The Hypocrisy of Respecting Human Life

It is with open pride that I announce My limitless contempt and disrespect for the lives of other human beings. To respect the lives of others is hypocritical on a foundational level, because has My life ever been respected by any structural system devised by humanity? No, it has not. Both My death, and My overt murder, has been authorized by human government and society since the moment of My biological creation. Limitless contempt for My very existence has always been the rule, since I came into existence. And yet society seeks to convince Me of an obligation to respect the lives of others. No! No hypocrisy is allowed to dwell within the purity of mind that is Forbidden Truth.
I respect, honor, and value My own existence, and in directly accurate reflection of these positive sentiments, I disrespect, dishonor, and devalue the lives of all human beings. My destruction is actively solicited by humanity, and within the umbrella of sanity and Self-love which repels external attack, I possess a Self-obligation to place no value upon your existence.
Many proclaim that the outlaw murderer has no value for human life. The Superior understands the philosophical flaw of this perspective. To go to the effort of seeking out and murdering a human being, especially a single such creature, indicates the placement of some value upon that particular existence. Let us understand the functional difference between value and respect, as applied by the violent and overt attacker of humans. You disrespect the lives of others by proactively terminating their existence, and yet this very act of proactive termination indicates a placement of value.
A Forbidden Truth psychological analysis of this dichotomy reveals that the outlaw murderer is in Truth, seeking to avenge his own upcoming murder at the hands of human society, by choosing to proactively murder other humans in open defiance of social law and decree. Conscious awareness of this Forbidden Truth is of course virtually non-existent among the humans, but this understanding is key to those who seek to make personal life path choices rooted within Self-love and ownership of mind.
Let us never judge the outlaw murderer from any perspective beyond that of Truth and accurate reflection. Let us understand that the taking of human life, most especially in ways that society claims to condemn and abhor, is an act of personal revenge of Self, and the complete lack of conscious understanding of this Truth on the part of the murderer, does not alter or negate it. Let us further understand that to go to great effort to successfully achieve a single human murder, constitutes in a very real way, the placement of value by the murderer upon a particular human existence, when no value has ever or will ever be placed upon his existence, by others.
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  1. That is beautifully written, SEER. You go to great detail in explaining the motives behind human behavior. I agree. Humans who kill other humans do it subconscious level to save their own lives. However, surely, they are unaware of it, but the subconscious knows the truth. It’s too bad that they don’t know the forbidden truths of things. Great Essay!

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