The Insanity of Outer Space Exploration

For the past 60+ years, human societies and governments have wasted trillions of dollars and sacrificed the brightest minds of engineering, robotics, and science, to try to “explore” outer space. Explore, that is the lie given to you diseased hypocrites. Explore, the same lie given by christopher columbus and his ilk 500+ years ago, No, what humanity has done over the past 60 years constitutes an invasion of outer space, and there is no benign intent to explore. Humanity seeks to conquer and claim as territory, habitable portions of outer space. Humanity seeks to initiate contact with extraterrestrials not to benefit any living thing, but to find new war partners, and to impose its diseased and malicious will upon them.
By what sane standard has humanity as a species, earned the right to leave the confines of planet earth? None! Humanity has already directly caused the extinction of hundreds of different species of life, and is right now guilty of endangering the species existence of hundreds more. Humanity is guilty of deliberately destroying the natural environment of planet earth. Humanity is guilty of carrying out the genocide of hundreds of billions of animals every year.
Humanity has utterly failed to address any of the horrific problems it is guilty of directly creating here on earth, for itself, for every other species of life, and for the viable existence of the planet itself. Humanity has proven itself a plague species, destroying whatever it comes into contact with. Humanity as a species has no business even contemplating outer space travel, unless and until it fully solves every single problem it has created on planet earth.
Any extraterrestrial species that is aware of the existence of humanity, should recognize any attempt by the human species to “explore” outer space, as an act of war, and should take proactive steps to destroy this plague species, before it is able to make any First Contact. The only First Contact with extraterrestrials that humanity has earned, is an immediate and full-scale attack, intended to wipe out the human threat. Humanity “exploring” outer space is akin to a human infected with the full-blown Ebola virus, sexually raping, kissing, licking, and spitting upon as many human beings as he can, as fast as he can
Let us clearly understand that human governments have seized upon the perverse new construct of space exploration, over the past 70 or so years, as a way to divert the attention of all citizen-slaves from the daily holocaust and genocide that is being carried out under their names, against them and against all species of life here on planet earth. Further, let us understand that humanity has already extended its insane war ritual to outer space, and that all exploration is a term intended to cloak the Truth that conquest of territory, and conflict with any discovered extraterrestrials, is already an existing goal and intent of every government which possesses a space “exploration” program.
The human invention of the ship was used solely to enslave humanity further, to promulgate war and universal injustice, and to provide useless distractions and diversions from the horrors imposed by government. The human invention of the airplane was and is used for the exact same perverse and malicious achievements. All modes of motorized travel have been used by governments to provide an excuse to environmentally rape, pillage, and destroy existing territories, under the insane rationalization that the empowered class can leave these contaminated territories, for new, virgin territories, which in turn must be environmentally raped, pillaged, and destroyed.
Now, the exact same deranged construct is being deployed towards outer space. via spaceships and the lie of benign exploration. Human governments have developed the capacity to travel in outer space, and pathologically seek to broaden and increase this capacity, solely to invade and conquer new planets, for the purpose of environmentally raping and pillaging them, and expanding human slave colonies to them.
All sane humans must demand an immediate end to all space exploration programs, must demand that all manpower and brainpower resources being wasted on this malicious distraction, be redeployed to directly address and solve the existing problems of war, death, universal child abuse, universal slaveries of employment and family, and many others. Of course this can and will never occur, as you haters of Truth lovingly cling to your toxic illusions and the deranged constructs offered to you by your slavemasters.
I can only hope humanity is delivered the justice of species extinction it has earned, via an overwhelmingly successful proactive attack by extraterrestrials who recognize the grave danger this genetically and environmentally diseased species poses, to any and every species of life it is allowed to come into contact with.
Yes, I am rooting for you, dear extraterrestrials:
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  1. Interesting article. Why not try this: We have everything there, the Id, Ego, Libido, Superego and there all in line. We have the chute, the Soul, a catalyst, a psychosis repression cured exploding the Ego from the Id, the Libido guides and the superego directs. Mind travel exists now. We have evidence to suggest that explosions are the way to go, like, mind blowing, orgasms, expressed anger, burping, sneezing, nose blowing, vomiting, coughing, gas. Now just cure a psychosis repression.
    You train the subconscious to give up it’s secrets by reading the reoccurring, repetitive, predictable thought pattern word for word in brief word groups as the patient free associates. Spread bit out over the course of three and a half months till the patient acts out the repressed experience(s) and relates them to the therapist. Get the patient to fave them so the therapist can reverse them. The patient should follow through with the therapy. I swear dead childhood pets are a primary cause of repression.
    Were waiting on a few psychosis repression cures to see whats possible with the subconscious, I believe mind travel may be possible. The environment isn’t getting any cleaner.
    I don’t have all the answers but it’s a start.

