The Happiness Problem

“I just want to be happy”, so bleat the pathetic human sheeple. “I must find a way to make myself feel happy”, this is the defeated and perverse yearning of the emotionally crippled masses of slaves.
Happiness is one of the most deeply entrenched and rooted of all human ideological perversions of thought and of reality, and in this essay I will comprehensively dissect this topic. Let Me begin by stating that I have already discussed this issue at significant length in my past writings, and just recently in my brilliant essay promoting the seizure of personal pleasure concurrent with the rejection of all pursuit of happiness. I strongly urge all readers to read, or reread that essay now, as the Forbidden Truths I am discussing here will build upon and deepen the Truths I have already revealed right here:
Happiness is not something that should ever be sought or desired. Why not? Because happiness is an external and artificial construct, built as such, defined as such, marketed as such, and imposed as such, by human society and government. The greatest of all enemies of the individual, instructs the individual that he needs to feel happy, that he needs to acquire happiness, and he is then told, by his greatest enemy, what he needs to do, to think, to feel, to believe, in order to attain this happiness.
The goal of society and government is to addict every individual to the delusion, to the mentally dysfunctional concept, that he needs to feel happy. Once this addiction is established, society and government is then fully empowered to impose upon all individuals, propaganda, lies, enslaving structures, insane ideologies, and the like, all of which are marketed and promoted as ways to obtain feelings of personal happiness, which are of no valid or factual value to any individual.
Wanting to be happy, harms you. Wanting to be happy, destroys you. Because happiness, the emotional experience of happiness by an individual, has absolutely no foundation in objectivity. All individual experience of happiness is subjective, meaning it is not based upon valid facts, Truths, or criteria, but is inherently rooted in Self-delusion. Any human who wants to be happy, who allows himself to be addicted to the idea that happiness is good, necessary, and must be proactively sought and attained, partners with his greatest enemy in harming and destroying Himself.
The use of objectivity versus subjectivity as a weapon of ideological and definitional brainwashing and indocrination is worthy of an entirely new essay, but for now let us comprehensively dissect these two terms within the specifically narrow issue of personal happiness.
A sane species would never attempt to feel happy. Never! A sane species would demand that all objective criteria that are required in order for personal happiness to be naturally and instinctually experienced, be met. The very fact that a human being finds it necessary to try to feel happy, proves that the factual reasons for him to objectively experience happiness within his True Reality, do not exist.
Attempting to achieve personal happiness, absent the existence of valid, objective reasons for you to be happy, betrays both Self and Truth, and directly causes immeasurable harm, by causing the individual to embrace lies, delusions, false perceptions, both internally and externally inspired.
The sane creature must ask Himself: What are the reasons for Me to feel happy, given the factual reality of my existence? Are there any reasons for Me to feel happy, given the horrific reality of my past, my present, and my future?? What do I lose if I pretend to be happy, if I deceive Myself into believing that I am happy, even as no objective criteria for Me to experience happiness, exist or can be established?
Subjective judgments that are made outside of established boundaries of objective fact and reality, are inherently invalid. If no objective facts exist for a sane mind to experience happiness, no effort or attempt should be made by the individual to feel happy. Instead, the objective facts must be altered, by whatever means necessary, in order to render the achievement of personal happiness viable and rational.
Society and government provides you pathetic fools with thousands of different avenues to pursue and to achieve feelings of happiness. You are told that this is what you need to feel happy: A lot of money, fame, marriage, children to own as slaves via parenthood, consuming alcohol, winning a war, having tasty food to eat, to be loved by others, murdering animals via hunting, hope for a better future, etc… The list is endless. But the Forbidden Truth is that all such enticements are equally and inherently invalid, because the objective and factual reality is that your existence is pointless, meaningless, doomed, a real-time fantasy which will end in eternal nothingness and retroactive unbirth.
Every external attempt by society and government to encourage you to feel happy, or to convince you that you should feel happy, or to blame you for not feeling happy, should be understood and interpreted as a vicious and brutal attack upon and against you. An attack intended to destroy Truth, and in the process, to convince you to destroy Yourself. Because that is exactly what you are doing, when you agree to try to experience the emotion of happiness, based upon subjective judgment which has no basis in factual, objective reality and Truth.
Pleasure is not happiness, as I have already revealed in my previous essay. Pleasure is a proactive and temporary personal triumph of the mind and of consciousness, in which an individual nurtures and empowers Himself. The achievement of personal pleasure does not obscure or compromise reality and Truth. It is not externally dictated or inspired. It is internally motivated, achieved, then allowed to fade away to nothingness, so that it has no lasting consequences upon reality perception. This is the Superior path of mental health and personal empowerment. At no point, is pleasure allowed to intermingle with happiness, or to dilute/negate the objective reality that there is no valid reason for any of us to feel happy, ever.
As long as humans seek happiness, they will never be able to destroy the organized structures which render happiness impossible to objectively achieve. It is these organized structures which control how happiness is defined, and who brainwash and propagandize false and invalid illusions of happiness, as being real and valid.
The Superior understands and knows these Forbidden Truths:
1: There are no objective reasons for any human being in the 21st century to feel happy.
2: There is no value of any kind in feeling happy, if such feelings of happiness betray and subvert Truth and factual reality.
3: Objective criteria exist, under which the pursuit of happiness could be validly undertaken. Unless and until such objective criteria are met and becomew functionally real, happiness must not be sought or desired, because the subjective experience of happiness, absent such objective criteria being met, is simply and purely a useless delusion and a direct betrayal of Self.
4: The objective goal and demand of all Superiors must be to terminate the objective realities, such as physical death, slavery to government, universal victimization, and universal injustice, which render happiness impossible to objectively experience.
To all who are pathologically unhappy, to all who resolutely reject the maliciously ongoing extortion efforts of society and goverrnment to brainwash, bribe, entice, terrorize, ad trick them into feeling happy or attempting to try to feel happy, to all who embrace their unhappiness with pride and with mindfulness, knowing that happiness is a toxic lure dangled by their greatest enemy, I offer my congratulations. You are not defective, you are not mentally ill, you are not dysfunction. You are aware and awake. You are mentally healthy and consciously wise. Your orientation is to Truth and to reality, and I hope you are able to mindfully appreciate the positive value of your conscious rejection of happiness.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. One of the best posts I’ve read! I always had the intuitiveness that being slightly depressed is healthy for you, I just didn’t consciously understand why that is. You put it into clear words, so that now I can. For that I thank you.

