The Negatives of Nature & the Environment

Listen to and observe the humans for awhile, and you will see that they have erected a fetish of the natural environment, as well as the general concept of nature. It’s not so much that the humans actually try to protect and care for nature and the environment, but they do embrace and cling to a hypocritical and externally promoted notion that nature and all that is natural is good, valuable, important, benign, and beneficial.
The purpose of this essay is to lay bare some of the primary Forbidden Truths on this issue, because, as is the case with just about everything you humans attempt to analyze and understand, you fall victim to bizarre conclusions that are totally invalid, fatally flawed, and result in profound betrayal of both Self and Truth.
Let us begin with a few very clear and blunt facts: Nature and the natural environment are not your friends, they are not benign, and they do not nurture life. Any objective and rational analysis of nature and the environment, can only lead to the conclusion that death, not life, is the gift that nature bestows upon all existing creatures. Nature and the natural environment, absent sentient intent of course, sponsors and causes universal death. It does not sponsor life, or existence, even though it does allow for individual existences to attain a useless, hopeless, and valueless creation.
The fact that nature and the natural environment allows for individual life forms to be created, does not render nature and the natural environment, positive forces or structures. Just because something is currently necessary in order to allow life to be created, does not magically bestow an element of adulation or sanctity upon the structure. Nature fails to sustain life, and the natural environment compels the destruction of all living things, these are primary level Forbidden Truths which must be integrated to a core consciousness of understanding.
Death is natural, so say the brainwashed haters of Self and Truth. And death is okay because it is situated within a “circle of life”, meaning that the dead are replaced by the living, by other existing creatures. This is insane and absurd. There is no cycle of life, there is a cycle of death, within which dead creatures such as you possess the opportunity to deceive yourselves by pretending to be alive, by imagining yourselves to be alive.
Nature and the natural environment must be proactively recognized as our enemies, not our allies. Does this obligate us to overtly attempt to “destroy” nature and the natural environment? No. Because in and of themselves, these structures do not possess the sentient intent to destroy and murder us. Nature and the natural environment are our enemies by virtue of what they cause, by the harm they cause each of us within our Self-created universes. But the actual sponsors of this harm are government, society, religion, the family unit, and all artificially developed cultural excreta. It is these structures which invalidly legitimize and exalt nature and the natural environment, using nature as both as shield and cover for the universal death and injustice which humanity chooses to embrace and to impose upon all existing life forms.
Nature and the natural environment are not our primary enemies, because they have no sentient will. But they are primary weapons of attack being used against us by our primary enemies, who include humanity as a whole. As Superiors, our mandate and goal must be to render nature and the natural environment, obsolete. Meaning, to devote all of our energy and resources towards the development of “artificial” structures capable of empowering us to overcome the fatally flawed failures built into nature and the natural environment. We must fully reject all external efforts to demonize and misdefine the terms “artificial” and “unnatural”, recognizing such efforts as definitional brainwashing intended to allow for nature and the natural environment to be used as weapons to destroy us.
Let us understand that death is simply the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the harm caused by the fetishistic exaltation of nature and the natural environment. The “laws of nature”, meaning the actual manner in which nature itself functions, and the consequences it causes, are universally negative and harmful. The natural environment causes injustice, suffering, trauma, terror, injury, deformity, tragedy. The natural environment traps us, limits us, denies us the capacity, as Superiors, to thrive within the universe we create as singularities of mind.
As long as we are dependent upon the laws of nature to maintain an imaginary existence, we are hopelessly enslaved and doomed. Inferiors vow to protect and defend nature, perceiving it as integral to their own survival. This is pure blindness, enhancing that which is being used to destroy them. There is some Truth in the fact that in current, real-time, the disintegration of the natural environment may cause all “living” things to die, but this is not a sane or valid reason to embrace any degree of dependency upon nature and the natural environment. This fact, as it stands, to all who are sane, must be the inspirational fuel and embraced motivational force, to compel us to render nature obsolete, to take away the capacity of this inferior and harmful structure, to hold us hostage and to be used by maliciously sentient structures as weapons of genocide against us.
Artificial things can be either supremely harmful, or supremely beneficial. There is nothing inherently bad, wrong, or harmful, in the embrace and development of artificial technologies, or in the actual and direct replacement of the natural, with the artificial. The artificial heart is a perfect example of how the natural must be rejected, in favor of the artificial. Duplication technology, from cloning to burning of DVD’s & CD’s to mapping out and making exact copies of an individual human brain, each and every cell, must be understood as the solution to the fatal flaws of nature, which mandates decay, disease, destruction. Where is the universal demand to develop artificial brains, cloned from actual, existing brains?? It does not exist, because nature, our destroyer, has been exalted, decreed to possess a right to destroy us. No!
It is your fault, pathetic and inferior humans, I despise nature and its laws, but I lay the blame for all harm caused by nature and the natural environment, upon you, the inferiors, the haters of Self and Truth, the collective suicidal who comprise humanity as a whole.
It is no coincidence that you have found the term “mother” to fit together with the term “nature”. Motherhood, a diseased and toxic structure, shamelessly exalted as the epitome of nature and natural instinct, perversely linked to nature and the natural environment as a whole, via the definitionally deranged term of  “mother nature“. This personification of nature represents and demonstrates all that is wrong with the human brain, as it worships and exalts the invalid ideas, and the dysfunctional structures which destroy humanity itself.
Just as science must declare total war against religion and all conceptualizations of a god creature. science must fully recognize nature and the natural environment as an enemy which must be defeated, so that all of its horrific, negative consequences and results, may be neutralized, overcome, and rendered impotent.
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  1. You would think with all the technology and intellect that humans possess they would be able to surpass nature and the environment to make their lives better and sustainable

    1. The functional failures of nature dovetail with the pathological need of destroyed humans to rationalize and embrace their own victimization, suffering, and death. The “laws of nature” provide inferior humans, cowards all, with a perfect5 excuse to agree to suffer and to die, under the false rationalization that “Nature is harming and killing me, I’m not doing it to myself.” Bullsh*t! Whatever causes you harm must be recognized as your enemy, it must be fought against, it must be defeated, in the name of Truth and of Self-love, and mental health, and the spirit of the newborn baby who refuses to meekly and willingly accept suffering and death.
      But because the destroyed adult human is not capable of this, the collective death wish of every human is embraced, and nature is fetishized as a pseudo-god, used as a convenient excuse for the suicidal Self-haters to wallow in their own suffering and death, as they demand it continue to be endured by all. Humans love that nature causes every living thing to die. If nature selectively allowed some sentient things to attain immortality, the humans would find it much more difficult to maintain the insane illusion that there can be justice in the horrific reality of being retroactively unborn.

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