The Pleasures & Benefits of Lifelong Virginity

Those of you who have read my writings know that I am a lifelong adult virgin, by choice, by right, by philosophical communion with Self, in accurate understanding of my rejection of my humanity, and as the honorable reflection of Truth itself. In this essay I will broaden out the context within which the personal choice of virginity must be analyzed, and articulate why it is the only logical and sane life path decision for both Superiors and aspiring Superiors.
To begin, virginity must be understood as a personal choice, and not as a state of “innocence”, or a lack of sexual experience, which may be exernally compromised against individual will. This means, very simply, that an individual who is raped, or directly forced by another to physically engage in sexualized contact, does not lose the right to personally seize and claim sexual virginity. This rule must be equally applied to adults and to children. We must not allow any external violation of Self, to compromise our personal right and ability to seize and claim a personal path of behavioral and ideological Superiority.
Personally, I have always and will always very specifically identify Myself as an adult virgin. Why do I apply this preface?? Because I wish it to be clear to all sentient minds who access the True Reality that I choose to share with others, that I am a created victim of multifaceted forms of child abuse, and that one such facet was the repeated sexual rape I was subjected to at the hands of one of my biological creators, and therefore I exist as direct victim of human society and government, guilty of sponsoring universal child abuse and of imposing the deranged family unit structure of injustice upon all child and adult citizen-slaves.
It is important to understand that even as I insist upon referring to Myself as an adult virgin, I recognize Myself as a virgin, with no limitating quantifiers. I recognize Myself as a virgin because I have never, not as a child, and not as an adult, chosen to voluntarily engage in sexual contact with any living thing other than Myself, and have never engaged in such contact. Victims of rape should never allow external victimization of Self, to place a restriction or limitation upon their capacity to seize a Superior lifestyle path of Self-determination, moving forward.
This issue becomes much more complex when we consider the human adult who has “voluntarily” chosen to engage in sexual contact with others, and then claims personal entitlement to refer to Himself as a virgin, because he is vowing to never make this choice again, in the future. I use quotation marks for the word “voluntary”, because in Truth, no personal choice is ever made, totally free of the coercive influence of external imposition, as expressed via trauma, victimization, brainwashing, social indoctrination, and many other plague viruses of the mind, as experienced in response to external attacks.
The fact remains, humans are pathological liars, and their most popular target of deception, is Self. Therefore, when an individual who has voluntarily chosen to engage in sexual contact with others in the past, claims to recognize the error of his ways and takes a vow of personal celibacy for the future, such a vow cannot be taken at face value, and the individual may not accurately refer to Himself as a virgin.
I want to very clearly define the term virginity, within Forbidden Truth. While there is an absolute component of abstinence from sexual intimacy with others within this definition, there is also an equal requirement that all emotional enmeshment and interactive addiction to fellow humans, be rejected and not allowed to occur. There are many humans who form extremely toxic interpersonal relationships with other humans, but choose not to engage in sexual intimacy with these humans.
It is an affront to the Superior path of personal autonomy of body and of mind, for such humans to claim the honor of being virgins. Such humans are not virgins, because this honorable title demands freedom of both mind and body, from the shackle that is the interpersonal relationship.
Another vital point worthy of clarification, is that human contact, be it visual or physical, can occur without violating personal virginity status. For example, you can “rape” others, on a directly personal level, using your eyes and your brain, by decreeing them sexual objects available for your attainment of personal pleasure.
Such rapes do not violate personal virginity status, and such rapes may vary widely in terms of their interactivity. Meaning, the rapist may simply observe a complete stranger in a public environment, never making any physical contact with the individual, or even speaking a single word to them, yet gain hundreds or thousands of masturbatory climaxes as a direct result of memory integration of this singular event. Or he may pay money to a prostitute and physically touch parts of her body, and even sexually climax near her body, but as long as he forms no interpersonal relationship with her, and does not insert any sexual organs into her body, or in the case of a female, choose to allow anyone to insert sexual organs into her body, virginity status is not violated.
Virginity must be defined as the combined personal autonomy of body and of mind, from all interpersonal relationships, as sought, demanded, and obtained for Self. The personal right and the sacred entitlement of the individual to seek and obtain sexual climax, is in no way diminished or compromised by the seizure of such personal autonomy by the individual.
Before I move on to outlining the pleasures and benefits of lifelong virginity, let Me, for the official record, reveal the details of my own lifelong virginity status. As a young child I was forced to perform oral sex upon my father hundreds of times. At the age of 13 I made a series of Sacred Vows to Myself, one of which was to never engage in sexual contact with any human being for the remainder of my existence.
Decades have passed since I made this sacred vow, and of course I have kept and honored it. How have I kept and honored it? By never allowing any human to touch my sexual organs. By never touching the sexual organs of any human being. By never forming any interpersonal relationship with any human being. By never attempting to form any interpersonal relationship with any human, meaning never going on a “date”, never “socializing” with a human being, etc… This is my triumph of Self and of mind.
