The Solution Chain

In My brilliant texts I articulate in complete detail all of the foundational-level problems of humanity, and I provide absolute, concrete, and valid solutions to every problem. But none of these solutions are or will be implemented, ever.
Seekers of Truth need to understand exactly why this is so. Yes, you can say humanity is collectively suicidal, masochistic, and Self-hating, and therefore, in reflection, humanity can and will never solve any of their foundational level problems, because they do not want to solve them. This is absolutely True, and must be consciously understood and embraced as fact.
But why is humanity, in totality as a collective species, this way? This is the most profoundly important question that must be answered. Answering this question illuminates HOW the problem of humanity never being able, willing, or interested in solving any of its foundational problems, can at least be openly and consciously addressed.
The solution chain is uncloaked!
There are 2 reasons humanity can & will never solve any of its problems, and therefore these two “reasons” are in Truth the actual problems that must be fully solved and overcome, before any other foundational level problems can be addressed. Every attempt by humanity to address any other problems, without first fully resolving these two problems, is ideologically, philosophically, and functionally absurd, and predestined to complete failure.
The two problems:
1: The abuse, victimization, and mind crippling of all living children, from birth, continuing on a daily basis throughout childhood, via the current, existing, public policy mandate of universal child abuse.
2: The genetic and environmental crippling and dysfunction of all human brains, caused by both the universal genetic birth defect status of humanity as a species, and external brainwashing, indoctrination, and malicious imposition of universal illusion & deception, by human leaders.
What I have just revealed to you pathetic humans is the solution chain. Very simply, the steps necessary for humanity to begin to try to figure out how to solve its problems. You have two singular and specific problems, you can say they are unsolvable if you wish, but they must be solved in order for humanity to even try, on any level of sincerity and Truth, to solve any of its other problems.
Absent absolutely solving these two problems, humanity is simply pretending to try to solve its other problems. It is absolutely impossible for any other problem to be solved, unless these two, the first two in the chain, are solved first. The Forbidden Truth: Humanity cannot even desire to solve the other problems, unless and until it solves these two first. So how can it solve problems it does not want to solve?? Idiots!
The delicious irony of the situation, to My Alien Eye, is that you humans are 100% unable and unwilling to even IDENTIFY these two problems, as actual, EXISTING problems! And even more irony: You do not want to solve these two problems, even as you continue pretending to want to solve other problems, which are of course impossible to solve unless and until you solve these two first.
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