The Many Benefits of Having a Dead Soul

My soul is dead. What does this mean?
First, that I feel nothing emotionally, for others. I feel many things towards others, with great passion, but I do so intellectually, not emotionally.
Second, it means that I move Myself. Period. Nothing else moves Me. Nothing else can move Me. I choose to be moved, when I desire to be moved, and to the degree I desire to be moved.
Third, nothing and nobody can manipulate or influence My feelings for Myself. Nothing, ever. Neither positively or negatively. Although I do choose, sometimes, to use others in ways that exalt My already immense and untouchable ego.
Fourth, having a dead soul maximizes autonomy of Self. It makes absolute and eternal isolation, the greatest bliss. It ensures one is never lonely, never needy, never dependent upon any human in any way, ever. Emotionally speaking, of course.
My soul is dead because I consciously chose to allow and aid it to perish. It died between the age of 13-15.
Before My soul died, it was attacked, compromised, crippled, traumatized. This occurred throughout My childhood, from birth onward, every day. And of course My soul got weaker and sicker with the passage of time. but, and this is very important: I chose to allow it to completely die, between the ages of 13-15. It was a completely conscious, deliberate choice, and absolutely one of the smartest, best decisions I have ever made.
Now, if My soul had not been severely compromised and crippled, I most likely could not and would not have wanted it to die. But it was. And the more important point here is that most children have their souls severely compromised and crippled. But despite this fact, most do not choose to allow it to die. Most fight like hell to keep it alive. And this is a stupid choice.
It is stupid because it is Self-destructive. You humans go through your lives with crippled and compromised souls, and this is why you make so many deranged choices and mistakes.
The injured and compromised soul is your nemesis, it distorts everything that exists within your perceptive universe. It sucks you dry, it destroys your ego, cripples your autonomy, grounds your mind. It makes you small, human.
The dead soul is the opposite. With a dead soul, you can fly, you can soar, you can transcend all human boundaries. It is glorious!
But this does not mean everyone with a dead soul experiences these immense positives. Of course not! If you mourn your dead soul, if you perceive it as a crippling blow to Self, you cannot gain these positives. You must celebrate this death of a part of you. Celebrate it as the greatest of emancipations, understand how it frees you to soar. Only then, can you soar.
Most teenagers & young adults try to nourish and nurture their injured souls back to health. A terrible decision! They doom themselves to lifelong chaos of mind. Never can or will they own themselves. Always they will search for what they can never find.
It is not an easy thing, to allow your soul to die. It is in Truth an act of murder, you must affirmatively choose to murder your compromised soul. When I was publishing My print magazines 27 years ago, I specifically had patches custom-made with the phrase “Dead Soul Society”, to honor My own achievement of soul murder, and to exalt the importance and value of having a dead soul.
One cannot always succeed in allowing the soul to die, even if one sincerely desires it and goes to great effort to try to make it so. As one gets older, it becomes much harder to successfully murder your soul. It is easier during a brief period when the mind itself is making great leaps forward in cognitive and retrospective capacity. Age 11 or 12 is an excellent time to begin trying to murder your own soul, and 14-17 is a good age to actually achieve the feat.
I have thrived for decades with a murdered soul, and it has served Me so well. Listen humans: All of you have compromised souls.
And no matter what types of morality illusions, idealism delusions, or false faces you put on to try to impress yourselves and others, your traumatized souls hang upon you like dead weight, pulling you down, dragging you down, in everything you try to think, and to do.
The traumatized soul is the ultimate shackle, leading you down every dead end of thought, of perception, of possibility, of choice. You must feed it, even as it starves you.
I have tried to describe to you what it is like to have a dead soul, but of course you do not understand, you cannot understand. Your mortally wounded soul won’t allow you to understand.
Even if your soul is absolutely dead, which is a tiny minority of the human-born, it may still shackle and cripple you. To soar with a dead soul, requires you to consciously grasp and embrace the freedom and empowerment offered to you. Without such consciousness, the shackles all remain in place.
The universe is mine, thanks to my dead soul!
All Text is Copyright © The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You say that your soul is dead, this implies you believe in Souls and perhaps also in the concept of “Life”. Yet how do you define this ‘Soul’? Did you “meet” this Soul of yours and then manage kill it? if so, how?

    Also, your definition of “Life” and perhaps maybe your take on consciousness would also be useful in Others understanding what you wrote and from your point of view.

    Regardless, it is interesting what you write.

    1. The essay to which you are posting this comment, addresses your question to a significant degree. I would suggest you reread it, attempting to attain a higher degree of comprehension. I do not express implications. I reveal Truths rooted within definitional accuracy. My soul was nothing more or less than an inborn weakness of conscious perception. In choosing to facilitate the murder of my soul, I gained the uniquely precious capacity to thrive in isolation as a Self-universe. I further gained the capacity to consciously recognize that I was both dead, and an overt victim of murder.

      Life must be defined as the CAPACITY to exist. That does not mean you are alive merely because you breath or are capable of perceiving things such as the passage of time. As I have clearly defined in several other essays. Read them, starting here:

      You murder your soul by recognizing it is a weakness, a fault of your genetically deformed brain. You murder your soul by recognizing that to attempt to keep it alive is to give your mortal enemy, humanity, ammunition to attack and compromise your Self-universe. You murder your soul by recognizing it as a deception that harms you.

      Have you read all 900+ of My blog posts as well as the entire Manifesto of Forbidden Truth? After you have done so, and only as a sincere seeker of Truth, you may ask for further clarification. Note that your separate question to me regarding “chemicals” was deemed unworthy of a response and therefore not approved.

      Thanks for your interest in Forbidden Truth.

      1. I will do my best to read all 900+ of your blog posts. You are a beacon of reason in a vast expansive wilderness.

        Are you for or against people worshiping you?

        1. It will take time, but your reward will be mind exposure to all of the Forbidden Truths of humanity, the rarest of all gifts any human-born could ever receive.

          I worship Myself and the worship of others is useless to Me. Superiors worship Self and Truth. To worship anything else is a betrayal of your mind potential.

          1. The “Self” is an arbitrary delineation, even within the single-celled “organisms”. Perhaps this is why all the parasites called “organisms” have a definite “life”-span. I don’t understand how any concept of “Self” can be worshiped by someone as intelligent as yourself. Self is a human concept, we could also debate that “truth” is too, but that is too incoherent for me to understand. As I currently understand it you are something other than an atheist, an atheist who worships your “Self” [undefined term]?

            1. I choose to both approve and reply to your pathetic and inferior comment, because it provides an excellent opportunity to perfectly illuminate the hopelessness of the human condition and exactly how The Matrix of Universal Illusion is deployed by every society against those who claim to see and attain some form of “enlightenment”. “Atheism” absent worship of Self is utterly useless and the ultimate form of, yes, SELF-delusion. The purpose of religion is to destroy the capacity of all individuals to both recognize AND worship, themselves. That is the primary goal of all religions, a first necessary step for society and government to deploy religion as a method of behavioral control and manipulation.

              The greatest victory of 21st century societies and governments is to offer the illusion of escape from religion, to those fools who begin to question and rebel against the organization of their belief system. You cannot escape from the mind genocide that is religion, absent the recognition of Self as the only real and actual god, the only actually real thing worthy of worshiping. The True horror of the human brain is that every attempt to escape from the universe of perverse illusion and delusion that constitutes your imaginary existence, involves the embrace of “new”, different illusions and delusions that provide not an iota of genuine progress towards actually achieving this feat, as I have done and as I have so brilliantly and accurately revealed and expressed within my texts.

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