The Self-realized, Self-made Monster Questions His Parts Inventory

Each of us is a creation of everything that has been done to, everything that has been imposed upon, everything that has either added to, or negated from, the limitless potential of a virginal mind.
Even the one in a billion Superior like Me, who successfully rejects and transcends his humanity, and builds an untouchable Self-universe, must consciously understand that his glorious feat was accomplished with available parts, not with a limitless inventory of every imaginable part, every imaginable perception and reality of consciousness, that exists within the spectrum of all human mind potential.
I was shattered into trillions of tiny fragments, this is what child abuse, society, government, and The Matrix of Universal Illusion does to every individual. And I rebuilt Myself with the billions of tiny fragments I successfully salvaged. No matter how perfect and brilliant I made Myself, the limitless potential of the unshattered, virginal mind, was and will always be, forever lost.

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  1. It would be way too complex to eliminate all the negative parts of one’s life. It’s not doable. But you are right, it’s a good post. This might be a weird question..but are you a genetic Jew? I’m just judging by your name.

    1. All of My posts are not merely good, but brilliantly insightful and completely correct.
      The relative Superiority of a human-born can be determined, in part, by his accurate definitional perceptions of what is genuinely negative and harmful to Self, and what is merely a state of externally imposed True Reality that can be manipulated to provide pleasure, catharsis, and other positive benefits to the Self-universe, without any compromise or betrayal of actual Truth.
      My genetic legacy is human, inferior, pathetic, and perverse humans are guilty of My creation, on a biological as well as an ideological level. Only inferiors accept the artificial divisions by which their biological creators chose to identify themselves, as mind hostages of The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
      I am no more a jew, a christian, a muslim, an amerikkkan, a citizen, a son, a daughter, or any other externally imposed label cage, than I am a cow or a martian, and the same is True for every human who played a biological role in My biological creation.

      1. You do not accept the fact that there are different races, of humans? I know what you mean, and that on a broader analysis, ALL humans are pretty much the same: guilty, inferior, pathetic etc., but still, you do acknowledge that there are racial differences between different groups of people, and that extends to how they think, as well? I see a common trait in Jews, that is, their tendency to see themselves as victims.

        1. Humans have differences in physical appearance based upon the climate, and other environmental and geographic factors of their ancestors. Their genetic history also impacts how they LOOK. This is nature and evolution at work.
          “Race” is an artificial construct of human societies and governments. It was invented and is maintained in order to CREATE artificial division, sow fear, and indoctrinate the lie of cultural and nationalistic superiority.
          Racial “differences” of thought, as opposed to physical appearance, are externally inculcated by society and government. As race is an artificial and invalid construct, all such differences are artificial and invalid, reflecting the indoctrination and illusions of reality imposed by society.
          For example, why do many more blacks in amerikkka prefer rap music over opera music? Because as children they are told that liking rap music is normal and appropriate and necessary in order for them to gain the approval of the sub-society of adult negroes they are compelled to admire and emulate. If they reject rap in favor of opera, they are shunned, ridiculed, physically attacked, etc…
          Racial differences of thought, personal preference, and reality perception, are all invalid, because they are the result of the organized deception and manipulation of reality by The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
          If The Matrix teaches and instructs jewish children and adults that they are and must perceive themselves as victims, more so than it instructs other artificially and invalidly divided groups, then more jews will embrace their victimhood status.
          Which on the surface represents a positive step towards Truth realization, since every human IS a profound victim of great injustice, but the question is, does The Matrix allow and empower these victims to properly and accurately recognize the actual sources and guilty parties responsible for their victimization, or does it brainwash them to misidentify their victimizers, and the structures guilty of their victimization?
          The answer is, of course, the latter.
          You see what you want to see, as usual. You are a Truth surfer. You ride the waves of Truth, but you fail to submerge and to immerse. Your views on jews and their victimhood perception as a group, may be superficially True, but they are rendered invalid by your inability to understand how differences in thought and reality perception are externally inculcated, and that in embracing racial difference of thought as being valid, you help to prop up and legitimize the artificial construct of race as it has been created and as it is maintained, by The Matrix.

          1. SEER, these are compelling truths that help to explain how likes and dislikes of any so-called racial group are formed. Yes, ideals and beliefs handed down to descending generations shape and mold individuals into believing and acting that can be distinct from other ethnic groups tastes. I like that you use the analogy of rap music in the black community showing how it is handed down from one generation to the next, without descendants lacking the ability to refrain from cultural influences that society relegates to distinct ethnic groups–To put it nicely, Rap was and still is forced on most African Americans and it cannot be objected due to early childhood indoctrination. Thanks, SEER. I wish more people would understand that beliefs are transferred to children as a result of the family unit and society. Children are born without the brainwashing and nonsense. Adults are the ones who infect their minds. Why humans aren’t aware of these simple, obvious truths?

