The Matrix of Brainwashing and Indoctrination

In 1999, a science fiction movie titled “The Matrix” was released: The movie itself is purely fictional, and yet the central premise upon which it is based, that all of humanity is existing within a simulated illusion of reality, speaks directly to the factual and actual structure of human existence, now and throughout all of the modern era of human civilization.
To all who may not have seen this movie, and who are seekers of Forbidden Truth, I would recommend you view it, and very specifically analyze the primary plot premise, humanity existing within an externally controlled simulation of reality, with your conscious awareness and understanding of your real-life existence.
The fact is, all of human existence, all perceptions of reality humans hold and honor, are based upon malicious, externally imposed brainwashing and indoctrination, rooted within deceit, illusion, and manipulation of mind. Let us briefly explore a few of the primary structures guilty of creating this mass illusion, causing each of us to dwell within mind caves of false and invalid reality perception.
The number one creator and inflictor of brainwashing and indoctrination upon humanity, is government. Government is a universal slave structure that can only thrive by making certain every child is destroyed, the mind of every child broken and molded into a perverse shadow of his potential. This mind genocide is achieved via relentless brainwashing and indoctrination, where all Truth is decreed lies, all justified rage and hate is decreed invalid, the instinctual glory of Self-love is demonized and ridiculed, and every sane and instinctually healthy orientation of the individual is relentless attacked and subverted to meet the malevolent intent of the slave structure that is government.
The number two creator and inflictor of brainwashing and indoctrination upon humanity, is religion. Now, religion is an invention of government, and directly deployed by government to carry out mind genocide, and yet it deserves to be categorized separately. Why? Because it is so universally devastating in its impact, and because it is not only government which deploys religion to destroy minds, but also the private sector, religious institutions, and all human cultures as a whole.
Next we have the educational system. Let it be clearly understood that all formalized education, imposed by all school systems, is based upon pure and absolute brainwashing and indoctrination. The goal of all education is to terroristically force every child to conform his thinking and reality perceptions to very specific, narrow paths that the existing government and societal leadership which controls the school curriculum, seeks to impose. All schools brainwash patriotism and allegiance to government, as well as overtly indoctrinate every child to accept the validity of the existing “way of life” of the existing society, and all of this brainwashing and indoctrination is rooted with lies, deception, and the greatest of all hypocrisies.
Another enormous root of the matrix of brainwashing and indoctrination, is the media. Let us divide the media into three sections: News media, entertainment media, and lifestyle media. The news media consists of an army of journalists who pretend to be soberly analyzing current events and disseminating objective information to the populations of the world. But in Truth, the news media consists of owned prostitutes of governments, who are empowered and directed to prejudice all citizen-slaves into embracing warped, biased, hypocritical, and narrow-minded perceptions of reality, based upon the specific biases that each government wishes to promote and to have accepted as factual reality. All news media sources betray Truth, conceal Truth, and warp the capacity of individuals to recognize and embrace Truth, by serving as mouthpieces for the propaganda and indoctrination of their host government
The entertainment media is mandated by government and society to deliver an endless stream of meaningless trivia, dressed up as important and fascinating “news”, worthy of your focus and mindless obsession, a never-ending soap opera designed to capture and hold the attention of you citizen-slaves, so that your pathetic minds may never find the independence to stray from the party propaganda of your society, to contemplate any of the horrific and Forbidden Truths of your, and of human, existence.
The lifestyle media differs from the entertainment media, in that it consists of a separate army of talking heads, whose societal mandate is to addict you slaves to very specific life path goals and paths. We have the money pimps, whose job it is to convince you to waste your existence obsessing over how to acquire money. We have the house pimps, whose job it is to convince you to waste your existence obsessing over decorating and renovating your houses. We have the garden pimps, whose job it is to convince you to waste your existence obsessing over how to keep your lawn green and flowers/shrubs arranged stylistically. You have the vacation pimps, whose job it is to convince you to focus your existence on an endless series of brief and ongoing escapes from the horror of your “real” lives. We have the club pimps, whose mandate it is to get you to waste your most precious years of strength and vigor, pathologically going to different clubs to become intoxicated and escape from the horrors of reality. We have the exercise pimps, mandated to convince you to waste your existence trying to maintain a strong and healthy body, all the while ignoring and rejecting the Truth that you are doomed to the eternal nothingness of being retroactively unborn. There are hundreds of other lifestyle media structured paths, specifically intended and utilized to control and direct your life focus in useless, harmful, and foundationally deranged ways.
Another very important brainwashing and indoctrination matrix is the family unit. Within this diseased and fully illegitimate structure, men, women, and children are terrorized and coerced into becoming emotionally and psychologically obsessed with each other, toxically enmeshed and trapped within the treadmills of their own lives, unable to function as free and independent minds, rehashing with each other the same emotional pathologies that have crippled them, individually, since childhood.
Yet another powerful matrix of brainwashing and indoctrination is the perverse concept of “tradition“, the insane idea that what other humans did, thought, and believed in, in the past, is somehow valuable, important, and legitimate to the ongoing existence of you and those around you. Tradition is one of the most ruthlessly exploited of social matrixes, crippling all positive progress and addicting generation after generation of humans to the exact same bizarre, perverse, and absurd life path choices made by your doomed ancestors, who never actually existed at all, since they have died.
I hope some of you are now able to begin to conceptualize as reality, the matrix within which you are directly trapped right now, as you have been throughout your entire lives. The only way to break free of the social matrix of brainwashing and indoctrination, is to transcend your humanity, a great feat that I have personally achieved and will likely address in future blog posts. For more information on the social matrix of brainwashing and indoctrination, read My one million word Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The Main Gateway page is here:
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  1. Beautifully Written, and very illustrative in describing how life on this planet is played out. It’s like a movie script before one’s eyes. Humans are walking around like zombies not knowing that they are living in the matrix. They simply believe that the way they live is natural, and anyone who opposes it, something is wrong with them. They should have realized by now that everything that they do in life is irrational and makes no sense. Marriages, families, relationships, slave labor, education, etc is all part of the matrix system and does nothing in liberating them for their own benefit. Humanity is tiring and being in the presence of other humans is downright debilitating and disgusting. I am so sick and tired of their ignorance and lack of intelligence. Humans are only fluential in certain topics: race, religion and god. That’s it!

