The PSA: Institutionalized Mind Genocide

Every human is a victim of rape, ongoing and sustained. Rape is a violation of body OR mind autonomy. A few days ago I was raped by a PSA sign. It read:

“Why Be Moody When You Can Shake Your Booty?”

All across this pathetic planet in 2017, governments advertise their propaganda and brainwashing on billboards, big and small, all over the place. Giant signs next to busy highways, huge posters inserted behind glass at public bus stations, smaller placards placed above eye level inside of trains and buses. Everywhere you look, toxic mind pollution is imposed upon you by your greatest enemy.
They are called PSA’s. Public Service Announcements. In amerikkka, the regime created the “War Advertising Council” in 1941, to initiate a massive wave of government propaganda promoting world war two. After the war ended, the regime simply dropped the “War” from the name of this instrument of mind genocide, fully operational today as the “Ad Council”:
The PSA is a premier form of governmental mind control and forced reality perception. It is impossible to physically avoid, unless you never exit your prison of residence.
The Public Service Announcement is deployed to propagandize every imaginable message a government seeks to promote, but one of the most destructive of all is clearly the happiness illusion. The mind genocide of indoctrinated artificial happiness. To believe yourself happy, when there is NOTHING, no valid reason to be happy, devastates all human capacity to demand and achieve Truth-based change within the structures responsible for destroying the capacity of happiness to legitimately exist.
I was assaulted by that PSA sign. “Why Be Moody When You Can Shake Your Booty?” Upon initial viewing, My True Reality desire was to tear down this sign, tear it into 1000 tiny pieces, sharpen each piece to razor blade lethality, and shove all 1000 pieces completely through the brains of the first 1000 humans I laid eyes on. BOOMMMM! Now maybe I would have some reason to shake My booty.
Of course My mind is untouchable, no external force can deceive Me, or alter either My chosen True Reality paths or My realizations of Truth. But what a horrific message, directly aimed at the younger humans, intended to dissolve whatever righteous rage and hate and depression they might possess within their True Reality.
Go ahead slaves, shake your booty! Reject and ignore the Truth, so you may never be inspired to rise up and destroy what is destroying you.
What an insult to mental health, mis-defined and nonexistent among humans in the 21st century. Happiness is decreed to be a manifestation of mental health, by 21st century mental health professionals. But there is nothing to be happy about! So mental health today consists of nothing more than the embrace of invalid delusions, validating the deranged structures upon which the species bases its existence.
The happy do not fight back, the happy do not resist, the happy don’t know there is nothing to be happy about. The happy obey, the happy conform, the happy embrace the status quo. Happiness is a devastatingly destructive state of mind, serving nothing positive. That is why all human governments relentless promote and impose it, as a human right, a freedom, an ideal state of mind to consciously aspire to attain.
Fu*k that, I will always be moody, and all of My moods will accurately reflect Truth.
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  1. There has to be an addiction to happiness for humans, which is why they are constantly chasing after it. It is no different than someone addicted to drugs or alcohol to help them cope in life. I guess humans really don’t want to be “sober” because that would force them to face the forbidden truths. Thanks for the clarification. SEER

    1. You are correct. Remember, as I have revealed in previous essays, addiction is one of the many horrifically harmful genetic flaws afflicting the human brain, and it is relentlessly promoted and encouraged by society and government. For many reasons, but first and foremost Because all addiction enhances and legitimizes slavery as a whole.
      What is the addict but hopelessly enslaved to his own brain impulses and compulsions?? Such slavery both cloaks and renders desirable to the inferior, every other form of personal slavery.

  2. SEER, what happens when this pseudo-happiness wears off, are inferiors faced to somewhat accept the harsh reality that being happy is illusion and really does not exist? Or, is there a forceful slip of the forbidden truths entering in the conscious of humans informing them that what they are doing is ridiculous and useless at best?. Humans do everything in their power to block the forbidden truths that happiness is unreal by finding alternatives or substitutions to replace a prior experience that lost it spontaneity in which their flawed perception of happiness reared its ugly head. They are constantly at war in trying to achieve happiness, which does not exist. It appears that humans do trade-offs when one method of happiness loses it spark by simply replacing it with other useless alternatives. This is basically how they spend their entire lives, wasting it away on illusions. They are putting up a fight to resist the forbidden truths.

    1. The vast majority of humans are pathetic enough to always be able to find ways to delude themselves into believing there are things to be happy about. Many times this requires artificial alteration of brain chemistry, be it via legal substances like alcohol, illegal drugs, or drugs prescribed by mental health professionals, who are mandated to MAKE and KEEP the happiness illusion and delusion alive and well within the broken brains of all humans.
      Of course there are rare instances when this delusion cannot be maintained, and this can result in a proper explosion of external rage and hate, but much more often, humans simply turn to Self-abuse and even Self-murder, as most have been destroyed of the ego and Self-love necessary to direct rage and hate properly.
      Your perceptions are accurate. Happiness is a toxic addiction humans are pathologically drawn to seek and to pretend to attain, and momentary realizations of the perversity of their pursuit, are normally rejected and dismissed, as befits a species possessing no respect or appreciation for Truth itself.

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