  2. SEER, a bit off topic: why inferiors suggest to others that they should smile? I am dealt with this a lot from inferiors in which they always ask..”what’s wrong, are you okay? Are they that delusional that they aren’t aware of the ongoing horrors that exist on this insane asylum planet? It makes me wonder that inferiors are living in la la land and don’t have a clue as to what is actually going on on this planet. I detest inferiors who tell me to smile, for what? It isn’t my job to cloak the horrors of life so that they can pretend that everything is okay

    1. “SEER, a bit off topic: why inferiors suggest to others that they should smile? I am dealt with this a lot from inferiors in which they always ask..”what’s wrong, are you okay? Are they that delusional that they aren’t aware of the ongoing horrors that exist on this insane asylum planet? It makes me wonder that inferiors are living in la la land and don’t have a clue as to what is actually going on on this planet. I detest inferiors who tell me to smile, for what? It isn’t my job to cloak the horrors of life so that they can pretend that everything is okay.”
      It is because all delusions and illusions require constant reinforcement in orderto remain viable within the diseased minds of humans. The same reason humans ask you to smile, is the reason why they choose to go to church and to engage in vampiric interpersonal relationships. The human is always desperate to surround himself with fellow humans who share his delusional, lie and myth-based addictions and obsessions.
      When you smile at a human and tell him that everything will be okay, you reinforce and legitimize the toxic delusions to which he is addicted, and of course he will be grateful. If you confront him with Forbidden Truth he will be angry, his rage masking the terror he feels at the mere thought of having his delusions stripped from him.
      The Superior understands that to lie to others is harmful to Self, although the degree of harm inflicted upon Self is very limited in the case of an untouchable, top-level Superior such as Myself. I am in a position where Truth itself cannot be touched, can never be compromised, but this strength is fuly dependent upon maintaining the highest level of brain functionality, a level attained only by the handful who have transcended their humanity.
      Any human who attempts to convince you to do anything, anything at all: An action, an expression, a personal interaction, deserves nothing but your immediate and absolute contempt and hatred. All who attempt to use Me to meet their own needs, are inferiors who deserve to suffer, to be harmed, by Me, in accurate reflection of their atttempt to transgress upon and against a superior life form.

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