The Naming of Children

Universal child abuse is a structured and built human ideological and behavioral pathology. To understand any animation-required structure, to know what keeps it erect and maintains its function, you must dig down and expose its deepest roots. Only here can the foundations of the pathology be dissected within the glory of Forbidden Truth. Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood, as ideas, as impositional forces, as invalid mind constructs of the human, dwell within the foundation of universal child abuse, and yet there is an even deeper source point. It is: The naming of children.
The naming of children must be understood as a supreme atrocity, an atrocity by which a rationalized path allowing for all other child abuse atrocities to occur, is established. The naming of children is perfectly akin to the branding of cattle, only it goes much further than the establishment of slave ownership, it cuts to the very core of destroying all autonomy, independence, and capacity of the individual human being to establish an understanding of the parameters of the universe, the only valid universe, the universe of mind which each individual is obligated to maximize within factual reality.
Who names children? Destroyed ex-children officially empowered to destroy newly created children. The naming of a child by a parent is not merely a hostile act, but an act of supreme mind violence, destroying the potential of any child to perceive the universe as an open book awaiting both his discovery and his uncontrolled imprint. The named child is stripped of the capacity to recognize his limitless potential, forced to identify as nothing more than a piece of owned property.
“You are Johnny Smith, you belong to David Smith, he will define the parameters of your world, his beliefs, his ideas, his needs, his past, will be the clay which mold your mind”, this is the supreme horror which faces each and every child born human, because each and every child is given a name, and as universal structure, the negative impact upon a child of receiving a name, is identical.
You deranged inferiors decree that the naming of children is vital to their proper social development, to helping them to establish themselves as unique individuals who can chart their own course of future existence. But what you are doing is the exact, polar opposite. You are destroying their capacity to chart a course of autonomous existence. You are destroying them, deliberately and with malice, be it consciously acknowledged or not, just as you were destroyed when you were given a name when you were a child.
Heed the words of Forbidden Truth as well articulated by Oscar Wilde: There is no such thing as a good influence. Because to influence a person is to give him one’s own soul. He does not think his natural thoughts, or burn with his natural passions. His virtures are not real to him. His sins, if there are such thing as sins, are borrowed. He becomes an echo of someone else’s music, an actor of a part that has not been written for him.”
No child needs a name. No child needs to have their sense of personal identity molded and imposed via identity limitation: Let us understand the profound and multi-tiered levels of harm which are caused by the imposition of a name. We have gender, ethnic, cultural, tribal bias, running concurrent with the terrorism of being personally owned. How else can any sane thinker perceive the forced imposition of identity, than as familial slave ownership?? Immediately and universally, the named child is stripped of the capacity to formulate an identify within freedom and autonomy of mind. By being told: “This is who you are”. every child is in Truth told, under terrorist threat, “Here are the parameters of what we, as your individual slaveowners, as well as we, the society which claims you as citizen-slave, will allow you to become.
No child should be given a name, by anyone, not by a biological creator and not by any organized social or governmental structure. Every child should be told: You are a uniquely autonomous creature, and no other living thing has the right to “help” you to define your own place in the universe, or your own perceptual understanding of how the universe should function. By not naming you, we empower the only form of freedom that you can ever recognize as valid: The freedom to create a new universe within your own autonomous mind, free of all pre-existing ideological and behavioral pathologies and derangements which would be cloaked by the subversive influence of imposed identity.
The naming of children is the imposition of fatally flawed identity perception, by those who have already been destroyed by this child abuse atrocity.
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  1. Humans believe there is nothing wrong with naming children, and it carries no negative impact. They have never, ever, given this any thought, as to how detrimental and demeaning it is in naming children. Some even go to the extent, in saying, that they name their children after idols or positive role models so that that person’s essence will positively influence them later in life. You are correct: naming children is equivalent to “branding”, in which it has a labeling effect. Cattle, like sheep, pigs, or other farm animals are branded, and children are viewed no differently obviously

    1. One of the greatest horrors of child abuse is that no victim, unless and until he genuinely rejects and transcends his own humanity, can develop the mental capacity to fully understand and integrate to conscious awareness the full spectrum matrix of how he was abused. The human understanding of child abuse is always fatally flawed, even if he finds the strength to face up to one or more specific manifestations of his own experienced child abuse.
      The “big picture” is always lost, always remains hidden. The institutionalized nature of child abuse, its universal infliction, and how it is embedded in every aspect of human ritual, such as the naming of children, cannot be fathomed by the human, while he remains trapped within this matrix.

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