The Social Propaganda of Feel-Good Stories

Social propaganda comes in many different forms, and one of the most insidiously malignant is the so-called “feel-good story”. What is a feel-good story? Defined within Forbidden Truth parameters: A media popularized news story which contains content intentionally focused upon making readers/viewers feel better, while promoting social lies and deceptions which subvert the capacity of readers/viewers to recognize and embrace actual Truth.
Here is a perfect example of a highly malignant feel-good news story, published just today via numerous media entities:
The above link is to the original news source, but as with most other feel-good news stories, this exact same content has been reprinted and copied by many other news organizations, such as:
This is a hallmark trait of feel-good news stories which propagandize, many different news organizations work together to popularize the content, so that what begins as a very local news story with very few readers/viewers, becomes nationally and internationally known, impacting the reality perceptions of many millions of brainwashed citizen-slaves.
Let us consider this very specific news story: An 88 year old man, ill and dying, pathologically carries with him a photo of his former wife, who has already died, pretending she is still “with” him as he eats breakfast in a restaurant. He looks forward to being reunited with her when he dies, via addiction to the insane god and afterlife myths. This is supposedly a wonderful tale of enduring love and devotion, an uplifting tribute to marriage, fidelity, faith, and external love. These are the messages that this socially viral feel-good news story seeks to propagandize, and successfully does so. And what of it? What is the harm, the inferior thinker might ask. The harm is great! Whatever destroys Truth, darkens the entire universe, renders enlightenment of mind an impossibility.
The Truth is, this news story is not uplifting and inspiring. The Truth is, it is a horror story so profound that nobody will touch it, a supreme tragedy and horror story playing out in real-time, rooted within the pathological human obsession with rejecting the Forbidden Truths of death. An 88 year old man, waiting to die, clings to the illusion that death is okay, by pathologically fixating upon a photograph of another human being who has already died, that he thinks used to love and care about him. Instead of consciously facing up to the horrific fate suffered by this woman, and to the near-term horrific fate which awaits him, he flees into a mind cave of absolute mental illness, in which he uses flawed memories of an illusion of love which itself can only exist in the past tense, to dwell within an imaginary universe which denies the factual realities of death.
What is being presented to millions of you as a positive and uplifting, feel-good news story, is in Truth a devastating horror tale, but you are blind to the horror. You are being brainwashed to actively reject the horrific Truths actually inherent in the facts of the story, in favor of pure illusion, a fairy tale implanted within the broken mind of an 88 year old man, but actively communicable and intended to infect your mind, every mind, the mind of every reader and viewer, of every age.
External love is a social myth. Marriage is a devastatingly brutal form of physical and emotional and behavioral and ideological slavery, created and sponsored by government. Religion and the afterlife are toxic shackles of social control and externally promoted mental illness. And death, death itself, the greatest of horrors, is something every government and society will stop at nothing to convince you, is something to meekly accept, embrace, and even look forward to.
This singular feel-good news story overtly subverts and renders invisible, the Forbidden Truths of love, marriage, god, religion, and death, among others. And of course it does not do so in a vacuum, it is one news story among thousands of different forms of social propaganda being hurled against us as offensive weapons each and every day of our existence.
Those of us who honor Truth and Self must understand the insidious nature of social propaganda. We must be vigilant against allowing feelings to gain any foothold within our minds, over fact, reality, and Truth. The Alien Eye must never close, as we are being attacked relentlessly, in thousands of different ways, each day. Everything externally presented to us, must be critically dissected within the preconception, not a bias but an understanding, that if it originates from society, it will contain lies, deception, and intentional propaganda/brainwashing/indoctrination messages and content.
This specific news story utilizes the terror threat of death to overtly promote the insane and toxic rituals of externalized love illusion, marriage, religion, god, and the supremely deranged and universally destructive concept that an afterlife can be experienced when you are dead and possess no brain function.
If you should ever come across a news/media story which is designed to make you feel good, and you actually do feel better after reading or viewing it, you must immediately reject this feeling, and commence a critical, Truth-based analysis of why the news/media story has impacted your emotional state. Invariably, if you embrace Forbidden Truth, you will find that propagandized deceit and subversion of reality/Truth, is directly at play in invalidly altering your emotional state.
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  1. nice, but too many words. I miss the twitter days :). I know you’re trying to make a point, but trust me, no one cares about the “beheading videos”. your tweets were much more refreshing and fun. I myself didn’t watch the videos when you posted them on twitter, or here. i’m too creeped out by such things.

