The Outlaw Mind

Only the outlaw mind generates outlaw ideas that can change the world.

I am an outlaw. I possess an outlaw mind. The outlaw is defined not by what he does, but by what he is. Only the outlaw mind can generate outlaw ideas, and only outlaw ideas can change the world.
The law is much more than a set of behavioral demands enforced via the terrorist threat of being punitively victimized and harmed by a government.
The law is a box within which every human mind is imprisoned. A box that instructs you to think this, and allows you to think that, a box which controls and limits the parameters of possibility that you are allowed to seriously entertain. The law itself, is a mind prison.
And so I am an outlaw, and my ideas are cast out by humanity, because they are not outlaws, they are citizens and parents and worshippers, hopelessly trapped in their boxes.
You will never change the world, because you are prisoners of the world, your minds held hostage by laws, laws which tell you what you are allowed to think, to envision, to strive for.

Only the outlaw mind can genuinely envision as functional reality, the termination of the family unit, the criminalization of religion, the achievement of technological immortality for Self, the end of all punitive punishment, the emancipation of all children from their subhuman, slave status, the eradication of all monetary systems and of all coerced labor economic systems, the abandonment of the diseased construct of government, and thousands of other radically positive changes and reforms to human existence, such as I have personally recognized and comprehensively plotted out and fully articulated.

No matter what I may or may not have done in the past, and no matter what I may or may not do in the future, I claim standing as one of the greatest and most infamous of all human born outlaws.

I am  a singularly unique outlaw of mind, and my achievements as a mind outlaw are unmatched by any other human. Nothing that I may or may not do to earn the title of outlaw from others, can change or diminish the outlaw status that I have earned, via my mind, via my thoughts, via my realizations and articulations of Forbidden Truth.

Maybe you might be able to chain my body one day. Maybe. But you will never be able to chain my mind. Only death or disease may chain and destroy my mind. But not you. Not you, human!

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