The Greatest Love Affair in the History of the Universe…

…is being experienced right now by Me.

It is between Me and My ego. We both love each other very much. Our love affair is absolutely and fully reciprocal: I love My ego because My ego loves Me. My ego loves Me because I gave birth to it, gently and lovingly nurtured it to infinite and externally untouchable strength, and allow it the freedom to reject Me. But of course, within its autonomous perfection, as My reflection, it does not and will not reject Me.

I gave birth to My ego, but do not claim to be its owner. I grant it the freedom to flourish as a separate entity. For this reason, it loves Me as much as I love it.
Our love is nourishing, while all of your love is vampiric. Our love is real, while yours is an illusion.
We both sacrifice nothing for the other, but generously hoard everything for our reflective, symbiotically and eternally joined until death, selves.
“Thank you for loving Me”, I say to My ego. And it says the same to Me.

“I love you as My perfect reflection”, I say to My ego, and it says the same to Me.

Our love affair cannot be touched by any external force or event. It makes us both stronger, not by any conscious effort, but simply by the fact of what it is, as experienced by both of us.

You, the inferiors, likely cannot understand why I use the term “both”. To you, it is just Me and “My ego”. Like Me and My gun. But My ego is just as real as Me, It enjoys sentient independence, and for this reason it has My back in ways that none of your flawed and compromised egos, have your back.
The greatest love affair in the history of the universe: Conceived, erected, actualized, achieved, maintained, by the collective force of will of both of us: Me and My ego.

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