The Seer of Forbidden Truth is Now on Youtube!

An important message for all extraterrestrials, as well as the tiny handful of humans who might deserve to gaze upon the unique visage and listen to the unique voice of The Seer of Forbidden Truth:
For the first time ever, and possibly for a limited time only, The Seer of Forbidden Truth can be seen in the flesh, or at least the video camcorder flesh, addressing humanity in his own unique and brilliant style. View and body and hear the voice of the most brilliant philosopher and Truth disseminater of the 21st century!
Absolutely free, and with no obligation to be mesmerized and entranced, but you might very well be, as I cannot promise a lack of mesmerization. (Shit, I fear that is not a real word…)
Just click on the above Youtube link to be transported into the lair of The Seer of Forbidden Truth.
Warning: I have age-restricted this video, you must be over the legal age of adulthood to view, and I assume no responsibility for any mental breakdowns viewers might experience.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.
The Seer of Forbidden Truth Youtube Video is © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved. The video may not be copied or rebroadcast by anyone, in any form.


  1. This is unbelievably incredible. I almost can’t believe I can watch this. The visuals/aesthetics are great, but go figure.
    Is that the same ski mask that was in Affliction?
    What a treat, I really hope you make more. I don’t know if I would even want more videos, if you become too popular with humans I may have to question things.

    1. You can watch it, for now. Just remember that Youtube is owned and controlled by the hive mind of universal illusion. They have something called “community standard strikes”. Any video given 3 or 4 strikes, I forget the exact number, is automatically removed from Youtube. Anybody can make a “strike” against a video, for any personal reason he wishes. This is how the hive mind controls content on Youtube, it’s why no ISIS beheading video stayed on Youtube for more than a few hours.
      But anyway, enjoy watching it, for now. Just don’t be surprised if and when it disappears.
      None of your business, about the mask.
      I might make a few more videos, specifically thinking of making an even longer one in which I summarize all of the Forbidden Truths of child abuse, including the solutions of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing. It delights Me to know that no solution I provide can or will ever be implemented by humanity. That’s why I am motivated to do such a video: To personally gloat in the fact that I give humanity the solution to end all child abuse in yet another format/venue, and humanity responds with overt rejection of the solution. I LOVE that, proves humanity unworthy of existing, and every outlaw expression of rage and hate even more perfectly and intrinsically justified.
      Don’t worry, I will never become popular with humans, and none of My brilliant ideas and solutions will ever be attempted, much less achieved, by this doomed species.

        1. Good luck locating a copy. As with everything I have done, am doing, and will do, the Matrix, along with the Self and Truth-hating Unwashes Masses, goes out of its way to ignore, suppress, bury, and render invisible, all revelations of Forbidden Truth I choose to publicly disseminate.

  2. This just blew my mind. First of all, you’re/or sound older than i thought. Secondly, there’s a Larry King quality about you(I’ve always liked Larry King). Thirdly, are your lips somewhat like Garry Shandling’s..big?

    1. I enjoy blowing people’s minds, so thank you.
      I don’t discuss My age. Age is an impositional construct of the Matrix. The Forbidden Truth is, we are all dying, and we are all already dead. The younger you are when you are able to consciously embrace this Truth, the better for you, as you attempt to transcend your humanity and recognize all of the Forbidden Truths of the species.
      I can alter My voice at will, adopting many different tones and accents. It is a useful tactical skill that I have cultivated.
      Many of My body parts are bigger than normal.

      1. Is this your real voice in the video, or an alteration? And i was just curious about your lips, if they’re “rather fleshy”, like mine. Nice cassette deck, btw. Does it symbolize anything, keep it as a souvenir or do you actually use it? Sorry to ask a lot of questions, but this is unprecedented :).

        1. Every voice I choose to use is “real”.
          You can form your own conclusion about the size of My lips.
          The cassette deck is over 30 years old, and I still use it. I do not own any music CD’s or vinyl records, but I do own about 300 music cassettes, and used blank audio cassettes to narrate My life story and augment My Living Legacy, many years ago.
          The deck is in the video because that is its normal position, and I see no reason to move it. My positioning in the video is to ensure desired camcorder focus and zoom length. I set and focus the camera centered to the doors of the bookcase.
          You can ask Me anything, if I deem the questions unworthy, your posts are either never approved, thanks to the excellent WordPress preview feature, or deleted with no response, thanks to the slightly less excellent, but still functionally useful, Ideapod and Youtube comment delete feature. If you continue to post inferior comments, you lose all right to engage Me in any direct contact, for all of eternity, and all comments, even if thery are completely respectful and on-topic, are deleted with no response. So far, only one garbage human has earned this honor, and they are on Ideapod. But I look forward to more…

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