The Most Successful Companies Always Serve The Matrix

Google is one of the most popular, famous, and profitable internet companies in the entire world. But why? Is it because it independently developed superior technology and/or marketing skill? Or is it because it has chosen and agreed to work collaboratively with the Matrix of Universal Illusion, to protect, maintain, defend, promote, the status quo, the derangements and delusions of 21st century amerikkkan and western society? Any Alien Eye analysis demonstrates the latter to be True.
The only question is, is Google literally a “front” for western regime propaganda, or did the company start out independently, only to later be successfully recruited to serve the Matrix. I cannot say for certain, but if I had to guess, I would go with the latter scenario.
Do you wish to see a real-time illustration of this Forbidden Truth? Go to the main gateway page of Google, right now:
Look at the page. What do you see in the center? A black ribbon!?!
This black ribbon has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any Google function, app, service, or program. It links to nothing. If you click on it, nothing happens, it takes you nowhere. But if you hover your mouse cursor above it, the following sentence appear: “Our hearts are with the victims in Ft. Lauderdale and their families.”
Try it, do it now, and you will see exactly what I see. In a few hours Google will remove it, but for MANY hours, at least 16 so far, every single human being in the world who directs his browser to this Google Main Gateway page, and this should be hundreds of millions of humans, is confronted with this bizarre message.
This message comes directly from the Matrix. It is exactly what the Matrix wants its slaves to DO, in the wake of a courageous revelation of Forbidden Truth: To not THINK about it, to emotionally identify with the “victims”, denying Esteban his victimhood status, and to deem the event a “terrible tragedy”.
With one sentence, Truth is destroyed. The most powerful “private” internet company in the world, working in collaboration with the most powerful regime in the world, the amerikkkan government.
The brainwashed slaves don’t see it, they might argue this little ribbon actually PUBLICIZES Esteban’s airport massacre, peaking the curiosity of site visitors, maybe even informing them about an incident they may not even know about yet… No! The goal is to plant a seed of Truth destruction, 21st century style. That’s why the sentence uses the word “hearts” instead of “prayers”, gotta appeal to the younger, supposedly hipper internet audience.
I C U, Matrix. I see the collaboration at work, and it is undeniable.
So, to the Ideapod commanders: Instead of using ads or a donate button, the best way to generate big money might just be to court the matrix. Start pandering, design a better black ribbon & a more “heartfelt” propaganda message, & hope they are watching. 🙂
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