The Link Between god & Human Emotional Vampirism

The insane god myth has many enticing allures ruthlessly exploited by your societal and governmental overlords. The most primarily central allure revolves around death. Whether you covet death, as a hater of Self, or exist in terror of death, on any level of conscious awareness, or even within a complete lack of conscious awareness, the insane god myth is designed to lure you deeply and easily into its hopeless and fatal embrace.
Religion is the organized social structure which utilizes the insane god myth as a siren, luring, trapping, and destroying all individual potential, at the behest of society and government. There are hundreds of different ways that the insane god myth is marketed, promoted, imposed, and viciously thrust upon human beings by society and government, exploiting their universal fascination with and terror of death.
In this essay, I wish to dissect only one of the many different malicious impositional methods of organized religion, but it is both extremely popular and extremely effective. I refer to the portrayal of god as a sentient creature engaging in an interpersonal relationship with individual human beings.
Completely separate from religion, society and government engages in a vicious campaign to cripple the emotional autonomy and functional independence of all human beings, by rendering them psychologically and functionally dependent upon the validation, support, and cheerleading of other humans. This is the toxic dependency inherent in all interpersonal relationships, between a mother and son, a friend and another friend, a wife and a husband, a coach and a player, a boss and an employee, etc…
From earliest childhood, every human is viciously attacked on an ego and Self-love level, with the overt goal of rendering him psychologically and functionally crippled, unable to thrive within the glory of Self, and dependent upon the external validation of others, which is always conditional, always mutually vampiric, meaning it is only offered out of cloaked personal need to extract, two cripples exploiting each other to try to get their own needs met.
Leaders of society and government, orchestrators of this horrific genocide of the Self, have recognized the immense value of personalizing god via religion, for many centuries. Atheists and aspiring Superiors who probe the dysfunctional nature of the human brain, would do well to analyze and understand both the root motivations for this personalization, and the direct link religion has established, to the emotional vampirism of all interpersonal relationships.
In the 21st century, religion is overtly marketed to you slaves as the opportunity to establish a personal relationship with a god creature. You are expected to communicate directly with the god creature, and you are told that the god creature will interact and communicate directly with you. This deranged doctrine is not haphazardly conjured up, it is a very organized and pre-planned attack against the Self, intended to ruthlessly exploit the already existing human obsession with and dependency upon, the interpersonal relationship.
By personalizing the god creature, and inviting every citizen-slave to engage in a direct, interpersonal relationship with this god creature, religion is rendered just as addictive as the universal emotional dependency of the human-to-human relationship. The insane god myth is made much harder to resist, much harder to reject and renounce, by virtue of the establishment of this toxic link.
We who are sane, of course, know that god does not exist. But Truth is dead and useless in the real world, where destroyed ex-children are utterly vulnerable to, and eager to lap up, any and every form of artificial and illusory comfort. Personalizing god is a devastatingly effective way for society and government to gain universal embrace of the insane god myth. After all, how many of the idiot slaves are strong enough to reject the offer of a positive and nurturing interpersonal relationship?? One in a million, at best.
In the 21st century, god is marketed to you idiots as your loving best friend, your personal savior: he listens to you, he loves you, he cares about you, he wants to help you. He is your BFF on steroids. Any philosophical analysis of the deformed human brain and its inability to resist interpersonal relationships, reveals how and why this specific strategy, of positioning religion as a directly personal, one-on-one relationship with god, has and will continue to remain extremely effective in addicting humans to the insane god myth.
Ironically, the very fact that no god creature exists, serves to render this perverse linkage that much stronger and harder to resist. Because god does not exist, this specific interpersonal relationship, unlike all actual human-on-human interpersonal relationships, is completely one-sided. The human is free to impose any parameters on this relationship, limited only by his imagination and by the strength of his delusionary capabilities. He can literally mold god into his perfect BFF, in a way that he cannot do with any real-life human in any interpersonal relationship, since all such one-on-one interactions are mutually vampiric, and therefore must involve compromise. This is why such relationships are much harder to maintain over time, than the completely one-sided relationship with god.
Many humans boast of a lifelong devotion to religion and god. What they are actually rejoicing in is the illusion and delusion of a perfect interpersonal relationship, one that is impossible to achieve with an actual, existing, sentient creature. One of the most compelling reasons that religion maintains an ongoing, universal stranglehold over the minds of humanity is because society and government has shifted the image of the god creature from that of stern, mystical, impersonal judge, to that of a caring, loving, listening, non-judgemental, sympathetic, emotionally connected friend.
Now, finally, the pathetic human can have a one-sided vampiric emotional ernmeshment. He can feed upon the god creature, without the god creature feeding upon him, because the god creature does not exist. But, alas, the parameters of this horror are not nearly so simple. Because the god creature is an invention of society and government, created and designed to legitimize its genocidal mandates, the god addict is in Truth, a Truth to which he is of course totally oblivious, forced to feed upon himself, forced to cannibalize himself, forced to abdicate all free will, sacrifice his entire imagined existence, compelled to embrace the eternal nothingness of death, and affirmatively murdered: All because of his addiction to this supposedly idyllic, one-sided interpersonal relationship with god, where he can pretend to be in control.
The pathetic human takes subconscious pleasure in convincing himself that he is controlling and directing an idyllic interpersonal relationship, but in Truth his entire fate is being controlled and destroyed by the puppetmasters who addicted him to the insane god myth, by convincing him that the non-existent god creature will make a perfect hollow vessel for him to create an interpersonal relationship with. Delicious irony! Except of course for the horrific, Forbidden Truth that religion itself is the reason why each of us, even a top-level Superior like Myself, is doomed to the ultimate horror of becoming retroactively unborn via death.
god is not your friend. god is your enemy, because god exists as the created weapon of your society and government, and is used as an offensive weapon to destroy your minds and your personal potential.
You think child abuse is spanking children, or raping children, or burning children with matches? Well yes, that would be child abuse too. But there is no form of child abuse more destructive than society and government allowing, and thereby causing, children to become addicted to the insanities of devotion to god, family, and country:

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  1. You are absolutely correct that society is aware that humans won’t allow others to consistently and emotionally drain them, so that’s why they created the god myth as an unconditional friend whom they rely on all the time.

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