The Heart Shaped Box

As those of you who read My texts know, I have achieved the uniquely rare feat of mastering Conscious Dreaming. Anything I can envision, I can and I do achieve as experienced reality within My chosen dreams, every detail chosen exactly as desired, and both the experience and the retained memory of it, as clear and vivid as any conscious event.
Last night I created a glorious Heart Shaped Box plotline for My conscious dream. The heart shaped box was 8 feet by feet wide, and had 100 small holes. Looking inside, one could see every human being who has ever lived, but not from the outside, not their Acting Mask. One could see them from the inside out, every terror, every pain, every trauma, fully exposed to Me. Their True nakedness impossible to hide.
Peering into the box, I could choose any individual by identity, see their deepest secrets, and by the power of My mind, impose their greatest fears upon them, witnessing their terror, making it fatal. And I did.
So sweet and sexy!
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  1. How absolutely decadent. It is truly interesting, the way You detail that in which many fall short of understanding. Myself included, and yet, you can follow along if you quiet just a bit and listen. I wish You the best of this day, and even more for Your evening endeavors. I’m curious to see more.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes.
      I brilliantly dissect all of the Forbidden Truths of humanity, as I honor and worship Myself, My mind, and My created Self-universe.
      I have already posted almost 1500 essays to this blog, plus My one million word Main Manifesto, so if you want to see more, there is no need to wait for future posts. All of the primary Forbidden Truths of human existence have already been comprehensively revealed to the universe, by Me.

      1. Oh, believe me when I divulge that I am weaving my way through the trenches You’ve so graciously created. It will simply take time, but it is a doing well worth the sated desire.

        1. Glad to hear that, and good luck in expanding your mind to the degree necessary to recognize, appreciate, and embrace the validity of all of My Forbidden Truth insights.
          Take your time, regardless of any predisposition towards acceptance of Truth you might possess, the collective content of My Self-universe can still make a human’s head explode, figuratively, if not literally…

    1. Most humans cannot. Ownership of the brain is a supreme achievement, and such ownership is absolutely required in order to achieve the control needed to master Conscious Dreaming. To establish this ownership requires multiple triumphs of the Self-universe, such as supreme and untouchable ego, subjugation of all brain function to the will of the Self-universe, upon desire and command, untouchability from all external structures and entities. It is a strength of mind NO child ever retains or is allowed to naturally develop.
      Only in adulthood, as a destroyed ex-child, is it possible to begin to try to gain this strength, something every child should be taught, trained, and empowered to do, as would be the case if humanity were sane.

      1. Some humans do achieve it, but maybe not to your level. There’s forums out there..
        I tried it, and my lucid dreams lack clarity, and definitely i can’t control anything or bring any “set up” into effect inside my dream. Damn it 🙂

        1. Humans who try to develop Conscious Dreaming mindpower as a way to escape from the reality and Truths of their existence, are doomed to failure. Any capacities they achieve will be flawed, limited, fuzzy, and uncontrolled.
          The Superior masters Conscious Dreaming by first consciously recognizing and embracing all Forbidden Truths of their actual existence, developing absolute and complete control of their conscious universe, and only then seriously setting out to develop complete control and full capacity to experience and recollect, their dreams.
          How can the subconscious mind be controlled, which is what Conscious Dreaming requires, if the conscious mind is not already 100% controlled?? Simple common sense. Every project requires a specific order, a sequence. Failure to both recognize and follow the sequence ensures failure, even as many humans celebrate their flawed creation as being valuable and a sign of progress. They build a house on mud, lacking all foundation, then pretend it is not sinking. The human way, mistakes and failure not recognizing for what they are.
          Children often experience their dreams more vividly than adults, but all cxapacity to control and direct is still lacking. Because they have never been empowered by society to possess ANY control over their fate, over their real-life experience of existence. Imagine the powers of the mind children could develop, if they were taught and empowered to develop an untouchable, autonomous mind throughout their childhoiods.
          My first step towards developing the Mindpower of Conscious Dreaming was to find a way to eliminate My nightmares. Elimination, not creation, was the only perceived option. Only months later did I begin to perceive the option to create and control dream content, and only then did it start to work.
          For many years later, dreams were not completely controlled. Only after I completely transcended, not merely rejected but fully transcended My humanity, did I achieve the 100% control and direction I possess now. Only then did I become a True owner of My Self-universe.

          1. I appreciate your reply. For starters, i don’t want to achieve this to escape reality, just to have fun, just like you. Lucid Dreaming is actually used as a therepy for people experiencing nightmares. I myself do not really have more nightmares than the average person, my dreams are usually quite pleasant. Perhaps my inability is related to my smoking, or the fact that i’m ill(not smoking related). I don’t know. It’s hard though, it takes a lot of practice. I used to practice more, but now i gave it up and lost any minute ability i had gained.

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