The Seven Building Blocks of Untouchability

Why do the inferior sheep condemn the Superiority of others? So that they may remain inferior sheep without ever being confronted with the Truth of what they are. “Self-love is bad, you must be generous and share your love with others”, so bleats the inferior sheep. Does he even believe his own delusion?? Quite possibly not, but it is a convenient way to sabotage and betray his own obligation to Self, while never facing up to this Truth, and while pretending to maintain a moral high ground.
“Selfishness is bad, you must be benevolent, caring, and kind towards others”, so bleats the sheep, as he denies himself the benevolence, caring, and kindness, which defines selfishness. Here we see the hypocrite in full bloom, and we must understand, he rejects selfishness within himself, and condemns it within others, only because he cannot face up to the obligation that he owes to himself. The Self-hater gives it all away, betrays Self as he betrays the universe.
“Egotism is bad, you must be humble and modest”, so bleats the broken sheep, as he revels in Self-hatred, as he agrees to sacrifice the only thing which possesses any value, the Self. “Look at Me, I denigrate My very existence, and I will condemn you for not following My example”, this is how the inferior succeeds in darkening the very universe itself.
“Egoism is bad, you must be an altruist”, decree the broken sheep. Yes, give to others what has never been given to you. Place others, and even the mere concept of helping others, above your own sacred right to thrive. Help others, so you may become blind enough to dismiss the Forbidden Truth that others are destroying you, or what is left of you which they have not already successfully destroyed.
To all who seek Truth, let us understand the intricately interwoven links between narcissism, egotism, egoism, nihilism, selfishness, Self-absorption and Self-love. Let us understand the direct linkage between all seven of these states of mind. Let us understand that all seven are hallmark character traits of the Superior mind and the Superior individual. Let us understand that in denying or minimizing, on a personal level, even one of these seven nurturing states of mind, an individual directly sabotages and undermines all seven, no matter if he denies this, no matter if he cannot consciously acknowledge this Truth.
Narcissism, egotism, egoism, nihilism, selfishness, Self-absorption, and Self-love are not the same. Each and every state of mind deserves to be embraced as a unique ideology, unique to itself and unique within the integration to Self, process.  And yet all seven ideologies are not merely mutually compatible, but mutually dependent upon each other. Reject the ideology of nihilism, and you directly compromise your egotism and your Self-love, and all the rest. Try to minimize your selfishness, and your Self-love and nihilism and all the rest, take a hit too.
This is very important for the aspiring Superior to fully understand and integrate to consciousness of mind. Each of these seven character traits must be maximized within a personal life path journey. Each of these seven personal character traits is not merely “good” and empowering, but absolutely vital in order to successfully attain untouchable status. The aspiring Superior must understand these seven states of mind to exist and to function as building blocks, each must be maximized in and of itself, apart from the others, and only in doing so, can all seven reach their summit. To minimize and compromise one, is to minimize and compromise all. To integrate each to core consciousness to a maximum degree, and to understand all of the linkages and yet distinctions, and to consciously vow to never betray any of the seven, is the key to attaining brain function which honors Self and Truth and can never be externally compromised.
Narcissism, egotism, egoism, nihilism, selfishness, Self-absorption, and Self-love are all benevolent states of mind, kind and loving ideologies. The benevolence is to Self, the kindness and love is for Self. Here you see the only valid emotional and ideological manifestations of benevolence, kindness, and love, Every other manifestation is a deception and a betrayal, of Truth itself. You do not love others, you pretend to. You are not altruistic, you pretend to be, as you suck others dry. You are not kind to others, you pretend to be kind in order to create a false illusion of Yourself, of reality, and of the universe you are destroying.
How does narcissism harm others? It is those who reject narcissism who are harming themselves, you fools! If every human found the strength and wisdom to consciously maximize his narcissism, harm itself would disappear from all of human experience, because no Truth-based narcissist is willing to endure harm.
How does nihilism harm others? It is only those who reject nihilism, who are the direct cause of every institutionalized harm of society and government, legitimizing and embracing the harms being perpetrated against them and against all others. Nihilism is the path by which the species itself could be remade in the glorious glow of absolute Truth.
How does selfishness harm others? It is the lack of selfishness among humans, which is the direct cause of all universal harm. And Self-love, the most exalted, precious, and valuable of all seven? Self-love, just as the other six, extinguishes and destroys all harm, by rendering the harming of Self, every imaginable form of Self-harm, an outrageous and impossible to justify atrocity. And yet of course, universal harm rages on, only because you humans reject and condemn the glory of Self-love, for yourselves and for others.
Read My writings and you will see that I exhort only the individual embrace of narcissism, egotism, egoism, nihilism, selfishness, Self-absorption, and Self-love. Why? Because I know that humanity could literally save itself, transform its own existence on a species-wide level, by embracing all of these states of mind, on a universal, species-wide level, and I do not want this to occur. Humanity does not deserve such a gift, it has earned its extinction. I desire to bear witness to this extinction, call it My version of a christmas present.
To be certain, humanity is not capable of achieving such a feat of mind. Such a feat is limited to a tiny handful of Superiors, such as Myself. Therefore, even if I were to begin overtly championing, in writing, the capacity of humanity to  save itself via universal embrace of narcissism, egotism, egoism, nihilism, selfishness, Self-absorption, and Self-love, there is zero chance of such a revolution of the mind, actually occurring. But still, I will not risk it. Why not?? Because I am selfish and Self-absorbed, and I will not conspire to aid that which is guilty of conspiring to destroy Me, even within the recognition that My offer of aid will be rejected.
And yet here you are, being given the gift of this essay, in which one of the most subversively valuable of Forbidden Truths is exposed. What the species as a whole, at least in theory, could use to save itself. I write this essay as part of My resolutionary vows, you may see My last blog post to achieve better understanding. The risk here is low, actually non-existent, and the benefit to Me on a conscious level of externalized hate, is small but very real. “Here you go, here is the life preserver, grab it, save Yourself…” I throw you the preserver after I confirm that your legs have been amputated, and your arms are bound together with titanium rope. I throw you the life preserver, only because I know you cannot grab it. One of My small pleasures, watching you drown as I offer you My life preserver, the life preserver of Forbidden Truth.

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  1. Self-love, is supreme and is by far the best gift that one can give to themselves. Loving others robs one of loving themselves. It not only is draining on ones mental health and well-being; it is very suffocating and stifle one’s growth in taking ownership for meeting their own emotional needs. Humanity is suffering because of it, and inferiors don’t seem to understand that loving others is very counterproductive for both the giver and the receiver. Humans are vampires and will go to the extremes of finding someone who will love them and say nice things to them. I hate humans with a passion. They are so disgusting in their manipulative ways in trying to entrap others to meet their needs

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