The Right To Revenge

All who seek to dwell within the light of Truth must embrace an intrinsic, inalienable, and reflective right to seek and claim personal vengeance. Revenge and personal vengeance must be understood as reflections of personal trauma. The desire and need for personal vengeance accurately expresses the True Reality that you are a created torture victim. Our right to vengeance is exactly that: A right. It is not an obligation that anyone can impose upon you, or that you should impose upon Yourself.
All external judgment as to the legality, morality, or righteousness of any act of personal vengeance, is invalid on its face and upon philosophical/ideological analysis. All revenge occurs as a response to traumatic injustice. No act of vengeance can ever occur in a vacuum, and no act of vengeance exists as the initiation of a cycle of injustice. It is always a response to existing injustice. As such, the only judgment that can possess any validity, would be a judgment directed at the creators and maintainers of the cycle of injustice itself, never on any individual trauma victim who seeks and claims reflective catharsis.
Revenge has nothing to do with good or bad, morality or immorality, legality or illegality. Revenge simply expresses the Truth: I have a right to harm, traumatize, victimize others, because I have been hatmed, traumatized, victimized by others.  Those who decree that everyone suffers, that suffering is a part of life, and that seeking revenge solves nothing, are wrong, and betray the most fundamental of obligations to Self and to Truth. Everyone suffers because everyone is being forced to suffer. Suffering is a part of life because humans choose to destroy themselves and all children, in response to the traumas they have been subjected to. And the only reason why revenge solves nothing, is because you humans have the audacious hypocrisy to judge and condemn other seekers of personal vengeance, even as you yourselves seek and claim the same vengeance for the same reasons, only in ways that your society and government encourages and legitimizes, and never finding the courage to consciously face up to what you are doing, and why you are doing it.
Revenge does not have to be violent, but it can be. Revenge does not have to directly harm others, but it can. Revenge cannot legitimately have any external barriers applied to it. The only valid right of society or government to judge any act of personal vengeance, would require the proactive prevention of all injustice, including the specific injustices which inspire each and every individual act of vengeance.
When you reject your own right to claim personal vengeance, or place specific limitations upon this right based upon laws, social doctrine, or perceived illusions of morality and justice, you legitimize the abuse and victimization that you have been subjected to. You are decreeing as philosophical precept that others had a right to harm you, in ways that you do not have a right to harm others. This is highly destructive to mental health, ego, and Self-love. You can choose when, where, how, and whether to seek personal vengeance, but you may not deny the validity of your entitlement to do so.
I celebrate the claiming of personal vengeance, by Myself and by others, via deed, fantasy, dream, plot, and storyline of mind. I do not pretend to be good, or better than any other living thing. I know exactly what I am, and why I am what I am.
Somebody once said, “Living well is the best revenge“. Well, the best revenge is up to each of us to uniquely determine, and the best way to do so, free of censorship of your own reflective rights, is to find the courage to dissect exactly what has been done to you, why it was done, who sponsored it, and the cumulative impact of all trauma and injustice you have been subjected to, with the understanding of how your experience of existence has been forever altered.
Here is a simple but passionate song that resonates to My personal core, as a stirring tribute to the individual right to reflect, via unconditional embrace of the right to revenge:


  1. I forgot to mention earlier on that the masses are admonished for seeking revenge. However, the govt isn’t; they seek revenge all the time by imposing laws within the Justice System to justify revenge. But it isn’t labeled as revenge according to their terminology of course, but it really is.
    It’s very hypocritical that the govt wants its slave to allow others to walk all over them and not fight back, when they do the exact opposite in extinguishing behavior where one stands up for themselves

    1. Correct. Definitional brainwashing is directly deployed by society and government to deny the Forbidden Truth that every social structure is foundationally rooted within the imposition of unjust revenge by society, against its very own created victims.

  2. Yeah, SEER, we have been programmed into believing that revenge is wrong, and that” two wrongs don’t make a right”. That truly does not make any sense, and by thinking this way, one enables injustices and abuses at the hands of others. In other words, you are accepting injustices, and sending an inadvertent message to the abusers that they can continue to inflict harm on you. It’s no different than “forgiving”,; by doing so, you are somehow taking the blame away from the abuser where they can’t be held accountable for what they did to you. This only increases the motivation of the offender and allows him or her to further take advantage of the victim. Also, it fosters rage where the victim has deep-seated anger and hate for the perpetrator in which they are forbidden to express, and they are forced to go along with this nonsense. As the late “Anton” puts it…”it’s bargain-basement anger”, and the person who is wronged typically prays to god about it. It’s nothing short of than a act of cowardness where the victim asks someone else to seek revenge for them instead of doing it for themselves

    1. Once again, you are correct and demonstrating sane and Superior insight into the perverse hypocrisy of humanity. In Truth of course, every “wrong”, every injustice, justifies a reflective response of injustice. The only functional way to end cycles of injustice, is to respond with merciless full force attack, against the structures which initiate and sponsor the cycle itself.
      The insane god myth is the premier method by which societies terrorize their own torture victims to passively accept brutal and ongoing injustice, under the insane lie that a non-existent creature will avenge their suffering after they die, by providing them with a paradisiacal afterlife, while brutally tormenting their victimizers. Heaven and hell are insane delusions legitimized by society and government for the very specific purpose of promoting the passive embrace of horrific, universal, injustice.

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