The National Guard

In amerikkka, the national guard is a militarized, shapeshifting, governmentally controlled group of 500,000 terrorists who have sworn allegiance not merely to the amerikkkan government, but to the amerikkkan military, and are therefore legally obligated to carry out the orders and demands of this regime, absent all personal objection or independent decision-making.
Because the national guard is not generally considered, by the public at large, to be a branch of the amerikkkan military, the regime feels free to deploy these militarized troops in direct conflict against amerikkkan citizen-slaves, and the slaves accept the absurd lie that the military itself is not being deployed against them.
The usa national guard exists as a devastating weapon of government, by which any and all civil wars, violent uprisings, or internal attempts to overthrow the amerikkkan government can and will be effectively quashed by this terrorist group, which is sworn to accept orders from, and is accountable only to, the regime itself.
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