The Injustice of Law

What are laws? Laws are terrorist threats, enforced via terrorism. Laws say: You MUST do this. You CANNOT do that. We will HURT and HARM you if you do not obey the law. We will hurt and harm you if you fail to obey. Do you understand, brainwashed slaves, the ramifications of the very definition of law, and how it is deployed against you as an act of injustice, a direct act of violent attack upon you?
The law of society and government, is in and of itself, by the very nature of how it is defined and imposed, an unjust attack upon every individual, from the most obedient to the most defiant, because it functions as terrorist threat and it is deployed to actively harm.
How are laws created? Who decides what a law is? What standards of rationality and reflective justice are deployed by a society, to determine the standards under which it gives itself permission to terrorize and harm YOU, and every other individual? These are foundational questions of Forbidden Truth that anyone seeking to understand the nature of the prisons and terror chambers of everyday life, that each of us has been locked up within since our birth.
Laws are created not to protect anyone from harm, not to provide or protect freedom, not to ensure justice for all, or for anyone. Laws are created to establish the boundaries of the prison camp where each of us is forced to serve as a slave, from the moment of our birth until the moment of our death, when our slavery becomes unnecessary because the illusion that we are alive is rendered eternally null and void.
Laws are created via the collective subconscious will and need of a broken class of creatures: Ex-children who have been subjected to relentless trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization via the pervasive social construct of universal child abuse, to perpetuate and inflict trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization, under diseased and invalid cloak of morality and righteousness. All laws are inspired by the personal need of victimized individuals to rationalize and justify, absent all sane or rational contemplation of mind, the perpetuation of injustice.
Inferiors think that governments decide what the law should be. But no, all laws are chosen by the collective will of you, the citizen-slaves, the destroyed ex-children desperate to hide from yourselves, the Truth of what you are. Every law exists as terrorist threat and the infliction of punishment and trauma, because every one of us, as individuals and as a collective force, exist as created victims of the terrorism, abuse, trauma, and injustice that we have been subjected to.
I hesitate to use the term “us”, since I have successfully transcended My humanity, but My Forbidden Truth recognition that no human law as it exists in current form can ever be justified, fails to empower Me to render the diseased concept of law, or the actual deployment of this terror weapon against Me. null and void. Therefore, against My will, I exist trapped within the same matrix of experienced reality as each of you hypocrites, despite My emancipation of mind.
You do not need intelligence to be able to dissect the question of whether it is possible to rationalize the existence of any law. You only need sanity. The capacity to look at the question with an Alien Eye, the capacity to step outside of the matrix of mind that each of you, as created victim and terrorized slave, has been trapped within.
Laws are the criminality of the state, created by the state to demonize the criminality of the individual, who exists as created victim of the criminality of the state. Laws are what ensure the infliction of perpetual injustice, upon every living thing, generation after generation, century upon century, dating back to the dawn of human uncivilization and dating forward until this genetically and environmentally diseased species achieves the extinction it has so richly earned.
The reason why you creatures are able to rationalize the absolute criminality of law, and to choose to support, protect, defend the use of law to terrorize and harm you, is because Truth is dead. The law is good to you, because you desire to harm and terrorize others, you demand this right, reflecting the Truth that is dead to your conscious mind: The Truth that you are a created trauma victim of the terrorization of the state, as legitimized under law.
To access dozens of additional Forbidden Truths regarding crime,violence, justice, and law, you should read my 150,000 word essay at The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:
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  1. Well done! Inferiors don’t believe that they are mutant apes via birth defects, because they believe that they were created by god, and apes are beneath them, so this evolution theory doesn’t sit well with them.

    1. Evolution is a 100% proven scientific fact. It is an outrage that anyone carrying the social title of scientist might believe in god, or consider valid the insane concept that a god creature “created” human beings via some supernatural power.

  2. I am pleased to see the “forbidden truths” are still flowing forth, in spite of Twitter’s attempt to silence it. Humans existed for a few million years without “laws” and “governing” just fine. If they had not, we would not be here today. That’s how well things worked without them for all life on this planet, including human life. In just (approximately) 10,000 years, a short time in the timeline of human existence, we have come very close to destroying the earth as a place habitable for humans and other medium to large sized forms of life. We have already crashed and now we are burning in the flames while we are basically using gasoline to put it out.

    1. We are all silenced, all of us who reveal Truth. We are silenced by the collective voice of the masses of broken humans who are eternally deaf to and terrified of, Truth itself. The disseminator of Truth must consciously understand that he is only speaking to Himself. Advocating for change is a betrayal of Self, because humanity has already rejected every opportunity given to it for positive change, and proven it is unworthy of any such effort.
      As I have revealed in the post, humanity as a species is actively devolving. Anyone who studies the history of humanity with a fully detached, alien eye, cannot fail to recognize the genetic birth defects of mind and brain which afflict this species, and also cannot be blind to the fact that the human path of “evolution”, going back to the very beginning, the first mutant ape being created via birth defect, and going forward to this very day in cosmic history, proves the species to be devolving, with both genetic and environmental pathologies of mind and behavioral choice, deepening.
      You are absolutely correct, in that over the past 10,000 years, the process of human devolution has significantly increased and quickened. And we must measure this devolution by the very specific behavioral choices that the species as a whole has made, including the embrace of ritualized insanities such as government, law, punishment, and religion.
      Another primary Forbidden Truth that we must understand to be in direct play, is that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, just as are the vast majority of individuals, and this includes all who do not overtly demand immortality as reality, as a functional brain. The collective suicidal ideation of a species has never occurred within any known form of life, beyond the human. More proof that humanity exists as a genetic birth defect and is now within its final death spiral of devolution.
      Thanks for your insightful comment and for being able to appreciate Forbidden Truth.

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