    1. I enjoy talking to Myself, and if you have read My half-completed, one million word Manifesto, you know I enjoy deploying a large number of words in My illuminations of Forbidden Truth. You will be missing the twitter days for a very long time, because for eternity, or for as long as I exist as a brain, whichever comes first, that forum will never be gifted by My graceful presence.
      I do not trust you, as you are human. And I’m not trying to make any point to you, or to any other human. All of My writings are Self-directed, you are not a targeted audience, none of you are. Whatever you receive or fail to receive from My revelations of Truth, simply reflects the limitations of your mind. The idea of others being refreshed and entertained by Me, is quite repulsive to Me. Not enough to get Me to stop communing with Myself, of course. But definately not any type of goal or intent.
      Avoiding exposure to Truth is a hallmark character flaw of the human. A Superior thinker, or an aspiring Superior, would be “creeped out” by the fact that he is creeped out by exposing himself to Truth. This is the alien eye of detachment that I have mastered, and to which the humans remain oblivious and contemptuous of.

      1. wtf? i’m not creeped out by truth, i’m creeped out by beheadings :). blood? besides, the truth is, there’s no Isis. It’s all fake, just like terrorism. Isis is another “mask” of the old Taliban. Anyone can dress up in a ski mask and behead journalists too. That is in fact all we know about this mysterious Isis, that they wear ski masks..:). Taliban, Isis and the future “alien threat” are all tools of the globalists’ to further their goals and gain the upper hand in certain parts of the world..etc. “Oh, we assume there’s weapons of mass destructions, we have to GO THERE and INTERVENE”. Complete horseshit, and all lies. It’s all misdirection, you know. CNN is a channel not of information/news, but of misinformation, misdirection and most definitely DISINFORMATION. CNN tells you exactly what’s NOT happening around the world :). The bigger picture is always obscured. It’s like a magic trick.

        1. Your perspective reflects the typical human, lacking all enlightenment of mind, clinging to superficial illusions of Truth. You are the modestly challenging citizen-slave, not blind enough to fall for the most blatant propaganda and indoctrination, but blind enough to be easily convinced to embrace the most superficial misdirections. “It’s all fake”, that’s the conspiracy. How absurd! Making you believe it is all fake is the second level of governmental propaganda and indoctrination. How tragic when the human thinks himself to have uncovered an important Truth, when all he is doing is feeding upon a secondary wave of deliberate misdirection.
          All mainstream media acts under the direction and control of a specific government. Knowing this Truth is a preliminary, first step to beginning a Truth-based dissection which can lead to important realizations of Forbidden Truth. It is not a primary Forbidden Truth, in and of itself. Everything I have read from you, indicates an inability to probe, an inability to move beyond the superficial realization of Truth, which does not, in and of itself, allow for any breakthroughs in thinking, towards the conscious embrace of any top-level Forbidden Truths.
          So, CNN is lying to you? You recognize this Truth. And maybe you do not personally support an ongoing usa regime war against ISIS, as a result of this insight of Truth? Okay. But if you stop there, you have achieved nothing of value insofar as understanding the matrix itself, understanding who your greatest enemy is, understanding the structural, root motivations for war, or how and why government continues to universally enslave us all.
          Every Truth is useful, but many Truths are only useful as a building block, a gateway, to deeper, more profound, more obscured and concealed Truths. If you uncover a surface level Truth and stop, celebrating your victory of recognizing a Truth, the Truth itself becomes functionally useless, it only leads you down new and different paths of illusion and falsehood, paths which may seem radical, but actually only represent subtle twists on the status quo as it is being promoted by society and goverment.
          You are being deliberately misdirected, for malevolent purposes, by your government and its media propaganda agents. It is good and it is useful to know and understand the factual reality of this Truth. The vitally important question is: Where do you go from this point, from this specific understanding?? Do you follow secondary level misdirections, blind to them, perceiving them as enlightened paths of Truth?? Or do you continue to independently dissect the matrix, understanding that you have only pierced a superficial layer, and that all of the most dangerous and profound insights of Truth, remain cloaked?

      2. I like that you mention how you are talking to yourself and not an audience, and that you don’t trust humans. Humans don’t want to admit that when they socialize with other humans, they are, in fact, being selfish and using them to get their needs meet. They could care less about the needs of the other individual, of course, they want admit it, but it is what it is. You, on the other hand, are upfront about it and express it in your writings. You express the forbidden truths, and humans, I guess, have a problem with it

        1. The Truths I reveal, and directly manifest within My own life path, absolutely terrify the humans, because they threaten to expose to the humans, the Truth of what they are. The matrix that they desperately cling to, trapped within but also devoted to validating, is rattled by the mere thought of being exposed to a Forbidden Truth such as the fact that we are all, always, totally alone, and that all human interaction is toxic, vampiric, malicious extraction motivated by the inability to meet their own needs, as nature intended, and as their own brain, were it not functionally deranged, would not only allow, but compel.
          The healthy brain would demand the proactive creation of Self-love, while overtly rejecting any and every external attempt to extract love, by offering love. This is the type of Forbidden Truth which terrifies the broken humans. It is why My Manifesto and writings are universally rejected, ignored, condemned.

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