The Legal Murder of Your Tortured Creations

Before we begin, read this:
So tell Me, dear human, do you feel better reading this news story? A legal murder has been temporarily stopped, Martyr Scott Panetti will not be legally murdered by the society guilty of his creation, today, as scheduled. So now you can feel all moral and decent, right? Maybe Scott does not deserve to be legally murdered? Aren’t you just so sweet for considering this possibility??
No, you deranged, bloodthirsty, and mentally crippled hypocrites, you do not prove you are civilized by not murdering Scott Panetti today. You prove you are barbaric savages who choose to utterly destroy each and every one of your children, and then reject all responsibility and all guilt, demonizing your own created victims.
Did Scott Panetti ask to be born human, to be born into your mentally deranged society? Did Scott Panetti ask to be subjected to universal child abuse? Did Scott ask to be indoctrinated into insane christian and afterlife mythologies? Did Scott ask to be imprisoned to a family unit, addicted to toxic emotional enmeshment?
He asked for none of these things. They were imposed upon him, and now you have the audacity to stand back and judge him?? You have the audacity to label him mentally ill, when he is a creation of your mental derangements? He is mentally ill because he hears imaginary voices, but you as a society instruct every child to worship and obey an imaginary god creature? You have the audacity to judge him guilty of a crime, when he is the victim of your criminality as a society? You have the audacity to decree him guilty of murder, when he is already a victim of your state-sponsored murder of mind and soul? You have the audacity to decree him worthy of punishment, when every punishment exists as absolute injustice? You have the audacity to tell him you are going to murder him, and then to terrorize him with this threat for 20 years, until the very day of his scheduled murder, today, and now you want to feel decent and moral by not going through with his murder at the last minute???
The existence of a “death penalty” proves 21st century humanity worthy only of immediate species extinction. Your barbaric savagery of the past, has never matched your barbaric savagery of this day, and of the 21st century. Your treatment of every child, and your treatment of Martyrs such as Scott Panetti, from the moment of his birth until this very day of December 3, 2014, proves the hopelessness of your species.
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  1. Globally, all societies use punitive measures to re-victimize victims over and over again. One is constantly being punished all the time

    1. Correct. Societies punish victims in order to establish the illusion of justification of victimiozation, by cloaking this form of victimization within the definitional brainwashing term of punishment. Just as primarily, societies are coercing victims to deny and reject the Truth that they are victims, via the terror threat of additional victimization if they stand up and claim their victimhood status.
      All consciously imposed punishment is always wrong and impossible to justify. All punishment, always. This applies to a parent punishing a child, a boss punishing an employee, a court punishing a lawbreaker, etc… This is a foundational level Forbidden Truth, extremely important to gain universal acceptance in order to move forward to establish as functional reality, other vital Forbidden Truths.

    1. Thank you. The personal embrace of Truth is the creation of beauty. Once beauty is created, it propagates naturally. My writings are lyrically beautiful because they externally manifest and express the beauty of Truth which I find within Myself.

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