Inferiors say that the future cannot be predicted, but this is not True in terms of personal choices made within a functionally healthy mind. As long as I know Truth, and as long as I know Myself, I can predict with absolute certainty the fact that not only am I a lifelong virgin as of the moment in August of 2015 that I am typing these words on a keyboard, but my virginity status will continue for as long as I exist within the possession of a sane and functionally healthy brain. Because I am the owner of Myself, the owner of my mind, and I am not capable of choosing to betray Myself, to violate the terms of personal superiority and untouchability that I have chosen to embrace and to develop and to solidify, and have achieved as absolute and glorious feat.
Within the understanding of the above personal achievement, let Me be perfectly clear that I am a prolific masturbator and recognize the achievement of sexual climax as a personal pleasure to which I enjoy limitless right. I strive to achieve masturbatory climax an average of 2.5 times during every 24 hour time period, and have met this goal dating back decades, resulting in tens of thousands of masturbatory climaxes. Additionally, on a few rare occasions, I have engaged prostitutes in physical touch and body manipulation which involved no sexual organ contact and no formation of an interpersonal relationship, therefore in no way compromising my lifelong virginity status.
I will now transition to an analysis of the many pleasures and benefits of lifelong virginity, a path of Superiority which all who are born human should strive to claim and to attain. One of the greatest horrors of the human condition is the enslavement of individual minds, to other individual minds. Such enslavement automatically causes the loss of all individuality, and it is a core structure of social control. All sexualized personal relationships violate and betray personal freedom and autonomy. All personal relationships shackle all individuals, on many different levels.
The freedom of the virgin may be accurately described as the freedom of a newly created fetus, possessing a mind unburdened by the needs and demands of all other life forms. The virgin owns Himself, because the virgin refuses to allow others to own him. This form of freedom is central to any quest to become a Superior. Now, if you violated your own virginity in the past, by choice,and later seek to free yourself of the horrific ritual that is the human relationship, you enjoy this right, and there is nothing wrong in making a proactive vow to never again in the future form such a human relationship. But you should do so without laying claim to being a virgin. Honor the tiny handful of born humans who have never chosen to violate their virginity, such as Myself, even as you attempt to overcome your own failures of the past.
The human being is a filthy creature, diseased on many levels, in many different ways. All who violate their own autonomy of body and of mind, by choice, are guilty of soiling themselves. Understand and accept the mark of personal failure inherent in such a choice, even as you equally understand that this choice was coercively imposed upon you by the hive mind of organized human leadership.
The slavery that is the interpersonal relationship directly leads to the embrace of many other forms of human slavery. Purity of mind is in Truth much more important, much more useful, than purity of body. The lifelong virgin lays claim to a unique mindscape unpolluted by implanted memories of past mistakes.
Because let us be clear, all sexual contact with others, and all interpersonal relationships, are not only immensely harmful in real-time, as they occur, but remain harmful on an ongoing basis, in hindsight. The harm caused by any such encounter remains dynamic and impactful, even decades later, even if the individual takes a vow of lifelong future celibacy and abstinence from all interpersonal relationships.
Owning your body must run concurrent with owning your mind. The achievement of sexual climax is positive, beneficial, a physically and mentally healthy act, and a natural goal which should not be denied or mitigated. The Superior virgin possesses fully conscious awareness of this Forbidden Truth, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with interactive sexual contact, or with establishing any interpersonal relationship. The Superior virgin instinctually maximizes both the frequency and the duration of his sexual climaxes, free of all guilt, free of all externally imposed qualifiers, and free of all need to be aided by others in what is understood as a profoundly personal activity.
Intimacy must not be defined within the context of an interactive relationship. Intimacy must be defined as the greatest love of all, the expression of affection that an indivual developes, maximes, and bestows within and upon Himself. Intimacy is the perfection of an individual in love with Himself, making love to Himself, giving love to Himself, free of all external contamination, limited only by the universe of Self-love he has created and bestows upon himself, with unconditional pride and understanding of right, on all levels of consciousness.
Humans have nothing of value to offer Me. And they have nothing of value to offer you. If you fail to embrace this Truth as valid and accurate, it is because you exist as a broken inferior. You seek value from others, but all that you are doing is destroying whatever remaining value might still exist within yourself. Not a day goes by that I do not pause to give thanks to my own brilliant childhood mind, in recognizing the need to embrace lifelong virginity at a young age, and proactively granting Myself both physical and psychological untouchability on a maximized scale.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Perfectly stated. Engaging in interpersonal sexual relationships destroys the mind and the soul of an individual. For starters, it causes enmeshment and dependency on others, and takes away ownership of self and love of self. Hell, even engaging in a “no strings” attached relationship, where only sex is involved, is just is harmful as full-fledged romantic relationship. Some humans believe that sex doesn’t have to involve emotions or attachments, but they are setting themselves up for potential risks of stalking behaviors. Let’s face it. Humans are too broken emotionally to separate their emotions and attachments from such sexual encounters, and will succumb to its toxicity

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