The Lie of Religious Extremism

Every society and government overtly promotes the concept that belief in the existence of god is completely different from religious extremism and radicalism. How utterly absurd, and what a beautiful illustration this is of the universe of perverse illusion imposed upon all humans as Truth, and so accepted and embraced.
The christian god freak who shoots dead an abortion doctor, is not a radical or an extremist. He is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The jewish god freak who shoots 154 muslims, killing 29, see this excellent account,, is not a radical or an extremist, he is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The muslim god freak who beheads christians is not a radical or an extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The buddhist god freak who commits mass murder of muslims, see this excellent article which lays waste to the insane myth of buddhism being a peaceful religion,, is not a radical or extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
Let us understand the reasons why every society and government promotes and legitimizes the lie that religion has radical extremists among its devotees. The number one reason is this: Religion, the belief that a god creature exists, is the most radical and extreme form of mass delusion which exists within human consciousness as of today. Religion exists as the worship of universal death, of Self and of all other living things. Religion mandates the embrace of suffering, and the infliction of harm. Every believer in god is a direct sponsor of universal death and harm for all, so how can the motivations or actions of a specific, individual god addict who causes death or harm, be deemed radical or extreme??
Very simply, society and government relentlessly imposes the absurd myth that some religious beliefs and actions are radical and extreme, in order to position religion itself, belief in the existence of god, as normal and natural and appropriate and mainstream, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that such belief, religion in and of itself, represents the most supreme form of radical extremism of mind and brain function, and that religion itself, the insane belief that a god creature exists, is directly responsible for causing every atrocity for which the ideology of god existing, or any form of religious belief, is invoked.
Every action, by every human being, performed because the human either genuinely believes that god exists, or is using the mythology of religion as excuse or justification for the expression of True Reality rage and hate, only occurs, can only occur, because the insanity that is religion exists within human consciousness as a whole. Therefore, everyone who supports the very ongoing existence of religion itself, regardless of whether they personally believe in god, is directly guilty of sponsoring every atrocity, every harm, every action carried out by anyone and everyone who wears the mantle of believer in god, god worshipper, or “religious person”.
So, what is the only form and expression of religious extremism and radicalism?? Supporting the right of religion to exist. Allowing society and government to promote and legitimize belief in god. It is you, the “moderate democrats and republicans” and secularists across the world who might not even personally believe in the existence of god, but who defend the existence of religion as a right and/or a necessity, who are the True radicals and extremists. It is you who allow the mind virus of religion to remain viable and to infect vulnerable minds. It is you who directly cause every atrocity that has been and that will be carried out in the name of religion, to occur.
It is you who are sponsoring the greatest atrocity of all: The embrace of universal death for all, the proactive murder by the state of every human being, no longer necessary, preventable via scientific research and the development of technological immortality. You are the extreme radicals, clinging to religion for useless false comfort, sacrificing all in the name of pure illusion, an absolute lie, and a deranged myth.
Religion is terrorism, and belief in god must be understood as the definition of radical extremism.
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  1. SEER, I am fed up with humanity’s ignorance. Don’t they get it? There lives aren’t getting any better because of god and religion, instead, it exacerbates their problems and elongates suffering.
    I’m pretty sure you are aware of the “Neanderthal” Race that inhabited this planet and have been extinct for over 40,000 years. Well, the point that I am trying to make, is that, ” Modern Humans”, which relates to humans at this moment, will eventually become extinct…and possibly, there will be another generation of humans that may be smarter with less brain defects and live in total opposition than what current humans are now living. I just thought this was worth mentioning considering that the Neanderthals were not modern humans, but prehistoric, predating that of modern humans. If the Neanderthals died out, then it’s plausible that modern humans will meet the same fate. Although, I’m not complaining or upset, but modern humans have certainly worn out their welcome on this planet. However, if a newer version of the human species emerge, I only hope that their lives will be blissful compared to what we are currently experiencing now.

  2. EVERY society has a religion they promote…I’m sorry mandate. Even most “atheist”. Hilarious how humans don’t realize that they’re always demanded to confirm….I’m sorry bow down to certain beliefs.
    Even religions that aren’t monotheistic are just as demanding, all cripple the mind. Like how in Buddhism/Hinduism they’re told the self doesn’t exist and they’re life life is just a step to the next one. Insane how people believe any of these fables just because they were barked at them since day one.

    1. Buddhism and hinduism promotes the lie that struggles and hardships in life is more mind over matter, rather than, it is society that causes the problems. For these religious beings, they are blind-sided and are in complete denial of what it is actually happening in their world

    2. We must understand that every religious mandate is universally applicable, and rejecting any religion, or even all religion, does not destroy the religious teaching. For example, univerally applicable religious mandates include:
      1: You must die.
      2: Death is a good thing.
      3: You must suffer.
      4: You will be rewarded for agreeing to suffer.
      5: You must obey your leaders.
      6: Others will suffer more, so be grateful you suffer less.
      7: Obey, or you will suffer more.
      8: You must sacrifice the present, to gain a better future.
      9: Others deserve to suffer more.
      There are masochistic atheists, patriotic atheists, afterlife addicted atheists who cling to reincarnation, parallel universes, and all sorts of deranged delusions. Rejecting religion in no way frees the mind from delusions directly inspired by religious teachings and indoctrination. A great failure of the atheist is his absurd belief that specifically rejecting a belief in the existence of god, somehow magically frees him from the mind cages built by religious teaching and indoctrination.
      Religion is the purest and most elemental form of state-sponsored terrorism. It is the terrorism of the state, obscured via the deranged concepts of god and afterlife. Of course religion and god must be absolutely rejected, but this is only the first, rudimentary step required, to break free of the matrix of illusion which religion always erects inside every human brain.

  3. Religion no matter what sect or denomination it is, all advocate violence, suicide, childabuse, suffering, and a host of other maladies. The so-called Religious extremist are not different from the old lady who attends church every sunday. Both are equal in terms of violence and victimization. I believe society puts a label on these people so that the masses can feel that they are distinctive and don’t represent violence of any sorts

    1. Correct, and well-stated. All religions are not merely equal in terms of pathology of mind, but equal in terms of their intended impact upon every individual, as deployed by government and society as a terrorist weapon. The differing religions are at war with each other, and this war obscures and conceals the war being waged by every government and society against its own citizens and its own followers. To the amerikkkan government, the malicious lie of radical islam being more harmful than mainstream christianity, is one of its most successful and valuable terrorist weapons, in inspiring and compelling allegiance to the state.

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