The Parameters of Sanity

Each of us is a created victim of the sum total of all that has been imposed and inflicted upon us, All variabilities of reality perception, relate to the reactive borders of our capacities to cope with and destroy the toxic impacts of external trauma. We who recognize the daily war being waged against us, must fully understand that we can cope with, or we can destroy, that which is seeking to destroy us. There is nothing to overcome, as destruction goes far beyond the Self-defeating concept that things can be overcome.
This is why I will not Self-identify as mentally healthy, despite My remarkable triumphs of mind and reality perception. To invoke mental health, in the shadow of deliberate destruction of mind potential as maliciously inflicted on a daily, ongoing basis against Me, since the moment of My biological creation, is to disrespect the reality and Truth of what was done to Me, and the reasons why.
When a living creature is deliberately shattered into a million jagged shards, and then successfully manages to reassemble himself stronger that those who chose to shatter him, he has overcome nothing. He remains a victimized destroyer, a Truth he must proactively embrace. Each day I destroy the world, with the pride of personal entitlement and the eternal injustice of a completed cycle of injustice.
My personal potential, just as the potential of the entire species I was tragically born into, is impossible to accurately assess, in the wake of the harm carried out against Me and against child born human. Perhaps I am at this moment the greatest of Overmen, the strength of My mind impossible for any other human to ever match. Perhaps. But still, My personal potential cannot be fairly judged as maximized, given the Truth that I have already been destroyed via externally directed malice.
And so I now chronicle My achieved parameters of sanity, in Truthfully direct opposition to the insanity of the species which created Me, and is forever guilty of compromising My experience of existence:
I am sane because I hate others, fully embracing the sacred right of reflection.
I am sane because I understand that I was hated, I am hated, I will always be hated.
I am sane because I own the focus of all of My mind activities, achieved via force of personal will, in harmony with all Truth and with the reality of Self as created victim.
I am sane because I reject and shun all human contact: Physical, emotional, and psychological. My virginity of body is matched by virginity of mind.
I am sane because I would rather every other existing life form suffer every imaginable torment of body and mind for all of cosmic eternity, than for Me to endure a singular moment of even the slightest distress.
I am sane because I am Selfish, Self-loving, egotistical, a narcissist, with full understanding that I do not exist as part of the universe, but the universe exists as part of Me, only via My grace and authority.
I am sane because I recognize the insanity of humanity, I see through every illusion it has created to deny to itself the Truth of exactly what it is, and exactly what it has done and continues to do.
I am sane because I embrace My right to do anything and everything that My mind is capable of recognizing as reflectively valid, free and absent of any and all external judgment, coercion, or enticement.
I am sane because I know I will never be mentally healthy, even as I know I have successfully rebuilt Myself to be stronger and more untouchable than any of the blind sheeple who dwell unaware of the mental derangements which define their universe of daily Self-illusion.
I am sane because I fully face up to the reality and the consequences of every Truth, on a real-time, ongoing basis, and within accurate assessment of its impacts upon the concept of a future.
I am sane because I consciously recognize and overtly reject every false illusion, no matter how comforting or enticing or relentless promoted by My enemies, it may be.
I am sane because I demand the sacred personal right to exist forever as a brain, reflecting the factual reality that all I have ever been and all I can ever hope to be, is a brain.
I am sane because I know that nothing can ever be owned, except the Self as independent and untouchable brain, with every emotion subordinated to every intellectual thought.
I am sane because I recognize Myself at this very moment, hopelessly locked up and trapped within the confines of a institution for the criminally insane, operated and controlled by those who are criminally insane. This institution, named by its operators, themselves inmates who have destroyed their own cage keys, is Planet Earth.
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  1. you make valid points regarding the mental heath of humans. Everyone on this planet are mentally insane and aren’t aware of it. Society singles out a few by using labels, like bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, sociopathy, etc., but overlook the overall insanities of humanity as a whole. Humanity in general, is not mentally healthy and are battling an ongoing psychological war inside their minds

    1. Correct. And if you dissect the “symptoms” of specific behavioral states which society labels as mental illness, you find that they directly reflect the functional mental derangements of society. For example:
      Depression is a normal and natural response to the reality that every existence has been rendered horribly depressing by the functional structures established by human society and government.
      Bipolar “disorder” is a reflection of the completely unnatural coercion and manipulation of emotional states by society and government, attempting to force humans to remain positive, optimistic, happy, and content, while imposing brutal trauma and rendering life pointless and meaningless for them.
      Schizophrenia is an accurate manifestation of the consequences of society and government promoting imaginary and non-existent creatures such as god, as existing and real. IT is insane to decree an individual mentally ill for hearing imaginay voices and seeing imaginary things, when human social structures relentlessly and maliciously promote and impose the insanity of religion and supernatural phenomena upon every child and adult.
      Autism is a direct reflection of the horrific trauma imposed upon children from the moment of their biological conception, causing them to withdraw into a detached universe of personal existence in which external attempts to impose further trauma are instinctually rejected.
      Psychosis and psychopathology are natural and normal responses to severe trauma and victimization, reflecting the expression of justified rage, hate, and the perfectly valid right and need to harm, in response to having been and continuing to be, harmed.
      It should be clearly understood that the only valid form of mental disorder, is mental retardation, meaning the organic failure of brain cells to maximize their intellectual potential, and even within the mentally retarded, you will find better levels of brain function, insofar as decision-making and Self-perception, than you will find among the non-retarded. So horrific is the degree of mental dysfunction within every aspect of normal society, that a strong majority of even the organically brain retarded, are able to function in healthier and saner ways, than the perfectly “normal” mainstream members of society.
      Thanks very much for your comment, as it has inspired My brilliant above reply, brilliant enough to warrant a blog post of its own, which I will make now.

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