The Murder of Wilhelmina the Turkey

Am running out of time to write, as slave labor for money claims Me as victim on this day. But I cannot resist posting this news item, as the perverse hypocrisy being exhibited is just so delightful. I love witnessing the hypocrisy of humanity, it just proves how no fate can ever be too horrific for humanity. The species has earned every torment it has, is, and will receive, including of course species extinction.
So here is the news item, published just two days ago, just two days before thanksgiving, celebrated as an official day of mass turkey murder and genocide:
Read it, and understand the absolute disconnect with reality that must be present, in order for a community to mourn the murder of one turkey, to express outrage at this one specific murder, to even call for the punishment of the perpetrator(s), while actually getting ready to formally and officially celebrate the genocidal mass murder of all other turkeys, within the formalized ritual of theĀ thanksgiving holiday.
Every other turkey in the world is an anonymous creature that deserves to be slaughtered, but this one turkey is Wilhelmina, a beloved resident of the community. Envision the humans smiling at Wilhelmina, offering her food, delighting in her presence, only to go to the supermarket and purchase a dead turkey, a turkey murdered in their names, to take it home, cook it, and eat it, completely oblivious on a mind level, to the perverse hypocrisy of their actions.
But of course the greatest hypocrisy is in judging the murderers of Wilhelmina, declaring them sick and worthy of punishment, when the only crime they are guilty of is exposing the perverse hypocrisy of those who claimed affection and care for Wilhelmina. The public, led by the media of course, demonize these two tortured victim-creations, for daring to point out to them, the insane hypocrisy of their own participation in an annual, ritualized process of turkey genocide. “Murder Most Fowl”, the newspaper writer chuckles at his clever turn of phrase, but what he is doing is trying to place the turkey below the human, beneath the human. To those of us who dwell within Truth, his effort is useless. In every way, this turkey and all turkeys, are Superior to the human, more worthy of life, love, and respect.
Here is Wilhelmina, you named her in a failed effort to try to humanize yourselves, looking at her own reflection. Only she knew what she saw, but you can be certain, she saw herself with more perceptive clarity than any of you humans could ever see yourselves.
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