          2. Hello Seer,
            TruthFan here, aka TruthSurfer, NicotineAddict, FoodAddict, Mr. Coffee(not the brand), and occasional user of marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs i’d rather not talk about.
            My contention is that racial differences go way beyond physical appearance, and yes, they extend to thoughts and actions. My belief is that people are not born the same. I do not believe in the “tabula rasa” theory. I believe that people have/can have(although not all), innate characteristics that are personal, inborn to them. Your rap music example is a perfect illustration of that. Blacks tend to gravitate, NATURALLY, towards hip hop. They are more..what’s the politically correct word, without getting TOO racist..heh..oh yeah..hedonistic :). They are more impulsive, probably due to excessive testosterone levels in their blood, etc. It’s a science, and there’s more, much more to it. They’re more attracted to hiphop because the lyrics are more straight forward, mundane and the music itself is simpler. Contrast this to classical music, just like you said, opera, or extreme metal(my favourite), and you will see not only the music itself is more sophisticated, harder to “understand”, more abstract, more intricate(just look at the notes…), but also the lyrics themselves deal with more erudite, analytical and abstract notions. While your point that most racial groups somewhat tell their children/peers what they should listen to, that is a small part of why they listen to it. My parents, coincidentally, oriented me towards OPERA(it’s true), but i never took much to it. Of course, when i was young, they took me to it, and i still go on occasion, but only as a favour :). I went my own way, and as i got into my teen years, became more attracted to extreme rock/metal and electronic, abstract music that i’m listening to as i’m typing this very message. You cannot force anyone to do anything. They eventually do as they see fit. It’s the old nature vs. nurture. It’s about, whatever you choose to call it. And here i arrive at the original point again! Everything with you touches on bullying, VICTIMIZATION, coercion, intimidation.
            Blacks are attracted more to basketball, because they’re more talented in basketball, and for different reasons they find it more fun. Asians and whites play more table tennis. How many great table tennis players that you know are black? it’s just simply not their sport, they have no aptitude for it. How many blacks that are philosophers do you know? Most are Asian or Caucasians. Why are you attracted to philosophy, as opposed to sports? Because at an early age, you just had a GIFT for it, and for seeing things others don’t. Nobody forced you to become a philosopher, it was already in you, from the start.

            1. I approved your comment, and I reply to it, because you allow Me to illuminate the inferior nature of humanity, on a directly personal level.
              You have no respect for Truth, because if you did, you would not choose to align yourself with The Matrix of Universal Illusion, in destroying your own capacity to develop and possess a brain unaltered by toxic, corrosive, and reality perception distorting and destroying substances.
              You say you want and seek Truth, yet you consciously destroy the very capacity of your uniquely irreplaceable brain, to accurately recognize Truth.
              Consistently, your mind has delivered shallow and superficial perceptions, that you proudly embrace as constituting your “beliefs”. Consistently, you perceive personal freedom and autonomy, where none exists. In perfect alignment with Matrix doctrine, proclaiming the individual free to chart his own future destiny.
              The greatest problem of humans is that they cannot see themselves as they are. They cannot understand the motivational forces behind the invalid reality perceptions they choose to embrace. They cannot own up to what they are doing to themselves, and why, even as they do it.
              Always they have excuses to rationalize their own betrayals of Self, never able to make the connection that Self-betrayal directly intersects with Truth betrayal. And vice-versa.
              Nature is our universal enemy, and nurture, or should we say lack thereof, is the universal revenge expressing and revealing the universal victimization suffered by every human child, and adult.
              So, enjoy your freedom to lie to Yourself. Enjoy your freedom to perceive the world as it is not. Enjoy your freedom to align with your own enemy and destroyer, as you choose to destroy your own mind, and as you choose to view this choice as a form of rebellion. Enjoy your freedom to embrace the delusion you are free.
              This is what humans do, and you are a human, in very good standing.
              Thank you for helping Me to show the universe how humans are, via a real-time and interactive example.

      2. I agree SEER when humans align themselves with a racial group, title, or any type of label, they are only causing a division in which society always receives the most benefits. Identifying with a racial group is the biggest one on this planet because the dominant race views other races as inferior, and that keeps them divided where they can’t come together collectively to fight against their oppression. Everything on this planet is enslaved and controlled both physically and psychologically. Psychologically, they are unable to see past the matrix of illusion so that prevents them from taking any physical action to get out of it.

        1. Excellent Truth perception, and well-expressed. All racial differences of thought, of reality perception, and of behavior, are externally created by society and government. Humans identify as members of a race, for the same reason they identify as members of a religion or citizens of a nation-state, because they have been brainwashed and indoctrinated, beginning as a helpless child with no capacity to discern lies from Truths, to embrace allegiance and obedience to the decreed normal standards and norms of “their” assigned race.
          To identify as a member of a race, is to lock Yourself inside of a societally imposed cage, and to accept the artificial construct of racial difference as created by society and government as being valid, is to cripple your own capacity to identify your own enemy, and to understand how universal slavery and victimization is imposed upon you, as well as upon every human-born.

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