The Murder of a Blog, The Murder of all Truth

Hello! It’s still and yet again, Me, The Seer of Forbidden Truth, with another very important, at least to Me, update. On March 15, 2019, just ten days ago, Brenton Tarrant successfully carried out the most prolific lone gunman mass murder rampage in New Zealand history. Targeting two mosques in the deliciously named city of Christchurch, Brenton shot 100 humans who were wasting their time praying to an imaginary and non-existent god inside of two mosques, killing 50 of them. What’s more, he mounted a video camera to his head and livestreamed over 50% of his rampage over the internet! This video footage instantly became the hottest content in the world, and every government on earth embarked upon a diligent campaign to censor and remove it from all media platforms.

Less than 24 hours after this uniquely compelling explosion of True Reality rage and hate, I wrote and published yet another brilliant essay at My blog, The Forbidden Truth Blog, including a video embed of Brenton’s entire 15:55 livestream, completely uncensored and unedited. I and I alone had the courage to defy the universal, combined, conspiratorial censorship of all governments on earth. Nobody else dared publish this video, not, not, none of the arab media either, nobody! Only Me. During the first 18 hours after posting, I registered almost 6000 unique page views, to this essay. Then I was the victim of murder, yet another murder. Every day I am murdered, of course.

But on March 16, the terrorism that is government deployed the hit squad known as Icann, to terrorize the Domain registrar who controlled, to suspend and terminate this domain, eradicating 900 of My brilliant essays from all of cyberspace. I knew before I posted this essay that there was a very good chance this would happen. But of course I posted it anyway, because I fear nothing and am always personally untouchable. Beyond that, I absolutely love to have Forbidden Truth proven to Me, directly and personally. For the record, the media platform also suspended and deleted My account for posting Brenton’s uncensored livestream. Only stood up for freedom, fact, reality, and Truth. Check them out if you are looking for a place to share Truth.

To be murdered and possess the capacity to consciously know you were and are being murdered, this is a great gift for the uniquely conscious mind of a top-level Superior. And so I took the “hit” with pride and gratitude, rising from the ashes, reassembling My dismembered Self yet again, just as I did so many years ago, during My childhood, when I was murdered, as all children are murdered. So, is forever dead. But I live, within death, at My new fortress of ideological solitude:

Every blog post I have made, has been moved there and is once again available for the entire universe to savor, at least if they have an internet connection. 🙂 I invite all fans and foes, those who worship My brilliance as well as those who dwell in terror at My existence, to come on over to My new home. It is very messy right now, every post I have made, 900 of them, must be edited for the new platform, but that is a labor of love for Me, months of time for Me to reread every brilliant word and idea I have so generously shared with you Truth-hating hypocrites. So, that is the news. My blog was murdered, as I was murdered, and My blog will be murdered, as I will be murdered, as all Truth is always murdered. But for now, we can still pretend to be alive.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.



  1. Good thing, I saved a lot of your essays to reread and keep myself enlightened of your brilliant work. It has and still does wonders for me in understanding how sickening and diabolical this planet is, and humans. It is my therapy. Thanks for all that you do

    1. Thanks for being sane and Superior enough to recognize and to value the Forbidden Truths! You should always save as private files, all of My texts. The content is uniquely brilliant, and of course it will die, be forever exterminated, when I am murdered for the last and final time, via externally inflicted brain death.

      Until then, I will always honor and reflect all Truth as a Self-universe, and share a small portion of that, with the external universe. My writings, of course, only represent a small fraction of the full spectrum of what dwells within the totality of My Self-owned and controlled mind universe.

      You’re welcome. 🙂

    2. @Mystical Thanks for recognizing and embracing the value and the brilliance of My Texts. The blueprint for personal Superiority and untouchability, the guide to rejecting and transcending your humanity, can only be found within the cumulative weight of every essay I have ever written and published. At this new domain, you will find all of My blog essays, only the formatting has been damaged, in terms of paragraph breaks, due to the murder I was subjected to at the hands of ICANN and

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