The Motivation is the Justification

A man lures a 6 year old girl into his car by promising to show her a cute baby kitten, then rapes, tortures, and decapitates her.
A woman promises her 3 sons a fun trip to the movies, then deliberately drives into a lake, drowning them all.
A gunman enters a kindergarten classroom, barricades the only exit door shut, then indiscriminately massacres all of the children inside.
Over and over, you pathetic hypocrites scream out the party line that has been brainwashed and indoctrinated into your functionally broken brains: “These atrocities are impossible to justify! How can there be any justification for the intentional commission of such atrocities?!” The Truth is, your irrationality is breathtaking, and your inability to recognize and embrace factual realities boggles the mind of a sane, Superior thinker.
Of course all harmful acts which terrorize and destroy the bodies, minds, and lives of others, are justified. All such acts are inherently and intrinsically justified. With a single short sentence of Forbidden Truth, containing just five words, this philosophical reality is brilliantly illuminated:

The motivation is the justification.

Those of you who have read My writings know that I am an absolute amoralist. Amoralism represents the only ideological path which honors the sacred right of personal reflection, while at the same time rejecting and exposing all external moral edicts and principles espoused by human society as empty shells and malicious deceptions.
I have already written quite extensively on Forbidden Truth amoralism, how it must be defined and the ideological and behavioral freedoms and demands of this gloriously empowering life path philosophy. You can read a brief but very valuable beginners guide to Forbidden Truth amoralism right here:
So, The motivation is the justification. What does this mean?? It means that all external attempts by humans to impose moral judgment upon the actions or ideologies of other living things, are inherently, intrinsically, and universally invalid. All external moral judgments by humans, in and of themselves, are immoral.
The motivation is the justification means that all moral judgment must be understood as exclusively internal to Self. It means that every action is justified, by the very fact that an individual is personally motivated to carry it out.
If you lack the motivation to dismember a six year old boy, you may impose, only upon yourself, a moral code which prevents you from carrying out the act of dismembering a six year old boy. If someone else possesses the personal motivation to dismember a six year old boy, he is morally entitled and justified to carry out the act, and to face no moral judgment from any entity external to Self.
The motivation is the justification is a moral code of conduct firmly rooted in the Forbidden Truths of amorality. It honors the sacred law of reflection: Those who are harmed possess an intrinsic right to harm others.  Every decision by an individual to harm others, reflects and expresses the Truth that he is a victim of harm.
Amorality is the only honorable code of conduct that exists within 21st century humanity. Why? Because morality does not exist. Morality is a pure illusion, a pretense, a deception, the darkest of lies held up by the darkest of forces: The leaders and the loyal supporters of human society and government.
Immorality is the domain of rulers and leaders, citizens and landowners and company owners, businessmen and policemen and bankers and teachers and parents. The human world is ruled via the immorality of the immoral, who pretend to be moral and who insanely demand the right to pass moral judgment upon and against others.
No matter how hard I try, I cannot be as immoral as those who would judge Me immoral. Maybe I could rape and dismember 5, 10, 50 children. But how can this compare to human society officially sponsoring the universal abuse of all children on this planet, and the starvation deaths of thousands each and every day in the name of propping up ultra-diseased capitalist societies which enslave and murder every single citizen??
No matter how many humans I might torment and murder, how can I compete with the universal death and torment sponsored and imposed by human society and government upon every single human being on earth??? I cannot.
Immorality rules all of human existence, imposed and inflicted from the top down. As a Superior, while absolutely embracing and demanding a personal right to seek and claim limitless vengeance, as dictated by the parameters of my True Reality, I refuse to aspire to be immoral. Immorality represents the ideology of my destroyer, my victimizer. To be openly immoral only plays into the hands of the immoral propagandists who pretend to be moral.
No, that is not the path of the Superior. I am amoral, empowered by the freedom of mind to commit any act, knowing it to be justified. The Motivation is the justification.
I judge humanity immoral, even as I decline to morally judge the chosen life path of any individual created by the immorality of humanity. All who judge Me immoral, prove that they are immoral, by their very judgment.
You wish to try to prevent Me from doing “bad” things, by judging Me bad for doing them?? No! You have forfeited this right, you lost this right when you chose to impose harm upon Me, when you reflected your immorality upon Me.
In a world of universal immorality, the only revolution of mind which represents Truth and freedom and the only valid form of justice that can be claimed within the functional human construct of universal injustice, is the right to hurt, to harm, to traumatize, to destroy, to dismember, to behead, to immolate, to incinerate, within the personal embrace of amorality.
And to all the hypocrites who continue to bleat that “we” cannot be allowed to carry out such atrocities, look in the mirror and see the monster that you are and the monsters that you represent: Genocidal immorality imposed under your will upon each of “us”, your victims, your creations, your reflections.
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