The Magical Place Where All The Magic Happens

I’m sure all of you are desperately wondering what the central command computer workstation located inside of the Seer of Forbidden Truth underground, (or possibly above ground) lair, looks like. Well, today is your lucky day, thanks to My new 4K HD camcorder, which also takes gorgeous still pictures.
Behold, the nerve center of it all! The birthplace of brilliance, the very chair, extremely comfortable and of high quality, upon which your Dear Seer perches his heinie as he formulates his brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth. Gaze with envy upon the extra long armrests, chosen for their maximized comfort.
Behold the gorgeous, real wood, murdered tree originated, computer credenza desk upon which Dear Seer rests his arms and hands as he contemplates which messages of Forbidden Truth to grace the universe with.
The Forbidden Truth of course, is that all the magic originates in one place: My brain. Powerful, brilliant, focused, untouchable. But still, a pampered heinie can’t hurt. Comfort of body and beauty of design, strengthens and inspires the mind.
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  1. Very nice. Your cam is good, it really captures the high quality wooden desk quite nicely and alludes to the coziness of the room. You have headphones there too, or just use the speakers? I don’t have a sound proof room, so i use my headphones to block noise. And i don’t imagine you’d let those drawers go to waste..i’m dying to know what’s inside.

    1. I do not choose to possess inferior objects. Better to possess nothing, than something of poor quality. I used the camcorder on its automatic setting. Adjusted manually, it would likely produce even clearer photos and videos.
      I do not use headphones, ever. For tactical reasons, I always maintain code yellow situational awareness. Wearing headphones is not compatible with such tactical awareness. Blackout curtains can provide some protection from infernal human noise, and I use them.
      You will not know what is inside My drawers, because it is none of your business.

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