic reflection of their own terrorization as suffered. Others choose to be pigs because they are actively suicidal and wish to endanger their own existences. Others choose to be oinkers because they desire to curry favor with societal leaders and attain a delusionary sense of personal power within a social structure. Others choose the Path of the Pork because they are fully blind brainwashees who believe the social doctrine that police officers serve a noble function of protecting “good” people from being harmed by “bad” people, and so they become the baddest of all people, helping the state to continue harming everyone in the worst possible ways.
There is no useful point in trying to decipher the individual motivations of individual police officers, and there is no point in trying to discriminately judge them on any individual level. They are all victims, and yet they are all terrorists. The terrorism of the state against its own citizen-slaves is the only valid form of terrorism. Every action which government labels as an act of terrorism, is a deliberate attempt to cloak, deny, and reject the reality of how each of us is being actively terrorized, on a daily basis, by the government which claims ownership of us as slaves.
And so, when I hear or read of an individual slave rising up and attacking police officers within his own society, I cheer. I cheer because a victim of terror is going after those who are terrorists, those who are terrorizing him. Truth is being expressed and reflected. And yes, it is horribly flawed and functionally useless in terms of emancipation of mind or body as a species. But this is your failure, it is not the failure of the attacker. It is you who fail to follow up, it is you who fail to be enlightened, it is you who fail to rise up as one and demand an end to the terrorism of government itself.
We cannot accept the lie that the police officer is only doing his job, and therefore does not deserve to be harmed, even as you and Me, each of us on a directly personal level, is being horrifically harmed by the government which the police officer is protecting, defending, and propping up. He is a terrorist, and he is terrorizing you and Me and each of us. Hypocrisy must always be rejected, and readers of this blog post should understand that My very words right here in this paragraph are being Self-censored due to the terrorism of the state.
My apologies for any negative references to the pig, a noble and Superior animal who does not deserve to be compared to any inferior human being.
All above text © Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This is mind-blowing and is, indeed, true, describing the malicious attempts used by society through police to terrorize and threaten citizens. It is simply a form of control, where citizens are pressured into obedience and denied their “natural rights and autonomy” that truly represents what freedom is all about. We are taught to believe that police officers work in our best interest and are justified for our safety and the well-being of our communities. Actually, most believe that and support police and do not analyze their real agenda for policing

    1. Correct. Both terrorism and crime are artificial constructs of the nation-state, defined in such a way as to create the illusion that government protects its citizens and residents from terrorism and crime, when the Forbidden Truth is that government is the foremost purveyor of terrorism against its own citizenry, and government is further responsible for the universal victimization and injustice that is the root cause of all
      lawbreaking actions which cause harm to others.

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