The Solutions: My Misanthropic Gift to Humanity

One of My most uniquely brilliant skills, as Alien Eye dissector of the human condition, is successfully deciphering and beautifully articulating the exact, specific, and only solutions to all of the most profound problems afflicting humanity in the 21st century. I have done this repeatedly, on EVERY issue, solving every problem, transforming completely the very nature of all human existence.
But of course NONE of My brilliant solutions have been accepted, much less implemented, by you pathetic fools. You decree these solutions invalid, and the #1 excuse you use to prop up this deranged conclusion, is that, for whatever reason(s), they “cannot be implemented”.
The Forbidden Truth is: Very often, you can KNOW and be certain a proposed solution is THE singular only valid solution, by the specific fact you choose to conclude it to be impossible to implement.
And so what if the solution IS, for whatever reason, impossible to implement? Does this invalidate the solution??!
Pathetic idiots: The validity of a solution is in no way dependent upon whether it is or can be understood, believed, accepted, OR implemented, or might, if implemented, cause other, different problems to occur. The solution is valid by the singular fact that it solves the singular, specific problem it addresses.
You do not blame, discard, negate, marginalize, dismiss, or otherwise discredit a solution, because you deem it impossible to implement.
It is not the fault of the solution, that you Self and Truth-hating mental defectives are unable and unwilling to transform it to functional reality. It is YOUR fault, individually and collectively, as a species.
The Forbidden Truth solutions, such as Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, remain beautiful and brilliant and perfect.
You do not deserve to have your problems solved, human defectives. I give you the greatest gift in the universe, the solutions, ONLY because I know you will never implement them.
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