The Need to be Needed

The need to be needed is the most crippling of all human psychological dysfunctions. It is the foundational root of both Self-hate, and the deranged obsession of the human to obtain illusions of love from others. The need to be needed expresses as factual reality, the inability of the individual to meet his own most basic needs.
It is important that seekers of Truth understand that there is nothing natural or normal in the nearly universal human need to be needed by others. What this psychological state of mind expresses, is the pathology of genetic brain defect, relentless exploited and amplified by the organized social destruction of ego, narcissism, and the capacity to recognize the external universe as worthless and meaningless in direct relation to the obligation of the individual to utilize his brain to create and sustain an internal, Self-universe.
In many ways, the human pathology of needing to be needed is far more destructive and devastating, than the human pathology of needing to be loved. Why? Because it is broader in scope, and therefore can be ruthlessly exploited in many more ways by society and government. When you need to be needed, you place Yourself at the mercy of all other humans, not merely the select few that you are brainwashed into trying to vampirically extract love from.
The broken humans who have fallen prey to the need to be needed, and this of course includes 99.999999999% of all members of this disgraced species, have given away their very existence to others. They have redefined personal slavery, taken personal slavery to its highest point: “I am nothing unless I can serve the desires and demands of others. I relinquish my ownership of Self, use me, abuse me, exploit me, make me feel valuable, by proving me to be worthless“, this is the factual, experienced personal consequence of allowing society and government to cause you, the individual, to need to be needed.
Let us not minimize the horrific impact of this diseased frame of mind. The husband who gives money away to gis wife, the wife who gives her sexual organs away to her husband, the policeman who protects some victims from being harmed by other victims, the soldier who defends his greatest victimizer, the parent who breeds and enslaves children because he needs to feel needed, the list of universal horrors directly inspired by this one human pathology, is endless.
Remember this television commercial by the usa army? It closes with “We need you in the army…” How many millions of children, stripped of all capacity to value Self,  rendered desperate to feel needed by others, were murdered by the amerikkkan regime by virtue of this single line of a brainwashing jingle:

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  1. A bit off topic, but coincide with human dependency and enmeshment: I know you have little experience with human attachment, as you are against it. Anyways, I have noticed that whenever you enter any type of relationship with a human they start off as being self-less and very giving, and it changes as time progresses. The criticism and attacks on your ego follows. It’s like they began to take on a more aggressive role in which they want to be the dominant one, and you become less dominant. They undermine and overlook your needs and place their needs first. You become sucked into their web and feel trapped, and it is difficult to get away from them. I don’t know if humans are aware how the tables always turn when they are in relationships with humans. Relationships, upfront, are false and not real at all. Humans are actors; they put on an acting performance, but that’s not who they truly are. They are no different than paid actors. Both, equally, wear masks to hide their true selves from the public. Case and point: relationships are never equal, and someone will always be more dominant than the other. I know humans don’t want to accept this, but they complain about it. Their complaints are very real, and they aren’t imagining it. They just have a hard time accepting it and moving away from the nonsense. Everyone should know by now that we are all selfish and do not want to share ourselves, space, and emotions with others. At least, I don’t. I know how possessive humans are and do not really have your interest at heart. Even though, they say that they do; they don’t. There is always something in it for them. However, all of this isn’t just being selfish; society’s culture is based on using on others to get what they want. For example, employment teaches one inadvertently to sell themselves to get a job. As a result, this spills over to other aspects in human lives, like marriages, relationships, etc. In lame terms, it affects your behavior on more than one level. Humans aren’t able to connect the dots and are ignorant of this obvious truth.

    1. All humans are vampires, they are obsessed with extracting from others, what they cannot provide to and for themselves. Every human relationship must begin via deceit, and can only be maintained via deceit. This deceit is always double-tiered: Each individual is always both deceiving Self, and deceiving the other individual he is vampirically enmeshed with, via a “relationship”.
      The interpersonal human relationship, in and of itself, must be understood and overtly recognized as desired and sought out by humans, only because it ensures dominance and submission, imposition and personal slavery. Within the interpersonal relationship, the slave can pretend to be a slavemaster, thus subconsciously relieving the horror of his actual, ongoing slavery within the social construct and matrix. At the same time, slaves can wallow in their slavery, disguised from conscious awareness as something grand and noble: love, devotion, empathy, etc…, when in Truth this is all pure illusion and Self-delusion.
      Nobody loves you in a human relationship. What they are doing is trying to extact love from you. Nobody in a human relationship is devoted to you. They are devoted to maintaining you as hostage within the relationship. You might feel valued, but that is only because the human is terrified of how he will feel if you terminate the relationship, and is therefore trying to make you feel he is devoted to you, when in Truth he cares nothing for you. And empathy? No. Even if the human tries to empathize with you, he is in Truth thinking of himself, his own situation, his own feelings, his own needs.
      Selfishness is a gloriously positive emotional state, if only it is recognized for what it is, embraced and pursued. When selfishness is denied or rejected, it becomes cannibalistic, with the human destroying Himself in a pathological quest to obtain from others, what he is denying and rejecting within and from Himself.
      You are absolutely correct, every interpersonal relationship is nothing more than a scripted act and performance, two broken humans lying both to each other and to themselves, following a specific script developed and imposed upon them by society. The words they say to each other are lies, the things they do to and for each other, hugs, kisses, benevolent gestures, are acts of deception motivated by a need to extract, not any desire or capacity to nurture or empower the other. Each party is feeding on the other, but in Truth starving Himself, and this universal, mass destruction is directly sponsored by society and government via the invalid, unnecessary construct of the interpersonal relationship.

