The Solution Problem

As of the 21st century, meaning right now, every single problem being experienced by humanity as a whole, can be easily solved. There are solutions readily available for every problem. This is a fact. Concurrent with that fact, is this fact: Throughout the entire modern era of human existence, humanity has never, I repeat never, solved even one genuine problem. Not one, not a single one. How is it possible that solutions for every human problem exist, and yet the species has never managed to solve even one problem, much less all of its problems?? This essay will dissect and lay bare the Forbidden Truths of this issue.
To begin, we must understand the profoundly important difference between an actual problem, and a symptom or by-product of, an actual problem. Cancer is not a problem, it is a symptom of the problem that is death. Poverty is not a problem, it is a symptom of the problem that is the institutionalized caste system of economic injustice for all sponsored by government. Crime is not a problem, it is a symptom of the problem of universal child abuse as sponsored by all societies and governments.
There are no solutions for the symptoms and/or by-products of actual problems. And all efforts to find solutions for the symptoms and/or byproducts of problems, are doomed to failure, because the problem itself is being ignored and dismissed. Therefore, one of the most primary reasons no problem of humanity, has ever been solved by humanity, is because no effort has been made to solve the actual problem. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our dissection. Let us cut deeper, let us dig to the very core.
The sane thinker might assume that of course human beings desire to solve their problems. But this is utterly false. The human is not sane, the human is a genetic birth defect and a creature fuly crushed by the environmental terrorism undertaken against him from the moment of his birth. Humanity has never wanted to solve its problems. Humanity has chosen to create problems and then to wallow in them, bemoaning their plight even as they subconsciously crave pain, suffering, injustice, and death.
The human exists as a Self-hating masochist. Suffering and problems make him feel better about himself and his plight. The only thing he relishes more than his own suffering, is the belief that others are and/or will suffer more than he is suffering. No torment is too great for the human to bear, as long as he can convince himself others are, or will in the future, suffer equally or to a greater degree. Therefore, an even more primary reason humanity has never solved a single one of its problems, is that as a collective species, it does not want to solve any of its problems.
Let us understand the integral role that government and all social structures play, in ensuring no problem ever gets solved. Solving a problem actively harms and endangers the stranglehold of control which governments exert over their citizen-slaves. The problem itself is vital, in providing a rallying point for leaders of government and society. We must unite behind our leaders to solve our great problems, crime and poverty and disease… This is the insane, terrorist threat deployed by leaders of government and society. And of course there is no genuine intent or desire to solve any problems, and these “great problems” are not even problems, but merely the symptoms and by-products of the problems which government and society is itself directly guilty of and responsible for creating, sponsoring, and ensuring the continuation of.
But digging even deeper, above and beyond these foundational reasons humanity has never solved a single problem, we have the limitless hatred and contempt humanity has always held, for Truth. The one thing humanity should be worshipping, the only possible source of salvation that exists for this warped species, is the unconditional embrace of all facts, all factual reality, and all Truth. My Manifesto, the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, could literally be subtitled: “How to Save Yourselves from Certain Extinction, For Human Dummies”.
Every solution for every problem is right there, it is dangling in front of you, all you have to do is grab it and refuse to let go. But without the embrace of all Forbidden Truth, the solutions are just as invisible to you, as are the actual problems, and the reasons these problems exist.
And now I will present the solutions to the eight greatest problems which plague modern era humanity, problems which directly doom this species to near-term extinction. Right here, in just a few paragraphs, every single problem is solved, the species is saved from extinction. And yet, of course, it is not. Because it is impossible for you creatures to implement the solutions, utterly impossible. And that is the only reason I am providing you with the solutions, the absolutely certain knowledge that you cannot and will not implement them. I do not want to save you. I will not participate in any exercise that has any conceivable chance of helping to save you. No. What I am doing here is mocking you, mocking your pathetic inability to save yourselves.
And you inferiors will say that these solutions are only words, that saying something can be done, is not the same as actually doing it. But you are wrong. Anything that you as a species collectively demand as an envisioned reality, would be rendered an experienced reality. What you create within your mind as an idea, you can create as concrete and factual reality. The Truth is: You do not want to solve any problems, because to do so would require you to face yourselves, to look at the horror you have created and sponsored, to acknowledge your own status as torturers of the universe reflecting your own experienced tortures.
And you inferiors will say that My brilliant solutions cannot be implemented, it is impossible, and even if it was not impossible, My brilliant solutions would create more and greater problems in and of themselves. But you are dead wrong, and if you possessed even the rudimentary fragments of sanity, you would instantly realize how utterly deranged it is to reject the solutions to the problems which absolutely doom you to eternal nonexistence on a personal level, and near-term extinction on a species level, because you think that maybe these solutions could, theoretically, lead to some other problems.
So, here is the gift that can never be received, to the delight of the gift giver: Me.
The solution to the problem of death is to cease all efforts to cure all diseases, and devote every scientific, medical, robotic, genetic, and engineering manpower resource and technology, to unlocking every key to personal brain immortality, a worldwide effort to stop at nothing to immediately cure the only True disease: Biological death.
The solution to the problem of universal child abuse is to declare the family unit a failed social experiment, to declare parenthood a criminal form of child slavery, to implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, utilizing a universal standard across the entire world, and to decree all children emancipated from the shackles of family, religion, tradition, culture, and all obligation to all rituals of the past.
The solution to the problem of economic and caste system injustice, is to abandon all monetary systems and implement a universal, worldwide Barter and Trade economy free of all cash and precious metal, and free of all governmental regulation and control.
The solution to the problem of universal human slavery to government, is to declare the structure of government itself a criminal and terrorist enterprise, impossible to reform or render benign, which must be destroyed and eliminated via the collective force of the masses, to be replaced by a stateless social structure void of all countries, leaders, and national borders.
The solution to the problem of Self-hatred, is to eliminate all harm and injustice, and to instruct every child and adult that the only Truth-based love is Self-love, and that to love Self is the greatest and only obligation of every human being.
The solution to the problem of violence, is to eliminate all punishment and discipline, to protect every individual, from the moment of biological conception, from the organized, universal, violent assault of mind, body, and soul, sponsored by society.
The solution to the problem of religion is to declare belief in all external gods a highly contagious and communicable mind virus and mental illness, and to protect, preserve, and enhance the egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love of every individual, so that he may recognize Himself as entitled to every power and privilege currently claimed by the imaginary external god creature within all fictional holy texts.
The solution to the problem of lies, deceit, propaganda, and false perceptions of reality, is to recognize factual Truth as the only ideological and intellectual concept worthy of lifelong personal devotion and reverence, to be honored and embraced always, at all costs, regardless of any and all fears it may inspire or comforts it may properly desecrate.
Now, go for it, humans. Reject and ignore and ridicule the solutions. Prove to yourselves what I already know: That you are hopelessly doomed.
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