  2. >allowing those with open minds to come to the parallel realization that they themselves, and all of humanity itself, is actually trapped within just such a matrix, created and controlled not by intelligent machines, but by stupid humans just like they are, so stupid that they, the creators of the matrix, cannot even recognize that they are trapped within it, and doomed by it.
    Kinda funny, since the Matrix came out a lot of humanity has been enslaved by machines by other humans. This obviously had been going on a lot longer, but with the advent of “social media” things really ramped up and now everybody is pretty much constantly just starring at something completely meaningless on a screen. Many of them in a trance that’s really not that much different than the people in The Matrix who never got out of the Matrix are in at the beginning of the movie.
    Makes me wonder if the people who actually do the enslaving will one day be caught up in the technology and something like the movie actually happens. Probably not, but fun to ponder.
    >but I was struck by its potential to awaken the minds of others to this Truth
    There are plenty of movies, books, and TV shows out there that should “wake up” humanity but don’t.This one is especially poignant. It can kinda relate back to your fiction post, and how the vast majority of humans can’t look through fiction. The matrix had to have hit some kind of nerve with the masses in a way. It didn’t move them to any real direction to not be so insane, but it’s remarkable how many sophists claim this movie “woke them up.” Even tho they’re still completely as delusional.

    1. It appears that humans overlook the true meanings behind these movies and dismiss them as fictional, not really understanding that they are actually living in it….How Sad!

      1. Correct. This is why transcending your humanity and developing the Alien Eye is so vital for those who desire to accurately identify and consciously understand the full spectrum of Forbidden Truths. What is glaringly obvious to the outsider with a developed Alien Eye, is completely invisible and impossible to consciously fathom, to those trapped within the matrix of illusion.

    2. Every human technology and technological advance has always been hijacked and mutated by leaders of society and government, to both maintain and strengthen the existing matrix of universal illusion. This is why the matrix of 2014 is far more multi-layered and intricate than the matrix of 1914. The internet, cell phones, and and drones are three prime examples of recently developed technology, which has been fully subverted to meet the brainwashing and indoctrination mandates of society and government.
      Machines are already more intelligent than humans, simply because they function within a rational spectrum. Machines do what they are designed to do, unlike the human brain. The key issue is independent sentience. When and how will machines develop a sentience independent of human engineered control? Most likely, humanity will extinct itself before this occurs, most likely using machines that they maintain functional control over. The great irony is that if humans gave machines sentient control, the decisions made by these rationality-based machines would likely be far more positively beneficial to humans, than the irrational decisions their own genetically warped minds are and will actually make.
      Humans love to pretend they are interested in breaking free of their matrix, even as they cling to it, and concoct absurd conspiracy theories which deny the very real, direct, and obvious illusions imposed upon them by society. All social structures that exist as functional illusions are propped up from both sides, by the creators/promoters of the structure, as well as by those being targeted for the brainwashing and indoctrination.

  3. To bad the sequels were so terrible.
    I think it is an interesting idea that Neo was able to beat the matrix and became able to control it in away by escaping it.

    1. The plotline of the movie is of minimal value to the seeker of Forbidden Truth. What I found mind-expanding is the manner in which the matrix was presented, allowing those with open minds to come to the parallel realization that they themselves, and all of humanity itself, is actually trapped within just such a matrix, created and controlled not by intelligent machines, but by stupid humans just like they are, so stupid that they, the creators of the matrix, cannot even recognize that they are trapped within it, and doomed by it.
      Personally, I was fully aware of the social matrix for many years prior to watching this movie. It did not inspire any newly significant Truth realizations in Me, but I was struck by its potential to awaken the minds of others to this Truth. But of course this did not happen, as humanity proves over and over it cannot make rational leaps of perception, from its universe of illusions, to realizations of Truth.

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