  2. Wives exchange their sexual organs for favors to their husbands. If these wives deny their husbands sex, their husband will withhold resources and money. Also, the husbands will threaten them by saying that they will seek sex outside. Wives are then coerced into having sex whether they want to or not. I’ve heard women say that they don’t want to have sex with their husbands, and their husbands use threat to intimidate them. I don’t understand why women (wives) don’t see that they are being used for their sexual organs. They don’t get it

    1. As long as the human cannot meet his own needs, he will always be a pathological prostitute, pretending to engage in “fair exchanges”, pretending that a personal relationship with compromise from both sides, is something to seek and to value. No! The only valid relationship is with Self. Every compromise is a betrayal of Self. Every agreement to try to help meet the needs of others, in exchange for them helping you to meet your own needs, ensures universal injustice for all, ensures that no genuine personal needs, rooted within Truth and love of Self, can or will ever be met.
      Every personal relationship is that of the vampire, the succubus. It cannot be anything less, or anything other. At best, it can only reflect this degree of mutual harm and deceit: “Let me pretend to be interested in meeting your needs, in order to try to coerce you into agreeing to try to meet my needs, and let us then both pretend that we are getting our needs met, so that we never have to consciously face the Truth that our needs are not being met.”

  3. It’s ironic that humans are aware that this is a problem, because they complain about others who use them emotionally, or for tangible assets. However, on the other hand, when it is them using others, they overlook it as something else, and not that they are the user. This is their opinion: “I helped them and they should do the same for me”. That’s exploitation and is very conditional and not altruistic at all. Point and case: we are all users and exploit others because that’s human nature . You can’t defy human nature. NO matter how society has tried human nature reigns. Humans are very hypocritical and deny that this is true.
    The dependency on others fosters helplessness in which one can’t function without validation or help from others. Humans are used as free therapist for broken humans who can’t sort out their problems or can’t afford to pay a govt trained one .
    The problems that humans have are related to the matrix, but they are ignorant about it. Humans, again, blame each other, and that’s why their lives never get better. They miss the mark. The individuals that they blame are just as much a victim as they are. These so-called perpetrators are small fish in a pond and have absolutely no power.
    The family unit fosters dependency, and children are taught to be dependent on others for their needs. Unfortunately, humans are not able to decipher this as being true. This has a psychological impact on the minds of children whether humans accept it or not. They believe that children should be told what, when and how to do everything. Adults don’t allow the creativity of their children; they take away independence because they believe that children aren’t capable of thinking and doing things for themselves, and it was done to them as children. Adults are in no position to care for children; they are too broken. Children are nothing more than household pets, and are used as dumps for adults rages and unwanted emotions.

    1. Very well-stated and accurate insights. I would add this Forbidden Truth: The human adult is absolutely terrified of the human child, because of what the human child represents: A mind and a brain not yet fully destroyed. Why does this terrify the adult human? Because he fears, on a subconscious level, that he may be forced to face up to the Truth of his own personal journey of childhood destruction, if directly confronted with having to deal with a child who stands up for and tries to defend Truth and Self. This is why adults terrorize, punish, bully, brainwash, lie to, and destroy children, to avoid having to consciously face the reality of their own destruction.
      The control that the adult maliciously imposes upon the child, reflects not only the reflective need to destroy the child as the adult has already been destroyed, but also the need to avoid all conscious understanding of the ongoing trauma and victimization being experienced by the child. Not because this conscious awareness might or could/would inspire remorse and regret, but because it might force the adult to relive and be confronted by his own childhood trauma and victimization.
      Every child in the world is destroyed via organized, universal child abuse, because to spare any child from this horrific fate, to allow any child to attain adulthood absent such universal abuse, is too dangerous to the psyche of adults, it threatens to expose their consciousness to the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse as a whole, of which every adult exists as both personal victim and direct, ongoing sponsor.

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