    1. All MindPowers must be firmly and absolutely rooted within Truth. Of course the potential of every individual mind is massive, upon biological creation and birth. But this potential is deliberately and proactively destroyed by every human society and government.
      Facing up to all Forbidden Truths as I articulate and reveal them within My text, is the only way to develop personal untouchability and to maximize the Self-universe within personal creation.
      Of course “mind travel” is possible, as such a term is accurately and Truthfully defined. My mastery of Conscious Dreaming, My capacity to achieve sexual climax at will, without touching myself, My capacity to thrive within absolute isolation, as a lifelong virgin, are all proof of this.
      But the Forbidden Truth limitation of death must be fully acknowledged, rendering all of these glorious MindPowers essentially useless and meaningless.
      Mind travel is the ONLY legitimately valid form and method of altering one’s True Reality. Superior go for it, and achieve it, and revel in their achievement, but NEVER at the cost of ignoring or rejecting any of the horrific Truths of this imaginary existence.

  2. No sane person can regard the mayhem and despoliation that humanity has inflicted on the one planet we currently occupy without realizing that we are far from being ready to populate the cosmos. Exploration or colonization of heavenly bodies, under these circumstances, is a travesty and should be immediately scrapped, with the resources applied to resolving the many problems that we have already created, while at the same time allowing for a phase of transformation to a higher order of human understanding, by whatever means. Yes, war, terrorism, abuse of children, human trafficking and all the other evils that we have created must first be eliminated before expansion of our presence beyond Earth is even contemplated. Whether or not this will occur is up for grabs. Serendipity may yet provide the spark that will lead humanity toward a more wholesome mode of existence, a point where space exploration might or might not be considered appropriate. .

    1. You are absolutely correct, and your insights of Forbidden Truth are well-stated. Space exploration must be understood as one of the single greatest mistakes made by humanity in the 20th century, and it must further be recognized as one of the most successful diversionary tactics ever conceived of and implemented by government, of the modern era. The mid 20th century presented a remarkable opportunity to humanity, to seize scientific Truth and make huge strides in eradicating all of the major problems plauging the species, problems rooted in the twin perversions of government and religion. Government, recognizing this threat, brilliantly seized upon space exploration as the perfect diversion, the perfect excuse to ignore the real problems plaguing humanity, and entice the inferiors to a perverse and absurd obsession with “exploring the unknown”, even as the inferiors refused to face up to any Truth, refused to explore their own minds, their own behavioral and ideological pathologies, and to face up to the genocide humanity carries out each and every day right here on earth.
      Every mode of transportation that humanity has ever developed, from riding a horse to driving a car to steering a ship to piloting a jet, has been deployed to wreak havoc and destruction upon other humans and upon all other species of life. Spaceships and every form of spacecraft will do exactly the same. The only good thing about the human obsession with space exploration, is that extraterrestrials might recognize this existential threat to their welfare, and decide to put an end to a species that should never have existed.
      It is an insult to every living thing in the universe, that humanity, after wreaking havoc upon its home planet in every imaginable way, waging war for countless centuries upon every other animal, and upon every single human child, and upon the air, the water, the trees, the plants, the atmosphere, would presume itself entitled to explore outer space, to venture beyond the planet it is guilty of devastating.
      If every penny, and every scientific resource, and every technological mind which has focused upon space exploration for the past 70 years, had instead focused upon solving the problems of humanity here on earth, such as death and universal child abuse and the slavery that is government, all these problems could have already been solved. It is a damning indictment of the stupidity and inferiority of humanity, that government has successfully hijacked the minds of the unwashed masses to embrace deranged and useless and unjustifiable travel within and exploration of, outer space.
      Your optimism that humanity might positively evolve to the point where it could earn the right to begin exploring outer space, is completely unwarranted. There is not the slightest effort being made to address any of the ongoing horrors here on earth. There is no possibility that space exploration will be halted in order to address these problems. And in fact the current movement towards “space tourism” reaches new heights, no pun intended, in cowardice and hypocrisy on the part of the wealthy and elite of the 1st world.

    1. My bitterness accurately reflects My justified outrage at the failures of humanity to evolve, and every human who identifies as such and supports derangements such as space exploration, at the cost of ignoring and rejecting the horrific injustices and perversions of ideology and behavior sponsored by human society, is collectively guilty of universally harming each of us, with Myself appropriately ranked as the #1 victim.

  3. No, inferiors need to remain on this planet so that their extinction will likely occur. They have no right to relocate elsewhere to infect other species with their insanities. I hope they will never, ever be successful with their endeavor

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