The Parameters of Sanity, update

This is an update to The Parameters of Sanity blog post that I graced the universe with a few days ago. A comment from a reader: Quote: you make valid points regarding the mental heath of humans. Everyone on this planet are mentally insane and aren’t aware of it. Society singles out a few by using labels, like bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, sociopathy, etc., but overlook the overall insanities of humanity as a whole. Humanity in general, is not mentally healthy and are battling an ongoing psychological war inside their minds. End quote, inspired Me to reflect upon how every diagnosed mental “disorder” is in Truth a direct reflection of and response to, the existing mental derangements and pathologies of humanity as a species. Here is My brilliant reply to those comments:
if you dissect the “symptoms” of specific behavioral states which society labels as mental illness, you find that they directly reflect the functional mental derangements of society. For example:
Depression is a normal and natural response to the reality that every existence has been rendered horribly depressing by the functional structures established by human society and government.
Bipolar “disorder” is a reflection of the completely unnatural coercion and manipulation of emotional states by society and government, attempting to force humans to remain positive, optimistic, happy, and content, while imposing brutal trauma and rendering life pointless and meaningless for them.
Schizophrenia is an accurate manifestation of the consequences of society and government promoting imaginary and non-existent creatures such as god, as existing and real. IT is insane to decree an individual mentally ill for hearing imaginay voices and seeing imaginary things, when human social structures relentlessly and maliciously promote and impose the insanity of religion and supernatural phenomena upon every child and adult.
Autism is a direct reflection of the horrific trauma imposed upon children from the moment of their biological conception, causing them to withdraw into a detached universe of personal existence in which external attempts to impose further trauma are instinctually rejected.
Psychosis and psychopathology are natural and normal responses to severe trauma and victimization, reflecting the expression of justified rage, hate, and the perfectly valid right and need to harm, in response to having been and continuing to be, harmed.
It should be clearly understood that the only valid form of mental disorder, is mental retardation, meaning the organic failure of brain cells to maximize their intellectual potential, and even within the mentally retarded, you will find better levels of brain function, insofar as decision-making and Self-perception, than you will find among the non-retarded. So horrific is the degree of mental dysfunction within every aspect of normal society, that a strong majority of even the organically brain retarded, are able to function in healthier and saner ways, than the perfectly “normal” mainstream members of society.


  1. On the topic of sociopathy…
    Isn’t that the most bullshit “mental illness” of them all?
    Shouldn’t “sociopathy” as society knows it be the DEFAULT mindset? I am so fucking sick of reading people’s thoughts on killers, criminals, etc where they refer to the culprit as a “sociopath”. When they use this word, I just see it as an admittance of their own brainwashing — that they’ve been so destroyed by their society that they actually feel things for other human beings, so anybody who doesn’t must therefore be labelled with something negative.
    They’re not a “sociopath”! They’re normal, you diseased, fucking scum.
    This has always pissed me off.

    1. As victims and creations of the rage and hate of others, directly inflicted upon us, misanthropy, rage, hate, a desire and need to harm and destroy other living things, and an inability to positively relate to other living things, should all be recognized and understood as reflectively appropriate and mentally healthy, within the functional reality of absolute and institutionalized mental derangement and disease which constitutes normal and mainstream humanity society and existence.
      The sociopath proves he is mentally healthy by rejecting the deranged efforts of society and government to compel him to pledge allegiance to his greatest enemy and destroyer, and to embrace the suicidal, masochistic, and Self-hating reality perceptions of the normals. The genocidal contempt of society and government as a whole, for the welfare, safety, and life of every individual creature, illuminates the True face of psychopathology and sociopathology, cloaking this Forbidden Truth by demonizing specific individuals who dare to confront society openly via personal reflection.
      All who are decreed by society and government as sociopaths or psychopaths should embrace these titles with absolute pride, understanding that their triumph, useless as it may be, is still very real, in recognizing and reflecting Truth. In the immortal words of Seer Charles Manson: “I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you….These children that come at you with knives. they are your children. You taught them. I didn’t teach them. I just tried to help them stand up… I can’t dislike you, but I will say this to you: you haven’t got long before you are all going to kill yourselves, because you are all crazy. And you can project it back at me…but I am only what lives inside each and everyone of you.

  2. Interestingly, most humans are mentally ill but are afraid to admit it out of fear that they will be judged as incompetent by others. Admitting depression or any other illness is a social stigma on this planet, and very few are willing to take the chance. They suffer in silence, in their homes behind closed doors where only family members are really aware of it. Plain and Simple, humanity is a nut-house

    1. Correct. The most extremely insane are the judgers of the somewhat less insane, in the process denying and rejecting the Truth of their own insanity, which props up the insane ideological and operational structures which render all of human existence an endless series of deranged choices and decisions, made collectively as a species void of all understanding that it is functioning within absolute mental dysfunction and derangement.

  3. It’s impossible for anyone to not go unscathed in meeting some of the criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. We are all affected by the horrors of life, which can create mental insanities. No one, not one single human on this planet Earth can say that they are sane. It’s impossible

  4. of course they do, and you are correct, society is aware of it, so that is why they document these diseases to insure that everyone is aware of their deficiencies. No one on this planet is mentally healthy because of the derangements that their lives are based on. Even psychiatrists and mental health professionals are mentally deranged and they are supposedly the ones who are mentally stable who diagnose the mentally insane. Isn’t that insane? Humanity as a whole, has no authority or credibility to judge the sanity of their fellow inferiors because all are insane

    1. The purpose of all diagnosis of mental illness and disease within individuals, is to establish the false delusion that society itself exists upon a level of mental health and sanity. Every diagnosis of mental illness for an individual, helps to create and foster the lie that society functions and makes behavioral and lifestyle choices within mental health. Only under this structure, is it possible for the most mentally deranged, to judge and impose mental health treatments upon the less mentally deranged.
      Understand that every mental illness is always classified as a minority. You can never have more than 50% of individuals diagnosed as depressed or schizophrenic or bipolar, because doing so would threaten to expose the Truth that all of humanity is universally mentally ill.

  5. Everyone is mentally ill, the wide variety of so called diseases in the government produced “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” are just the different kinds of manifestations of behaviors that are the result of the destruction BY SOCIETY. All their little classifications are kinda vague because EVERYBODY is mentally ill, and thus EVERYBODY falls under one of their made up titles.

    1. Correct, and the way this Truth is denied, is by the creation of specific titles of mental illness, and ensuring that in no case, ever, are a majority of individuals decreed mentally ill under a specific diagnosis. To do so would threaten to expose the universality of mental illness among humans, which is unacceptable to society and government. Whenever a majority of humans fall victim to a specific mental derangement, and religion is a perfect example, that specific mental derangement is decreed to be perfectly normal and mentally healthy.
      The purpose of the mental health system is to convince the unwashed masses that pathological derangements of mind which society seeks to promote, such as religion, voting, smoking cigarettes, wearing high heels, parents trying to mold children into their image, parents punishing children in order to impose behavioral standards, individuals agreeing to die, individuals agreeing to spend their lives as slave laborers for money, etc…, represent normal, logical, appropriate, and sane lifestyle/behavioral choices, when in Truth they overtly demonstrate and reflect severe mental illness and dysfunction.

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