The Only Way To Make Things Right…

…is to stop trying to make things better.

You cannot build the perfect skyscraper upon a foundation of mud, and yet this is exactly what you humans are trying to do. You idealists, you who demand change, you who are so sincerely trying to make things better. The more sincere you are, the more you repulse Me, because your sincerity is so misguided, and represents such a failure of personal potential.
You seek to help children by providing parenting classes. You seek to end poverty via a universal basic income. You seek to reduce crime by preventing child abuse. You seek to improve religion by promoting tolerance and moderation. You seek to improve government by demanding accountability.
The list of your stupidities is endless, and all you are doing is making everything worse. Because none of this is right, none of this should exist, none of it is based upon sanity, logic, or Truth. Don’t you see, you are trying to build upon what must be destroyed!
Things that are wrong must be destroyed, not changed!

The family unit is a mistake, it is something wrong, to be eradicated and replaced by something right, not modified in useless ways. You cannot fix something that should never have been built up in the first place.
The same applies to religion, government, money, the criminal justice system, marriage, external love, and so much more. These human constructs should not exist, they were ideas that were wrong, mistakes of human judgment and perception at best, or evil concepts deliberately developed, promoted, and exploited by genocidal humans who sought and attained leadership and influence in order to avenge themselves.
It does not really matter how these diseased structures came to be rooted to human reality perception. What matters to those of us who seek Truth, is that they be recognized as structures that must be completely destroyed.
Anything else, anything less, any and every attempt to “reform” and improve them, legitimizes the genocide they cause.

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