The Sleeper Wakes Up! Stephen Craig Paddock, Nevada Sniper, kills 50+

Hello. Smile. Enjoy your day. Are you have a good day, humans? I am. And feeling generous enough to wish you all the same.
Hope you are all following the Las Vegas, Nevada mass murder sniper rampage of 64 year old Stephen Paddock, carried out just about ten hours ago. We are getting new updates from minute to minute, and this should continue all day long, for at least the next 24 hours. I cannot comment on all the details as they come out. Just brief things.
So, we now know that our 64 year old victim and Martyr has almost NO criminal history or record. Maybe a traffic ticket, ONE. Haha, how sweet! A “sleeper”, enjoying his life for 64 years, to the extent his True Reality allowed.
Sleeper: An individual who maintains a public image and persona of slave/sheeple status, projecting himself to be ordinary, law abiding, typically human and harmless to others, all the while harboring desire, intent, and overt plans to harm and kill other humans.
64 year old Stephen Paddock appears, at this early stage of limited available information, to be an absolute and perfect Sleeper! No history of known criminal violence. Able to purchase numerous tactical weapons legally. Arousing no suspicion or pig surveillance whatsoever. Spending decades immersed within his Self-universe of rage and hate, knowing he is entitled to harvest as many humans as he wants, but waiting.
Patience. Patience is a virtue. Take your time. Enjoy life while you can. We are ALL murder victims. How many good years did Martyr Stephen have left, being aged 64?? Why wait to decline to helplessness and disease? That is not how the smart Sleeper operates.
Take your time, sleep long and sleep well. But at some point, the time comes to WAKE UP.
Stephen woke up, October 1, 2017, just about ten hours ago.
Here we see the tremendous tactical advantages a Sleeper enjoys.
I hope Stephen achieved pleasure, power, untouchability of mind throughout his existence.
Another unconfirmed photo of amerikkkan torture victim and Martyr Stephen Craig Paddock:
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  1. I am not surprised. Most humans on this planet are “miniature Stephen’s” . They portray to the world they are “nice, good” people who love everyone and won’t cause any harm. Unfortunately, this is an erroneous belief because these humans just mentioned wear their “acting mask” more than those who are overtly cruel. I think I prefer the overt, cruel humans over the nice ones, at least you won’t be surprised

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