The Missing Voice

As I begin to type these words, we are 35 minutes away from the beginning of a political debate in amerikkka. It will be called the republican presidential debate, and the purpose of this brief essay is to lay bare the Forbidden Truths of all political debates undertaken within regimes which decree themselves to be free democracies.
A free democracy is a form of government which uses deceit, lies, terrorism, bribery, vicious coercion, delusions, illusions, propaganda, and indoctrination to brainwash its citizen-slaves to believe that they enjoy political and personal freedoms, as they are subjected to brutal, unjust, lifelong, and ,unrelenting personal and ideological slavery at the hands of a totalitarian dictatorship which controls all parameters of thought, ideology, and choice.
A political debate, in this case I am directly addressing the republican presidential debate which is about to begin, is an orchestrated theatrical performance, micromanaged by the media, a functional arm of the government. A media whose ongoing mandate is to legitimize and strengthen the existing regime by imposing thought control, idea restriction, propaganda and indoctrination upon all citizen-slaves. All political debates occur within this specific framework.
In a few minutes, a group of professional liars will do their best to deliver comforting lies to a group of brainwashed citizen-slaves, attempting to convince them that they represent an opportunity to achieve progress and positive improvement to their existence in the future. Every human being who will be participating in this political debate is a malicious con artist, a liar, an actor, a deceiver, a manipulator of reality. Every candidate is a representative of the existing regime, which is right now deploying its media propagandists to pare down the field of candidates to the individuals that the existing regime most desires to achieve the title of supreme leader.
Of course I will not be watching the debate. As soon as I post this essay I will be plotting out a Conscious Dream, then immediately I will go to sleep, so that I may enjoy the untouchable creation of My omnipotent mind. Every candidate is a liar, and the purpose of this debate is for existing government leaders to decide who is the best liar, and then to deploy their media propagandists to propel the best liar into a favorable position to become the next supreme leader.
This debate is marketed as a republican presidential debate. But the Truth is, there are no republicans or democrats. There is a single totalitarian dictatorship, which chooses to divide itself into two factions, in order to more effectively crystallize an illusion of political freedom and electoral choice to you citizen-slaves. The Truth is, in amerikkka there is one government, there is one political machine, there is one regime which enslaves all that it claims as citizens. Every political candidate pledges allegiance to this totalitarian dictatorship and to the universal illusions of freedom that it propagandizes.
I don’t know how many candidates will be participating in the republican presidential debate which will begin in 15 minutes. 10? 11? 12?? I am too repulsed by the process to pay attention to such meaningless details. It makes absolutely no difference how many participants there are, because the outcome is pre-determined: Slavery wins. government wins. Freedom loses. Truth loses. Humanity loses. All of human potential is lost. This is what every government does: It destroys all human potential.
I titled this essay The Missing Voice. Why?? Because it makes absolutely no difference what any candidate might say in this debate. The only voice that can make a difference, is the Voice of Truth, and the Voice of Truth cannot be heard, it cannot exist, and it will not exist, today or any other day, in any political debate.
The Voice of Truth would declare that the diseased and deranged structure that is government is wrong, impossible to justify, universally harmful, universally enslaving, and must be abolished. The Voice of Truth would declare religion to be a crippling mental illness, would declare all who believe in god to be mentally ill, and would express the eradication of all religion as his/her primary mandate as future leader of the world.
The Voice of Truth would declare all monetary based economic systems to be ponzi schemes which impose universal slavery upon all human beings. He/she would resolve to eliminate all money, to tear down all monetary-based economic systems, to end all forced labor. The Voice of Truth would declare the family unit a failed social experiment, would declare the family unit the primary cause of child abuse, would acknowledge all children to be victims of universal child abuse, and would decree the eradication of the family unit as the most important and necessary step to achieve positive human progress.
The Voice of Truth would decree humanity itself to be a shameful failure, a species void of all future, a species devolving to extinction, a species addicted to death, and the Voice of Truth would blame himself, the society he is a member of, the society he is now seeking to become leader of.
But no. There is no Voice of Truth in a totalitarian dictatorship such as amerikkka is. There can never be a Voice of Truth. There can only be The Missing Voice, the Voice which does not exist, as a genocidal government maintains its barbaric grip on power via the electoral process of solicited human slavery via terrorism, brainwashing, and universal deceit.
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  1. I think there is one reason to watch those debates, this time around at least, and that is Donald Trump.
    Obviously, this talk about Donald Trump being “dangerous” or “extreme” or a “maverick” or a “rebel” is laughable. Dangerous would be addressing the existence of government itself as the perverse, twisted, evil, malicious construct that it is, not validating it, taking part in it, and playing by the rules.
    But it is fun to watch, for simple amusement, because he is genuinely making the other candidates uncomfortable. Because he isn’t a career politician, and because he has his own money, he is able to say politically incorrect or mean things, for example mocking his opponents’ appearances, and they simply have to sit there, take it, and impotently ruffle their feathers, because they can’t say anything back, because they’re in someone else’s pocket and they do not own their own words.
    Seeing career politicians trying to use Trump’s style for themselves is hilarious too. As I’m sure you know, career politicians are the most artificial, synthetic, plastic, soulless reptilians of all types of human beings.
    They try to imitate his sarcasm, or his wit, but even their “spontaneity” is completely planned and rehearsed, down to every hand gesture and facial expression. The irony is as funny as it is depressing.

    1. If you can find amusement in the shell game of politics as it is used to brainwash all of humanity and maintain the genocidal structures which are guilty of destroying each and every one of us, so be it. But all aspiring Superiors should understand how the democratic political system of fascism and dictatorship is structured and operates. All such political systems must and do create artificial illusions of choice, change, and freedom, not simply by positioning policy change within rigidly controlled limitations that offer no possibility of Truth-based freedom, choice, or change, but by regularly placing enigmatic talking heads into the political process, for the purpose of convincing slaves that they can change the future by picking a “different” supreme leader.
      This is the role of donald trump in the 2016 election cycle, just as it was the role of barack 7 years ago, and abraham lincoln 150+ years ago, and many other political figures throughout the course of the amerikkkan fascist dictatorship, some of whom became supreme leader, while others only participated in the political system.
      I am going to write an entire essay detailing the specific role of donald trump in the 2016 amerikkkan slave ownership selection process, that is why this reply is both brief and somewhat vague. Look for the essay within the next week. But as a primary point of reference, it is important to understand that the current participation of donald trump is welcomed by the amerikkkan political system, which remains in complete control over whether or not donald has any chance to actually become the supreme leader. For now, his participation is welcomed because it helps to maintain, foster, and increase the lie and illusion of freedom, of choice, and of the capacity of citizen-slaves to direct and propel change within this fascist dictatorship as it continues to masquerade as a free democracy.

      1. “I am going to write an entire essay detailing the specific role of donald trump in the 2016 amerikkkan slave ownership selection process, that is why this reply is both brief and somewhat vague. Look for the essay within the next week.”

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