The Propaganda of amerikkkan Free Speech

Most of you amerikkkan citizen-slaves should be familiar with the upcoming movie “The Interview”. It was expected to be released on christmas day in amerikkka, and the main subject of the movie is specifically described as a plot to assassinate the current president of the slave-state of north korea, Kim Jong-un. After threats by the north korean regime, Sony corporation, the creator and distributer of this movie, which is run and controlled by amerikkkans. announced they would not release this movie in the usa. Now, as we learn in this news article, sony has changed its mind, and the actual supreme leader of amerikkka, barack obama, is hailing this decision as indicative and supportive of free speech:
Now utterly and perversely hypocritical! What a bald-faced lie! Kim Jong-un is the current, standing head of the slave-state of north korea. Can you imagine any western corporation financing, creating, and releasing to the amerikkkan public, a movie with a primary plotline involving an attempt to assassinate barack obama, right now, with barack being the current, standing, head of the slave-state of amerikkka??? No, of course not!
There is no way in hell any amerikkkan-based company would create such a movie, and no way in hell that the amerikkkan government would allow such a movie to be aired by any theater in amerikkka. If any company or group based outside of amerikkka created such a movie, they would be deemed terrorists and the movie would be decreed dangerous propaganda that can never be shown to the amerikkkan public.
And yet the government of amerikkka welcomes this presidential assassination movie, hails it as a proper expression of free speech, instructs you brainwashed slaves that you are being given the glorious freedom to view this movie because you live as a citizen of this great and free democracy. Bullsh*t! If every detail of this movie was left exactly the same, with the only change being that barack obama is substituted for Kim Jong-un as the president who is targeted in the assassination plot, this movie would be condemned, vilified, and not allowed to be played in any amerikkkan theater!
So, how is this movie being played in amerikkka, a form of freedom or free speech?? It is exactly the opposite. It proves that there is no freedom of speech in amerikkka. It proves that the amerikkkan government controls and decides, with absolute prejudice and an insane double standard, exactly which pieces of propaganda it allows its citizen-slaves to view.
Let us clearly understand, the amerikkkan regime is actively involved in demonizing Kim Jong-un and the north korean regime, as a future war partner, but even more directly and primarily, as an example of the freedom threat than amerikkkan citizen-slaves face if they do not pledge their patriotic allegiance. “Kim is a crazy dictator who would take away all your freedoms, dear amerikkkan citizen-slave”<usa regime propaganda.
And the Truth?? What is the Truth?? The Truth is that the amerikkkan regime imposes the same fascism, the same control of media, the same terrorization of all who dare to try to stand up for the freedoms they are told they enjoy, as Kim and the north korean regime impose upon their citizen-slaves. It is the same! How can the showing of this movie in amerikkka be hailed as an example of freedom of speech and expression, when the exact same movie, exact same dialogue and plotline, with the only change being barack substituted as the character of kim, would result in the movie being banned across amerikkka?? How can you slaves be so stupid and blind?!
And to those who say the movie might not be banned in amerikkka, you are dead wrong. Yes, movies about amerikkkan presidents being targeted for assassination are made and released in amerikkka, but never is the president named, never is an existing, standing president named, as is the case with this movie and Kim Jong-un.
Go to Google News now, and you will find dozens of different news articles describing this decision as a victory for freedom and free speech, and not even one of these articles even dares to suggest that this same movie, with nothing changed except the name of the head of state, from Kim to Barack, would not be shown in any amerikkkan theater.
No hypocrisy!
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