The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth Has Moved!

An important message to all humans, and also to My preferred target audience, alien extraterrestrials from another planet who want to know what humans are REALLY like:
The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, My uniquely brilliant one million word original, primary, and main text, continuously online for over 15 years, has moved from to
All of the content remains the same, nothing has been edited, removed, or added. Only the url address has changed. The address does not work now, and will not work ever again in the future. If you want to access the Manifesto, you need to substitute, for If you have the Manifesto saved as a Favorite, or access it via a shortcut, you must manually change your link to the new address.
As an informational point, you can use the www preface, or not. Either way, you will directly access My Main Manifesto:
Boys Pushing & Pulling Stubborn Mule
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I came across your website by accident like 4 years ago. Even though I think you are crazy as hell…I can’t stop reading your stuff. I’m just that kind of person that I guess. Good to see you still write though.

    1. On some level of subconsciousness, you know I am absolutely right about everything. That is why you are drawn to the Manifesto.
      But like most humans, you will probably never find a way to lift your subconscious True Reality, to a level of conscious realization. A human failure, to be expected from the humans.
      Thanks for allowing Me to feed your subconscious mind.

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