The Human Obsession with Beauty and Perfection Illusion

All human societies, and virtually all humans, are personally obsessed with their illusion and delusion of beauty and perfection in others. Dissecting this perverse human obsession provides valuable insights to the insanity of humanity.
To begin, all externalized projections of beauty & perfection are foundationally invalid, a prejudicial judgment. But of course the human makes the judgment, lacking all sentient awareness of what he is doing, in reflection of the trauma he has experienced, as a victim of the prejudicial judgment of others.
And why is the human more obsessed with perceiving beauty & perfection in others, than creating it within and for Self? Because he is an egoless, Self-hating vampire. To externally seek and extract from others what he cannot create as a Self, this is the human way.
But even more than these reasons, beauty is an obsession because the human being is infinitely ugly, and cannot ever envision creating beauty as a Self-mind and within a Self-universe.
The ugliness of the human is profound and all-encompassing. It is physical, mental, psychological, ideological, philosophical. It is in all his thoughts, actions, choices and reality perceptions. It is not in what he DOES, but rather in what he IS. Beauty is his great lie, even as ugliness is his reality, the True face he hides most of all, from Himself.
And so he creates a fictionalized illusion of what beauty and perfection is. And he worships this illusion, in the process spitting upon & rejecting all actual beauty and perfection as it can be realized as a Superior creation within Self.
The human quest for external beauty is beyond pathetic: A blind man pretending to seek light even as he denies he gouged out his own eyes, and still continues to hide in pitch blackness.
I AM beauty and perfection. Therefore I do not seek it. I have grown beauty and perfection inside of Myself, as the roots of a tree belong to the tree, beauty and perfection belong to Me. <Profound AND poetic!
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  1. So, this explains why humans are so obsessed with getting facelifts, liposuctions, etc. because they believe that beauty is external and external beauty can boost their self-confidence from within. Humans waste their money on these illusions, particularly, celebrities who want to maintain the fountain of youth illusion. They are not trying to please themselves, but rather others. How utterly ridiculous that is. Humans are very conscientious about how others view them and feel deeply embedded in pleasing the diseased, mental defects of other humans. The humans that they are trying to please are just as demented as they are. Neither one truly knows what beauty is. Looks are superficial

  2. This is spot on. As a visual artist I found the ‘ugliness’ of people from life drawing… I find that most of what humans make, our artifices, glorify humanity… I have always wondered why? It seems puerile. Beauty IS one of the GREAT lies. Authority is the grand illusion, but beauty, which is somehow related to it, is next. The seeming need for beauty… doesn’t this reflect our self-doubts? Anyway, Thank You for this. One of the best summations of our twisted Aesthetics that I have read.

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