The Problem of Fiction

Fiction, be it in written or theatrical form, is a huge problem for humans. It should not be, and it would not be, if this species were genetically healthy and functionally sane, but such is not the case. Humanity has chosen to fictionalize every aspect of its own real-life existence, from a universal addiction to the insane god myth, to the deranged concept of pledging allegiance to an enslaving structure, government, while simultaneously vowing to protect, value, and strengthen personal freedom.
Fictional writings are extremely popular in the 21st century, as they have been throughout the modern era of human actuality. The various “bibles”, written thousands of years ago by power-crazed dictators euphoric at having discovered a new way to terrorize their slaves, are a perfect illustration of the immense harm that fiction has always wreaked upon all existence. In the modern era, the writings of George Orwell perfectly display why nothing written as fiction can ever have genuinely positive impact upon humanity. Books like Nineteen Eight-Four and Animal Farm revealed profoundly important Forbidden Truths on the diseased and depraved nature of REAl-LIFE human existence, but because they were written as fictional novels, they merely entertained and amused the Unwashed Masses, instead of jolting them into conscious realization of the True horrors they were being subjected to, in real-time.
Fictional writings exist as escape from reality, not as confrontation of reality. This is their horrific failure. Yes, if you take 50,000 humans, you will find one or a few who are both capable of and inspired to extract some factual Truths via the consciously focused analysis of fictional works. But this is not success, and it can never justify or legitimize the fictional works themselves.
It must be understood that the authors of literary fiction bear more guilt and responsibility for the universal fictionalization of reality, than do the consumers, those who read. The authors are themselves using fiction as a way to personally escape from reality, and as a way to express Truth in cloaked form, deceiving both themselves and their readers in doing so. The human is far too brain damaged to be able to extract genuine Truths cloaked within fictional tales. Those who write and publish fiction are guilty of helping to maintain the universal cloak of illusion which permeates every aspect of life.
Governments fully understand the value of fiction in protecting the matrix of deception upon which they have built human society. This is why actors are revered, and movies are relentlessly promoted, and writers of fiction are praised and the consumptive readership of their books, encouraged. And it is for this propaganda reason that authors of fiction are allowed by fascist governments such as amerikkka, to create plotlines and express ideas that they would not be permitted to disseminate to the masses as non-fiction.
For example, many fictional books describe murder in graphic and gory detail, including long passages on how victims are stalked, captured, and killed. Many fictional books describe exactly how a character stalks and even successfully assassinates a political leader. There is no censorship of these texts, because government understands them to be useful in dissipating the rage of citizen-slaves, and because these works of fiction will NOT be able to inspire any significant group of individuals to rise up against the state en masse.
But if anyone dares to write and publish a “How to Successfully Commit Mass Murder for Dummies” book, or a book which specifically declares details and outlines the steps necessary to plot an actual assassination or overthrow an actual government, vicious censorship, up to and including imprisonment, will be imposed.
Fiction is a lie, and fiction creates liars. Fiction legitimizes Self-deceit and the matrix of illusion within which all humans live out their imagined existences. Fiction is not a gateway to Truth, and any author who rationalizes the creation of fiction as a legitimate method to enlighten, educate, or inspire the masses to recognize and embrace Truths, is lying to himself. If we have something of value to express, it should be expressed as fact, be it philosophical, autobiographical, or as social criticism. Creating fictional characters and a fictional plotline renders all written works nothing more than amusement and distraction, something for the inferior to lose his mind within as he basks in the sunshine during his “vacation”, a flight from horrific reality and Truth, in and of itself.
“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”–George Orwell
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